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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (poll)
  • Offline trophies: 32 (18, 8, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-20 hours (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No; play on Easy

Alan and his sister Elmia are on a quest to avenge their parents' deaths.  On the way, however, they find themselves fighting an increasing number of invading monsters, all governed by a mysterious Archfiend.  Joined by an Ogre fighter and a playboy Elf - as well as over 100 support characters - Alan and Elmia must save their world!

If you've ever played a Kemco RPG, this trophy list should look very familiar: do all of the subquests, get all endings of the game, open a set amount of treasure chests, etc.  Thankfully, you don't need to do a ridiculous amount of weapon levelling in this game, which will cut down on platinum time.  It is also - even for a Kemco RPG - a very short game, and one of their easier platinums.

Useful Links:

Story Walkthrough by EmagDrolBot - all achievements are notated in the guide.
List of all Subquests from the same walkthrough, for Servant of All trophy_gold.png 

Tips and Tricks:

- There's two menus in the game.  One is brought up by the Start button and the other is brought up by R1.   Some functions overlap between menus, but R1 is how you access Old Chests and the overworld map/warp functions.  Keep this in mind, as warping will save quite a bit of time - you can always warp out of dungeons, and from the overworld map you can warp to any previously-visited location.

- Make sure you're spending your Hope Stones!  You can only hold 99 at a time, so you don't want a bunch going to waste.  Unlock bond styles when they come up so you have options to play with, then start using Hope Stones to bolster the stats of your favorite companions.

- Pick up at least one Experience Orb from the premium shop (700 ALP - you can have up to three).  There's not enough enemy encounters/a long enough campaign to get up (or even close) to level 99 without some serious grinding, and you need to be at high levels for some trophies on this list.

- There's an island in the northwest corner of the map that is good for levelling up.  You can't reach it until you have Maraug the dragon, however.  If you do start fighting there once you get Maraug, and stay there until the battles autocomplete, you'll be around Level 70 and can breeze through the rest of the Normal Ending part of the game.

- There's an island between the two southern continents.  Use Maraug to get there.  Use this island to level up to Level 99 in the True Ending portion of the game.  See EmagDrolBot's walkthrough for an excellent strategy to use this island to help with powering up your weapons (search for term "Drop Box" to get you to the correct area).

- ALP is the game's premium currency.  You will start with 1000, and every three battles - providing they don't autocomplete - you will earn another 10 ALP.  Additionally, some Old Chests will award you with ALP. 


Step 1:
Play through the campaign, opening as many chests and doing as many subquests as possible - Normal End

Simply play through the story, recruiting companions and doing as many subquests as you can.  If you want to do it efficiently, follow along with the walkthrough linked above.

By the time you've finished this step, you will have earned:

Close Siblings trophy_bronze.png 
Ogre Warrioress trophy_bronze.png 
Elf Stud trophy_bronze.png 
Onward to Vulcan Continent! trophy_bronze.png 
Onward to Galirus Continent! trophy_bronze.png 
Onward to Anelphos Continent! trophy_bronze.png 

Ambition Crusher trophy_silver.png 
With Two, Anything Is Possible trophy_gold.png 

And likely:

Weapon Tinker trophy_bronze.png 
Weapon Craftsman trophy_bronze.png 

Weapon Master trophy_silver.png 
Combo Hotshot trophy_bronze.png 
Striker trophy_bronze.png 
Fortune Seeker trophy_bronze.png 
Treasure Hunter trophy_bronze.png 
Chest Collector trophy_silver.png 
Pedestrian trophy_bronze.png 
Sightseer trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Reload cleared save - post-game cleanup

Reload your cleared save file.  You'll start at the cutscene after having just defeated Valhyt, but this time it will play out differently.  There will be more main quests and side quests to go for en route to the game's real final boss and ending.  You will want to unlock all of the other trophies on this list before tackling the final boss, as the process of unlocking said trophies (i.e. level gaining) will make the final boss easier.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Contestant trophy_bronze.png 
Competitor trophy_bronze.png 
Duelist trophy_silver.png 
Arena Master trophy_gold.png 
Secret Arena Master trophy_gold.png 
Servant of All trophy_gold.png 
Breaker trophy_bronze.png 
Annihilator trophy_silver.png 
Combo Ace trophy_bronze.png 
Combo Pro trophy_silver.png 
World Traveler trophy_silver.png 

Step 3: Final Boss - True End

By the time you've unlocked all of the other trophies - specifically all of the arena ones - you will be at maximum level, and the final boss will be a piece of cake.  Simply travel through the portal in the throne room of Avalonde City, follow the path, confront and defeat the final boss, then watch the ending cutscenes for your final trophy.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Evil Plot Ender trophy_silver.png 
Best Brother Ever trophy_gold.png 

And finally... Alvastia's Hero trophy_platinum.png!  Congratulations!

Alvastia Chronicles Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

32 trophies ( 18  10  )

  • Obtain all the trophies.

  • Walked 5000 steps.

  • Walked 25000 steps.

  • Walked 50000 steps.

    Self-explanatory.  This will likely come naturally during your playthrough if you're exploring the world, or you may need to farm it after you've finished everything else you need to do in the game.  If you do need to farm it, do it in a safe and enemy-free location, like a town, or hop on the dragon Maraug and fly around the map.  You can track how many steps you've taken - it's one of the trophy prize tasks in the pause menu.
  • Opened 50 treasure chests.

  • Opened 100 treasure chests.

  • Opened 150 treasure chests.

    There are well over 200 treasure chests in the game, so as long as you're exploring, you shouldn't have any issue with this.  You can track how many chests you've opened - it's one of the trophy prize tasks in the pause menu.

    The game also has something called Old Chests, which are randomly dropped by enemies and when equipped, will unlock after a set amount of time depending on the grade of treasure chest (use R1 to access the menu where you'll find the Old Chests).  These chests DO NOT count towards the 150, but you might as well, as all they require is time - do not spend ALP on items to unlock them.  Just remember to collect their prizes so you can equip more when they appear.

    In case you're curious:

    Bronze - Immediately.  Just select the "open now" option on the chest collection screen; it doesn't cost any keys to open.
    Silver - 30 minutes
    Gold - 1 hour
    Platinum - 2 hours
  • Achieved 15-hit combo.

  • Achieved 30-hit combo.

  • Achieved 50-hit combo.

    This may come naturally by playing, but there is a guaranteed way of unlocking this during Subquest 23: King of the Spring, available after obtaining the Normal Ending.

    From EmagDrolBot's walkthrough: "Warp to Dragon Spring and head to the second room. The monster is in the center of this room and we'll use it to unlock the 50 hit combo achievement. If Alan doesn't go first, then Guard until it is Alan's turn. Use Chief Claudius's Dragon Fang (note: this is actually called "Fang Strike") ability and it will instantly add 50 to the Hit Counter, giving you a 51 combo by default and unlocking all hit combo achievements that you did not yet have."
  • Dealt 3000 damage in a single attack.

  • Dealt 8000 damage in a single attack.

  • Dealt 20000 damage in a single attack.

    This will likely come naturally as you level up and fight higher-level monsters.  The key to it will likely be Elmia's Random Up buff, where she'll randomly just raise the power of a character's skill attack.

    I got this by flying to the small island in the northwest corner of the map.  When I was around Level 45, I used Gil's Aerial Impact skill attack (with the bond setting Magical Hymn) against one of the large centipede enemies.  Elmia activated Random Up and I hit the centipede for around 50,000 damage.  I would imagine that when Gil levels up more, Aerial Impact on its own would unlock this trophy when used against a higher-level monster.
  • Upgraded a weapon to level 11.

  • Upgraded a weapon to level 25.

  • Upgraded a weapon to level 50.

    On the pause menu, under the Custom option, you have the ability to synthesize weapons.  Synthesizing weapons will make them stronger and/or add new attributes (damage multipliers, stat increases, etc) onto the weapon.  Getting the weapon to Level 50 is fairly easy, especially if your base weapon already has a high level to start.  Weapons found in each town's treasury are good bets to synthesize onto, as they have a high starting level.
  • Cleared all quests.

    Subquests are short quests given by NPCs that usually consist of either fighting enemies or obtaining specific items (usually enemy drops), with a few variety quests (like hide and seek) sprinkled within.  You will know an NPC has a subquest to give you because they'll have blue scribbles above their head.

    There are 25 subquests in total.  18 are available to you throughout you first playthrough of the game (1-17, 19), and the final 7 (18, 20-25)  will only spawn after you've cleared the Normal Ending and are playing towards the True Ending on your cleared save file.

    Important Note: Most subquests do not require you to go back to the quest giver to count as completed.  However, a few do (look for the gray dots above the character's head), so make sure you do that, as subsequent related subquests will not spawn until you do.

    - Subquest 3: Relay Stone Promotion
    - Subquest 6: Dear Unknown Receiver (twice; once to finish the quest and once after you remotely claim the reward)
    - Subquest 9: Relay Stone Rumors
    - Subquest 10: A Favorite Treat
    - Subquest 11: Power of a Relay Stone

    Also, Subquest 23: King of the Spring is an excellent place to unlock Combo Pro trophy_silver.png if you haven't already.

    HERE is a list of all subquests, courtesy of EmagDrolBot.  If you've been following their walkthrough, you won't need that supplemental guide, as you will have completed the subquests as part of the walkthrough.
  • Cleared Bronze Cup at battle arena.

  • Cleared Silver Cup at battle arena.

  • Cleared Gold Cup at battle arena.

  • Cleared Romance Cup at battle arena.

    The battle arena is located in Rubeus Town.  Initially, there are three cups: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Each level has three difficulty levels to clear.  You will always fight the same enemies in each difficulty level, but different parameters will be added to them depending on difficulty level (higher defense, poison damage every round, etc).  You must clear the difficulty levels in order in each cup, and each difficulty will show you a recommended party experience level - I suggest being several levels above the recommended level before attempting the battles.  You will also be required to pay an entrance fee each time you fight, so be aware of that (though if you've been following the walkthrough, you'll have more money than you know what to do with, so this should be no issue).

    Once you've cleared all three cups, the Romance Cup will be available.  There's nothing different in the way it works as compared to the three battle cups before, but the highest level of it dictates that your vanguard (aka the front party, which if you haven't played around with character settings throughout the game, is Alan and his team) cannot act, so you'll definitely want to switch characters around before taking that level on, and as you'll only have eight fighters instead of twelve, you probably don't want to attempt this until you're well above the game's suggested level (which is 66).
  • Cleared all difficulties at secret battle arena.

    The secret battle arena is located in a cave inside of another cave in western Helianth Town.  You don't actually have to do all three lanes, just the lane on the far right.  You will need to defeat that boss twice, however.  Hit him with the strongest attacks you have.  If you go into each fight at Level 99 and a full Burst Meter, it's quite likely you'll take the boss out before he gets a shot off on you.

    Do not attempt the secret battle arena before you are at least Level 90 or the boss will wipe the floor with you.  Personally, I don't recommend trying it until you reach the level cap (99).  You can get XP boosters in the ALP store for 700 ALP each; you should have been gaining ALP in bits from battles all throughout the game, provided they didn't auto-complete, so should be able to afford at least one (you can buy up to three).  Two good levelling up locations are listed in the Tips and Tricks section of the Roadmap.

Secret trophies

  • Watched the opening.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Your first trophy of the game, unlocked when Alan leaves his house.
  • Second main party member joined.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Your second party member, Raine, is found in Altare Town, and will join after you meet with the village chief there.
  • Third main party member joined.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Your third party member, Gil, is found in Dennev Town, and will join you after you make your way through the town.
  • Set out for Vulcan Continent.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    At the pier at Veynahs Port is a sailor who, when you talk to him, will take you to Vulcan Continent.  When you arrive on Vulcan Continent, this trophy will unlock.
  • Set out for Galirus Continent.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After defeating the boss at Glynmer Ruins, go back to Topace Port and talk to Donovan.  After some conversation, you will gain possession of your very own ship and unlock this trophy.
  • Set out for Anelphos Continent.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After escaping the dream world version of Tiloh Town, go back to Helianth Town and talk to Chief Mirabel.  After some story progression, this trophy will unlock.
  • Prepared to fight Archfiend, Valhyt.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Valhyt is the final boss of the game, and leads to the Normal Ending.  He is a definite step up in difficulty, especially if you haven't been going out of your way to level up and are just getting through the game.  Use each character's strongest special attacks against him, and hopefully you have a full Burst Meter going into the battle that you can use (to do so, select the sword icon above Elmia's head, and choose the strongest attacks available).  Use Burst Potions and Skill Potions if needed to regain use of/fill the Burst Meter or skills.  Even though it's not his strongest spell, I still found Gil's Air Strike to be surprisingly effective, often doing critical damage, and he can cast it quite a few times.

    You will actually unlock this trophy at the beginning of the fight, rather than the end.
  • Prepared to fight Demon King, Wesbel.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Wesbel is the final boss of the game, and leads to the True Ending.  If you've followed the Roadmap (and linked walkthrough)'s advice, and gotten all of the arena trophies first, you will be at max level and you will more than likely kill Wesbel before he can even get a shot off on you.  Use your strongest attacks and you'll be just fine.

    You will actually unlock this trophy at the beginning of the fight, rather than the end.
  • Earned the normal ending.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After unlocking Ambition Crusher trophy_silver.png, you will have some cutscenes and the game's credits will roll.  After they've finished (or you skip them), this trophy will unlock.

    Make sure you save your cleared data!  There's still more to do in the endgame content.
  • Earned the true ending.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After unlocking Evil Plot Ender trophy_silver.png, you will have some cutscenes and the game's credits will roll.  After they've finished (or you skip them), this trophy will unlock.

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