Bad Ending Master Trophy in Amnesia: Memories

  • Bad Ending Master


    Experienced bad endings in all of the routes

    How to unlock Bad Ending Master

    The game has 16 Bad Endings, and each stage has at least two. The majority, however are in the Joker World. Complete all of them to unlock this trophy.

    Shin: 2

    1. May you dream forever
    2. I'm not the culprit

    Ikki: 3

    1. Not bad, god
    2. I'll get rid of those who hurt you
    3. I wanted us to live together

    Toma: 2

    1. We'll be together forever
    2. I'll take you with me

    Kent: 2

    1. I won't forget you
    2. Isn't it a beautiful night

    Ukyo: 7

    1. Ah, it's no good
    2. Can you take tomorrow off work?
    3. You need to suffer this much at least
    4. Let's kill each other in another world
    5. We'll be together forever
    6. I'm glad I made it in time
    7. I loved you from the bottom of my heart

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