- Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 4/10
- Approximate Time To Platinum: 30-40 hours
- Offline: 39 9 2 1
- Online: 0
- Missable Trophies: Basic Training, Thorton, Inc., Rome-ance, Office Romance, Exclusive Interview, Savage Love, Ladies Man, No Time For Love, Ready For Anything. (And many plot trophies that are mutually exclusive)
- Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 2 (More likely 3+)
- Glitched Trophies: None
- Cheats: None



First Playthrough - Easy Difficulty:

  • Select the "Recruit" background to work towards the Evolution of an Action Hero trophy.
  • On this run, you will want to do all the trophies that limit your resources and stunt your relationships to get them out of the way now. You will need all the support and suppliers you can get for your Hard run.
  • On this playthrough you will unlock:
    • Antisocial
    • Judge, Jury and Executioner*
    • No Time For Love*
    • Desert Spear
    • Keeping the Peace
    • Youth Trumps Experience
    • Hard Choices
    • One Less Gangster
    • Price For Lying
    • A Plot Uncovered
    • Never Trust a Sociopath**
    • Crime Buster or Rising Star (or both if you reload your save, which I would recommend)

      *No Time For Love requires you to select SIE as your handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Once you have the trophy, reload your Last Safehouse autosave and select Heck as your handler for the Judge, Jury and Executioner requirements.

      **Never Trust a Sociopath requires you to reach a very low Reputation score with Steven Heck. This is easy to do in only one or two missions, and will affect the outcome of the Judge, Jury and Executioner trophy. For this reason I would recommend making a seperate manual save prior to meeting Heck, getting this trophy, then reloading the save and remaining on good terms with him.
  • You can also work on Hard to Read, which should be easy as you have to make everyone hate you.
  • Once you have completed the game the first time, you will have unlocked all of the chapter trophies, in addition to Evolution of an Action Hero, and Full Circle.

Second Playthrough - Hard Difficulty:

  • To make it easier on yourself, choose the "Veteran" background that has been unlocked by completing the game on "Recruit".
  • This time, you'll want to take the opposite tack and try to make everyone love you.
  • On this run, you will mainly be working towards the Thorton, Inc. and Ask Questions First, Shoot Later trophies. Choose favorable responses in order to raise everyone's reputation score.
  • On this run you will get:
    • Social Butterfly
    • Hard to Read (if you hadn't already)
    • Rome-ance
    • Office Romance
    • Exclusive Interview
    • Savage Love
    • Ladies Man
    • Stay of Execution
    • Secret Service
    • Friends Before Strangers
    • Respected Enemies
    • A Price on Mercy
    • Russian Alliance.
  • Of particular importance on this run is the Ready For Anything trophy, as a lot of intel is only available when you have a high reputation score with certain characters (and not available at all when they are dead), so you will want to get this trophy as well on this run while you're playing nice.
  • You should also be able to get the No Compromise, No Mercy ending by reloading your last checkpoint and turning down Leland's offer, to complete the set.
  • Finally, finishing the game on Hard difficulty will unlock the Hardcore trophy.

Third Playthrough - Dealer's Choice:

  • You probably won't need your whole third playthrough, (unless you somehow missed one of the major trophies on the first two runs). Use this run to clean up any combat or dialogue trophies that you have left to unlock.

Note: Progress towards a trophy will not carry over from game to game. So if you don't complete a trophy's requirements on one playthrough, you will have to start over again from scratch on any subsequent playthroughs.

For tips and game info, please see the full guide thread in the forums:  https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/alpha-protocol/54315-alpha-protocol-trophy-guide-road-map.html

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Lord Maim for this Road Map]

Alpha Protocol Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 39  20  )

  • Earn All Trophies.

  • Complete the Training Mission.

    In order for your training to be considered complete, you must complete the initial "escape scenario" at Graybox, and complete all three training sessions; Technical Ops Orientation, Marksmanship Orientation, and Covert Ops Orientation.

  • Complete Operation Desert Spear.

    Saudi Arabia completed. This trophy will pop during the score screen at the end of the mission "Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles"

  • Complete Operation Blood Feud.

    Moscow completed. Depending on your actions with Brayko, this trophy will pop during the score screen at the end of either the "Assault Brayko's Mansion" mission or "Prevent Surkov's Escape" mission.

  • Complete Operation Deus Vult.

    Rome completed. This trophy will pop during the score screen at the end of the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art"

  • Complete Operation True Heirs.

    Taipei completed. This trophy will pop during the score screen at the end of the mission "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally"

  • Complete Alpha Protocol.

    Alpha Protocol completed. This trophy will pop during the final cinematic at the end of the mission "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol". It is worth mentioning that this trophy will be awarded regardless of what ending you get, or who survives.

  • Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.

    The Hard difficulty setting isn't significantly more challenging than Easy, assuming that your character favors a Stealth build. The obvious exception is in the hacking and lockpicking mini-games. The time limits are prohibitively short, leaving zero room for error. Also, the games themselves are harder versions of those you'd find on lower difficulty settings. Locks have five tumblers, and have very little margin of error to engage the tumblers. Alarm panels and door locks have 10-12 circuits and more complex patterns, usually causing you to waste time just trying to find the next number, let alone figure out which circuit to close. Finally, the hacking uses smaller code segments, less than half the size of those you'd find on Easy difficulty. In the time it takes you to move a segment from the top of the screen to the bottom, they will have changed position, meaning that you have very little time to spot the target string before you need to maneuver and lock in the segments. You will find yourself carrying a lot of EMP grenades in later missions, often filling multiple inventory slots just so you don't have to hack/pick anything. Usually the cost of buying grenades will be substantially cheaper than the money you'd miss by passing up a safe with a ridiculous lock.

    Combat-wise, enemies will take more damage, and you will need to aim exclusively for headshots, however a Stealth/Pistol build renders most of the difficulty increase moot. The combination of Shadow Operative and Chain Shot can get you out of most situations, and defeat most bosses in one or two uses of the skill. Once you reach Shadow Operative (Master), you become a mass murder machine that would make Steven Heck blanche. Supplement that skill with Advanced Stealth Armor and cooldown enhancing perks like "Under the Radar" or "Sororicide", and nothing in the game can touch you. Using this build for my Hardcore playthrough, by far the most challenging fight in the game was when you fought the two random mooks hand to hand in Marburg's study. Leland's got nothing on Generic Heavy #2.

    It should go without saying that you will want to choose the "Veteran" background you unlock with the Evolution of an Action Hero trophy (that is unless you wanted to go the Destructoid route and be stupid). You can remove ranks in skills you don't normally use, and reallocate them to Stealth and your favored weapons to give yourself an even bigger edge right out of the gate.

  • Complete Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.

    When starting a new game, instead of choosing a background such as "Soldier" or "Field Agent" that gives you free ranks in various skills, you also have the option of choosing the "Recruit" background, which starts you off with zero skills across the board. For best results, this trophy should be earned on your Easy playthrough, to mitigate the additional difficulty of "Recruit" Thorton's complete ineptitude. Earning this trophy will unlock the "Veteran" background which gives you three ranks in all skills at the start of the game, so this should be a priority before attempting the Hardcore trophy.

  • Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.

    This trophy will either be awarded at the end of the mission "Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles" or at the end of the "Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed" mission you do just before infiltrating Alpha Protocol. In either case, using the "Execute" command will terminate Shaheed and earn you the trophy.

  • Refrain from killing in cold blood.

    You will probably get this trophy on the same playthrough as Thorton, Inc., but unlike that trophy you don't have to get them to like you. During dialogue choices, never use options such as "Execute" or "Shoot", always choose the non-violent paths. This trophy will pop at the end of the game when you spare the final boss.

  • Let your gun do the talking.

    This trophy is far more involved than its counterpart Ask Questions First, Shoot Later. As a general rule, every time you have the option to "Execute" someone during a dialogue, do it. Most of the characters in the game will die at your hand this way. In some cases you will have to have a very low reputation score with the character to have the "Execute" option available, so use the Dialogue Trends table in Thorton, Inc. and do the exact opposite.

    Specific details below:

    Nasri - At the end of "Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer", execute him during the conversation.

    Shaheed - At the end of "Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles", put on some R Kelly or Jimi Hendrix (your choice) and toss Shaheed off the bridge.

    Sis - At the end of "Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data", shut Sis up for good.

    Albatross - Get back on his good side long enough to choose him as handler for the "Assault Brayko's Mansion" mission. When you find him tied up in the guest house, shoot him in the head. (Take that, Ancient Mariner!)

    Brayko - DO NOT EXECUTE BRAYKO IMMEDIATELY! After the fight with Brayko at the end of "Assault Brayko's Mansion", he will plead for his life. Choose Professional at first, until he reveals that Surkov is a commie bastard, then in the next choice... well, let's just say that you're video and he's the radio star.

    Surkov - "Prevent Surkov's Escape"; the mission title says it all. Refuse Surkov's partnership, give Championchik his lead medal, and shoot Surkov to prevent him from getting on the helicopter. Hey Surkov! In Russia, weapons ship you!

    NSA Gelato Guy - I don't think he's necessary for the trophy, but better safe than sorry. Plus, when he scratched his head with the scoop... that was just gross.

    Al-Bara - Again, I don't think it counts, but why take the chance.

    Marburg - See Youth Trumps Experience. (Note: Some have indicated that Marburg is not a requirement for this trophy)

    Steven Heck - Though you won't kill him, he plays an important part in the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission where you will choose him as your handler. For best results, you'll want his reputation score to be high.

    Sung - Not sure if it matters, but I chose the Riots data, so that Sung is assassinated during the mission "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally"

    Deng - At the end of "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally", kill him on principle for looking like a Chinese M. Bison.

    Leland (Part 1) - If your reputation score with Leland is high enough and you are offered a position with Halbech, decline (read: punch him in the face).

    Mina - Over the course of the game, make sure your reputation with her is very low. In the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, when you go to rescue her from the firing range, choose a Professional response, then choose "Leave her" when the option appears. As you walk out, the bomb will explode and kill her.

    Parker - You will encounter him in the course of the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Kill his goons, then kill him.

    Darcy - Don't call me Mikey, you sonofabitch.

    Westridge - I don't know if it's possible to fight him in this scenario, maybe as a function of your reputation score, but if so execute him too. For me, it always ends with Leland as the last boss.

    Leland (Part 2) - DO NOT EXECUTE LELAND IMMEDIATELY! At the very end of the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, you will encounter Leland, and wipe that smug grin off his face once and for all, but in the end spare his life. As you walk away you will be shot in the back by...

    Scarlet - DO NOT TAKE THE "CONTACT SCARLET LAKE" MISSION. Skip directly to "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" so that she will not appear in the interrogation room. She will appear after you spare Leland, anxious to get paid. Before the situation gets out of hand, choose the "Heck" option to have him gun her down. (Depending on your relationship with Scarlet, Heck may gun her down without you having to give the order)

    Leland (Part 3) - After Scarlet goes to Heck, you will again have the option to "Execute" Leland. Pull out your best Schwarzenegger impression and tell Leland, "You're fired!"

    The trophy will pop after Leland dies, just in time to sail off into the sunset with Nolan North.

  • Turn all of your enemies into allies in one single career.

    This isn't that difficult to accomplish, and will likely be earned during your Ask Questions First, Shoot Later playthrough. First, always choose favorable dialogue choices with characters to raise your reputation score with them, because you'll want to be on everyone's good side. Not all of these characters count towards the trophy, but here's the complete list of dialogue trends for characters for ease of reference:

    Dialogue Trends:

    Mina - Professional (Occasionally Suave when she's in a playful mood)
    Darcy - Suave
    Parker - Professional (Also Veteran if available)
    Westridge - Aggressive
    Leland - Suave / Professional (Reacts poorly to Suave near end of game)

    Nasri - Aggressive
    Shaheed - Professional

    Sis - Professional (Spare her life)
    Albatross - Professional
    Grigori - Suave
    SIE - Aggressive
    Surkov - Professional
    Brayko - Professional

    Marburg - Professional
    Madison - Suave

    Scarlet - Professional / Suave
    Steven Heck - Aggressive when violent / Suave for banter
    Hong Shi - Professional
    Deng - Professional


    For certain characters there are specific actions that must also be taken to ensure their allegiance to you, as described below:

    Nasri - When you confront him, choose to "Extort" him.

    Shaheed - Spare his life.

    Sis - Spare her life.

    Albatross - If you use him as your handler for the mission "Assault Brayko's Mansion" (and you should; G22 has way better stuff), make sure that you rescue him from captivity.

    SIE - In the "Investigate Weapon Shipments" mission, agree to her terms, and don't attack her at the end of the mission. If you use her as your handler for the mission "Assault Brayko's Mansion" (which you shouldn't; you'll piss off Albatross, and SIE is much harder to offend), make sure that you rescue her from captivity.

    Brayko - After the fight use a Professional stance. Spare his life, and take the deal he offers. This will also unlock the final mission "Prevent Surkov's Escape"

    Surkov - After Brayko rats out Surkov, catch up with him at Molo-Tek. Stay Professional, and choose "Partnership" when it is offered.

    Scarlet - Make sure that you visit her and give her the Halbech evidence before starting the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. Then after you escape from the medical bay, make sure to rescue her from the interrogation room on your way by.

    Steven Heck - Make sure you erase his files from the NSB computer during the Retrieve "NSB Data from Grand Hotel" mission.

    Deng - Spare his life.

    Sung - Though this might not count towards the trophy, I chose to save the Assassination data rather than the Riot data, thus allowing Sung to survive the attempt.

    Shaheed - Just before the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, agree to betray your country. (Based on responses, this may be a requirement. Needs confirmation)

    Mina - Make sure to rescue her from the firing range on your way by.

    Darcy - After calling me Mikey the whole damn game...
    ...Fuck him, he's dug his own grave.

    Westridge - Spare his life during the battle at the end.

    Leland - At the end of the game, accept his offer to join Halbech. After that it won't matter if you betray him during the end cinematic, or choose to execute him. So do what you will.

    Thanks to Usul, HandzOfBlood for testing requirements.

  • Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.

    Follow the strategies for Rome-ance, Office Romance, Exclusive Interview, and the trophy should pop immediately after getting Savage Love. This should probably also be followed up with a dose of Valtrex.

  • Complete the game without being seduced.

    This trophy comes with a hidden catch. Obviously the easiest way to prevent from being seduced is by acting like a world class bastard with all four women. Act Aggressive with Mina, Scarlet and Madison, but Professional or Suave with SIE. If by some random fluke any of the other three women present you with the option of consummating the fires of your passion, turn them down.

    The catch comes in with SIE. Again, you have to choose her as your handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. It doesn't count as turning her down unless the opportunity is there, you see. If she died in Brayko's mansion, or you don't choose her as your handler for that mission you can't get the trophy. If your reputation score is low enough for all women, they won't have any trouble kicking you to the curb. The trophy will pop as soon as SIE walks away to work out her frustrations on some hired goons.

  • Across 90 dialogue choices, you've used each stance at least 25% of the time.

    Pretty self explanatory. In 90 dialogue choices, use Suave, Aggressive, and Professional stances at least 23 times each. Responses that offer Yes/No or Execute/Spare options are not considered as Suave or Professional responses, and do not count towards the trophy. Keep a running tally of your choices or rotate between the three. However you do it, the trophy will pop at the end of the 90th choice.

  • Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).

    Using favorable dialogue stances or making admirable mission choices, raise the Reputation score of three characters above +3 to gain "Liked" status. Once the third character likes you, the trophy will unlock. See the description of Thorton, Inc. for a detailed list of favorable stances for each character.

  • Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time).

    Using unfavorable dialogue stances or making reprehensible mission choices, lower the Reputation score of three characters to -3. Once the third character dislikes you, the trophy will unlock. See the description of Thorton, Inc. for a detailed list of unfavorable stances for each character.

  • Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.

    The description is misleading. This trophy is awarded for purchasing 75% of the total mission intel available from the Clearinghouse. The problem is that the availability of mission intel varies depending on your actions and reputation with certain characters throughout the game, potentially making this trophy impossible to get on certain playthroughs.

    By choosing to "Arrest" Nasri rather than "Execute" or "Extort" him, several additional pieces of intel will be available in Saudi Arabia. Having SIE or Albatross as an ally and completing all previous missions will unlock additional intel for the Embassy raid. Befriending Heck before dealing with Brayko will yield unusual results. Sparing Brayko or Rescuing Surkov will yield additional intel for the "Investigate Delivery at Warehouse" mission. If you allied with SIE in Moscow, she happliy provides intel on Marburg for the "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art" mission. High reputation with Hong Shi, Steven Heck and Albatross can provide additional intel for several Taipei missions as well. To let you know if you're getting close, at 50% you will unlock the "Be Prepared" perk.

  • Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.

    While holding the button to aim at an enemy with a pistol, your reticle will slowly turn red. Once the sights converge on the target and stop, fire with to score a critical hit. After 100 critical hits, the trophy will unlock. Along the way you will unlock the "Pistol Proficiency" perk at 25 critical hits, letting you know that you're doing it properly.

  • Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.

    While holding the button to aim with the SMGs, you will see a bar across the bottom of the reticle and a critical hit multipler at the lower right which starts at x1.0. As you continue to hit enemies this multiplier will increase to a maximum of X1.7, but if you stop the bar will slowly shrink to indicate how much time is left in your critical hit streak. Find more enemies to shoot before time runs out or it will reset to x1.0 and you will have to start again. Keep in mind that reloading will also reset your critical hit multiplier, so use of extended clips or the Bullet Storm ability are key. Streaks are often easiest to accomplish in boss fights as they can absorb a great deal of damage, potentially giving you multiple streaks at a time. The "SMG Fury" perk will unlock at 3 maximum muptiplier streaks, marking the nearly halfway point.

  • Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.

    While holding the button to aim at an enemy with a shotgun, your reticle will slowly turn red. Once the red meters along the edge form a complete circle, fire with to score a critical hit. Or cut out the wait, and activate the Room Sweep ability to automatically critical with every shot. After 100 critical hits, the trophy will unlock. To mark the halfway point, at 50 critical hits you'll earn the "Shotgun Rampage" perk.

  • Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.

    The description says "head shots", however it will only count head shots that kill the target. They do not have to be critical hits, but it is still the most efficient way of delivering lead to your enemy's face. At the halfway mark "Assault Rifle Precision" will unlock, leaving only 50 head shot kills to go.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.

    Though "Close Quarters Combat" can refer to defeating enemies with standard melee attacks, this also applies to any takedowns you achieve by sneaking up on an enemy from behind and pressing the button when prompted. Takedowns are a far safer and more efficient method, and will also count towards your Lurker trophy.

  • You Evaded (or defeated via Takedown moves) 75 enemies.

    After getting Black Belt, you're likely well on your way to getting this trophy already. Again, sneak up on an enemy and press the button when prompted to give them the Chokie Roberts.

  • Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.

    Killing less than five people isn't that difficult, as long as you remember to load tranquilizer rounds in your pistol and always use for a non-lethal takedown and not which instead performs a stealth kill. Stealth is a very useful ability in Alpha Protocol, and I would recommend that you purchase 5 ranks in Stealth as fast as possible in the game to permanently activate the Awareness ability. This displays a directional arrow that indicates an enemy's facing, direction, approximate distance to you, and awareness level. This arrow will normally be blue, turn yellow when they hear or see something suspicious, or red when actively hostile.

    Enemies are considered "alerted" if you set off an alarm or if their arrow turns red. Contrary to popular belief, an enemy is not considered "alerted" if their arrow turns yellow. If you evade them for long enough, or enter a new area, their state of suspicion will go back to blue. Alternately, performing a stealth takedown with or knocking them out with a tranquilizer dart will eliminate your problem handily. Takedowns will always be the safer choice, since a glancing hit from a tranquilizer may not knock out the enemy immediately, and with any shot there is always the chance that the target may reflexively pull the trigger of his gun as he falls, alerting any other enemies in the area. When you have no other choice but to use the tranq rounds, take the time to aim for a critical hit to the head.

    To minimize your chances of being detected, always wear armor with high noise reduction (if you wear armor at all), and of course only use your silenced pistol. Stay crouched, and watch your enemy's path to pick your moment carefully. Use the Stealth skills Silent Running or Shadow Operative if you have them for easy takedowns. The easiest missions to complete undetected are "Bug Al-Samad Airfield", "Prevent Surkov's Escape", "Bug CIA Listening Post" and "Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail". Any mission where an alert is automatically triggered by plot events or a boss fight will not be counted towards this trophy.

  • Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.

    In the Technical Aptitude skill tree, the Gadgeteer skill is unlocked at ranks 7 and 14 granting you an additional gadget slot. Also, most armors grant you 1-2 additional slots for carrying gadgets into the field. Whatever the combination, load up with 6 different gadgets and use one of everything in the mission. At the end of five missions where you used six different gadgets in each mission, you will get the trophy.

  • Have 100 placed devices detonate.

    You will need Concussion Grenades, EMP Charges, Explosive Grenades, Flashbangs, Incendiary Bombs, Shock Traps, or Remote Mines, and of course 100 poor schmucks to lure to their doom. Two things to remember. First, the devices have to be placed, not thrown. Hold the button and approach a wall until the outline of the device appears. Release to stick it in position. Second, the device has to go off for it to count. Luckily the enemy doesn't have to die. As long as it detonates, it counts towards the total.

    An easier way to get this trophy is in the first section of Technical Ops Orientation, since you have access to unlimited concussion grenades from the storage cabinet. Place 5 concussion grenades on the wall (any more than 5 and they'll de-spawn), then throw one at them to blow them up. After the 100th detonation, the trophy will unlock. Credit to choolwhip for the farming tip.

  • Pick 10 locks.

    Squeeze the button to raise the tumblers of the lock until the top of the tumbler's red section comes level with the red laser line. When you are in the correct position and the circular lock on the right flashes yellow, press to lock the tumbler in place. Though this will be an easy trophy to get for most, it's advisable to go for this trophy on your Easy playthrough as most of the locks have only three tumblers and a more forgiving range of success. If for some reason you have trouble with this trophy, the Breaking and Entering & Spy's Luck skills in the Sabotage tree will help.

  • Bypass 20 electronic devices.

    Hack 20 electronic door locks or alarm panels. Again, this will be best to complete on your Easy playthrough as most panels will have only 5-7 circuits and a generous time limit, as opposed to the panels on Hard which have 12 circuits that you have to complete in 20 seconds. If for some reason you have trouble with this trophy, the Breaking and Entering & Spy's Luck skills in the Sabotage tree will help.

  • Hack 10 computers.

    Maneuver two code segments using the and , match them to the two target strings that are stationary, and press the or to lock them in. On Easy difficulty the segments are larger and easier to see, as well you will have more time to lock them in. On Hard difficulty, the strings are half the size and the timers leave little room for error. If for some reason you have trouble with this trophy, the Breaking and Entering & Spy's Luck skills in the Sabotage tree will help.


Secret trophies

  • Join Halbech and stop Alpha Protocol.

    On the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, accept Leland's offer of employment. You will receive the trophy for this ending regardless of your response to Shaheed, or whether or not you betray Leland at the end. Credit to Usul for additional information.

  • Reconcile with Alpha Protocol and stop Halbech.

    On the missions "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy", "Intercept NSA Intelligence", and "Bug CIA Listening Post", do not kill any American agents. If you haven't killed Shaheed, do not agree to betray your country in the "Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed" mission. When Leland offers you employment, take the deal. You will again fight Westridge as the final boss. Once you have defeated him, arrest or execute Westridge, then betray Leland. The trophy should pop right around the time that Leland explodes (or is arrested, if you're boring).

  • Put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol

    For this ending, you must have spared Shaheed. Prior to starting the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, you will have the opportunity to meet with him again in "Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed". During this meeting, agree to betray your country by answering with the Professional dialogue choices. Once on the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, turn down Leland's offer of employment, preferably with your fist. You will face Westridge as the final boss. Once the battle is over, choose to arrest or execute him as you see fit. Depending on your actions through the game there may also be a scene with Leland afterwards. Again, arrest or execute him. In either case, the trophy will pop during the ending cinematic.
  • Allow Shaheed to Live.

    This trophy will be awarded at the end of the mission "Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles" if you choose the Professional stance and spared his life.

  • Prevent the assassination of President Ronald Sung.

    This trophy will be awarded at the end of the mission "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally" if you choose to save the Assassination data from the flash drive gained at the end of the mission "Intercept Assassination Plans".

  • Prevent a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei.

    This trophy will be awarded at the end of the mission "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally" if you choose to save the Riot data from the flash drive gained at the end of the mission "Intercept Assassination Plans".

  • Discover the identity of Sung's assassin

    Depending on your reputation with this character, this trophy will be earned in one of three places.

    1. If you spared Deng at the end of the "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally" mission, you can receive a message from him during the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission that contains the answer. When using the computer to contact Parker, you will also have the option "Download to PDA" which will trigger his message, informing you that Scarlet was captured on film with a sniper rifle at Sung's assassination.
    2. If you have a high enough reputation with Scarlet, she will confess to being the assassin during the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission if you encounter her in the interrogation room. She will only be there if you had previously visited her in the "Contact Scarlet Lake" mission prior to starting "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol"
    3. If you skip visiting Scarlet in the "Contact Scarlet Lake" mission, during "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" she will not be in the interrogation room. At the end if you face Leland and spare his life, she will appear and shoot you in the back. When you realize that the assassin was Scarlet, the trophy will pop.
  • Alienate 'secret agent' Steven Heck.

    Steven Heck is a little nuts, but if you piss him off, he's downright scary. When you start to complete missions in Taipei, do all other available missions before going to contact Steve.In your first meeting choose Professional four times, then Aggressive for the fifth and sixth response.In Grand Hotel Mission briefing use Professional choices, warn against killing civillians and do not destroy Heck's file. When you receive his mail, don't respond to it right away, but hang on to it for emergencies. You should still be able to get down to -10 before starting the "Intercept Assassination Plans" mission, which is good because you'll win a point back just for including him in the carnage. After the mission is over you can respond to the email in order to bring you back down to -10.

    You won't get the trophy until you have completed "Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally" during the news report. Heck will contact you and you and if he still hates you enough, he will tell you that he gave your name to the cops. The trophy will pop just in time to hear the newscasters call you out by name.

    NOTE: Heck will not turn you in if he is the only available handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. So ensure that you have not alienated/killed both SIE and Albatross, so that one of them will be available to replace Heck. If you complete all of the Taipei missions first, Heck will not turn on you to prevent the possibility of having no viable handlers for the final mission.

  • Stop the plot to destroy the Roman History Museum.

    In the mission "Intercept Marburg at Museum of Art", choose to enter the East Wing. The trophy will be awarded at the end of the mission.

  • Save Madison Saint-James from certain death.

    In the mission "Intercept Marburg at Museum of Art", choose to enter the West Wing. The trophy will be awarded at the end of the mission.

  • Gain Marburg's respect and best him in combat.

    See Youth Trumps Skill.
  • Provoke Marburg into a fatal duel.

    For these two trophies, your reputation score with Marburg is key. Obviously for Respected Enemies you will want a high reputation, and for Youth Trumps Experience a very low reputation.

    Important Note: Marburg's reaction to you is affected by your overall choices throughout the entire game up to the point you encounter him. If your total number of Suave choices exceed the total Aggressive or Professional choices, you will receive -1 reputation with Marburg. If your total Aggressive is higher, there will be no change, and if your total Professional choices is higher you will receive +1 reputation. This is checked once during the "Contact Jibril Al-Bara" mission, and and once at the start of your fight with him in the museum for a possible range of +2 to -2.

    What may also be a factor is completing your dossier on Marburg, as that will sometimes have an affect on what options are available in the dialogue. You can get it to 100% before the fight, which will net you the "Know Your Rival" perk and give you an extra 5% damage.

    Marburg Dossier locations:

    • First arrival at Rome safehouse (16%)
    • CIA Listening Post - 2nd Floor, north east room against north wall near whiteboard. (33%)
    • Email from NSA Echelon tap (50%)
    • Purchased mission intel for "Contact Halbech Informant" (66%)
    • Secret room behind garden hose in Marburg's Villa (83%)
    • Door just to left of East Wing entrance in Museum (100%)

    During the Cafe talk, the following other factors will also have an affect on Marburg:

    • SIE (if alive): Positive rep (-1 Marburg) / Negative rep (+1 Marburg)
    • No enemies alerted/killed in either the "Bug CIA Listening Post" or "Intercept NSA Intelligence" missions, and did not kill Al-Bara (+2 Marburg)

    Conversation Path for Maximum Reputation Loss:

    • Cafe conversation - - - - - - -
    • Villa conversation -
    • Bomb defuse conversation - - -
    • Mid-battle conversation -

    Conversation Path for Maximum Reputation Gain:

    • Always pick

    By the end of the boss fight in the Museum if your reputation is at +10 with Marburg, you will have the option to let him go, netting you the Respected Enemies trophy. If he is at -10 you will provoke him into finishing the fight instead of fleeing, unlocking Youth Trumps Experience after he is dead.

  • Eliminate Konstantin Brayko

    See A Price on Mercy for Boss strategy on Brayko.

  • Spare Konstantin Brayko

    At the end of the mission "Assault Brayko's Mansion" you will fight, shockingly enough, Brayko. This is a tricky fight, but using a combination of the Chain Shot skill and running like a frightened girl you should have no trouble defeating him. When he snorts coke and hulks out he will run at you and unleash a devastating knife slash attack that hits multiple times and staggers you slightly. Sprint away and lead Brayko onto the stage, then jump off the edge. Repeat this until he loses his buzz and falls to his knees swearing. Line up and take a few more cheap shots at him, preferably with Chain Shot if it has recharged. Usually about two or three uses of the Chain Shot skill will bring him down. If you have met with Steven Heck prior to the mission, you can also buy an intel option to have Brayko's drugs poisoned to take some of the fight out of him. Once he has been defeated, choose to "Execute" him for the One Less Gangster trophy, or choose to spare him for the A Price on Mercy trophy.

  • Forge a Partnership with Sergei Surkov.

    See Price for Lying.
  • Kill Surkov for lying to you.

    After the fight with Brayko at the end of "Assault Brayko's Mansion", he will plead for his life. If you choose Professional responses he reveals that that Surkov was the one working with Halbech, which will unlock the mission "Prevent Surkov's Escape". When you reach the second floor of Molo-Tek, if your reputation score with Surkov is high enough, he will offer you a partnership. Accept this offer to receive the Russian Alliance trophy and end the chapter. If you refuse his offer, you will trigger a boss fight with his bodyguard Championchik. After you give the former olympian a .45 from the Russian judge, catch up with Surkov and execute him to get the Price for Lying trophy.

  • Romance Madison.

    While in Rome, after completing the first few missions you will be contacted via phone by Madison Saint James. Use primarily Suave dialogue choices in all of your conversations with her to raise your reputation, and on the mission "Investigate Marburg's Villa", choose her to be your handler. After completing both "Investigate Transmissions at Ruins" and "Investigate Delivery at Warehouse", when you return to the safehouse you can go into the bedroom to find Madison asleep. Select "Check on Her", and continue to select Suave stances until the lights go out. The trophy will pop just in time for her walk of shame. (Man, did I ever have a different conversation planned for Parker after that.)

  • Romance Mina

    Though Mina has the most opportunities to raise your reputation score over the course of the game, she also has the highest standards of all four women. If you stick to Professional responses, and avoid acting like Steven Heck you should have her maxed out within the first three or four missions. After you have completed the final missions in Moscow, Rome and Taipei, if your reputation score with Mina is a positive number she will appear in person in your safehouse to talk about the mission to Alpha Protocol, however if you don't have at least a reputation score of 5 with her, you won't be able to trigger the romance. You can gain or lose a single reputation point in the second dialogue choice, so be careful to stay Professional with her. If your reputation score is at least +6 at the end of the conversation, you will get the option to kiss her. After you download her PDA (if you know what I mean), the trophy will pop.

  • Romance Scarlet

    A complicated woman, and no one understands her but her Thorton. Scarlet responds well to Suave and Professional stances, shifting back and forth depending on the tone of the conversation. Her cues are subtle, and will sometimes mislead you. Luckily like most women she responds well to gifts. Any Halbech data you send to her will raise your reputation score by 1 for each mail (or you can blackmail Halbech for $15,000 each once her meter is maxed). After you have completed the final missions in Moscow, Rome and Taipei, if your reputation score with Scarlet is at least +5 she will invite you up to her room to talk. If you're still short on reputation points, choose Professional stances to gain up to 2 more. At the end of the conversation, if your reputation score is at least +6 you will have the option to "Stay" to trigger the romance. The trophy will pop after you bury the lead (if you know what I mean).

  • 'Romance' SIE

    Really? Was I the only one that found her quiet violence hot? Anyhow, this is one of those trophies that is easy to miss if you aren't aware of it, otherwise it's almost automatic. You will first encounter SIE in Moscow on the "Investigate Weapon Shipments" mission. By choosing Aggressive stances exclusively (meee-yow!), your reputation score with her will shoot up rapidly. Also, some major actions that you take against Marburg will count in your favor. As long as she survived the "Assault on Brayko's Mansion" mission, she will be available as a handler for the final mission "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol". Choose her as your handler. Immediately after your talk with Leland, she will find you strapped to the table in the medical bay, helpless. When she mounts you, as long as your reputation score with her is at least +2, you can choose "Might As Well" to close your eyes and think of England. The trophy will pop after she invades Poland (if you know what I mean).

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