Getting to know each other Trophy

  • Getting to know each other


    Complete all character quests

    Character side quests are found inside your base. If you see a question mark above any charter's head while you are inside the base talk to them and accept their quest. If the question mark is above your head then switch to another character and talk to the character with a quest. To start some character quests you need to talk to the person with a question mark over their head while playing as a specific character. Make sure you try using all characters to talk to them. Each character has 3 character quests making for a total of 12. All of Brian's quests make you get different types of mutant brains, Luxo makes you help him learn English, Rachel tries to prove to Jack that they aren't in a video game, and Jack tries to prove to Rachel that they are in a video game. The hardest character quest in the game is the quest Growing pains because the description for the quest is a riddle. To make the over sized zombies you need to combine status effects. I found using Jack's Flamethrower or Torch on zombies then shooting them with the Sonic Assault Rifle made them appear quickly. If you are doing it correctly you should get a skull and crossbones around the amount of XP shown when you kill zombies. And when the quest description said kill a ton, it meant it. My zombie kill count was at 231 before it dropped.

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