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    Complete a Base quest without taking any damage

    This is the hardest trophy in the game but it still isn't too hard. Base Quests are the quests that appear when you capture a base and the words "ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE" pop up in the center of the screen. The earlier you do this the easier it will be because you won't have to worry about a bunch of enemy types. There are a total of 3 bases in the game. I suggest having at least one smart bomb before you attempt this and full ammo. I suggest having semi good guns before doing this. In my opinion the Pistol, Ray Gun and Chainsaw are all good. Simply go to a base that isn't your current one and walk to the shutter doors. It will ask you if you want to make the area safe. Select yes and prepare for the fight. If you get hit, simply let the enemies kill you so that you respawn in the current area. If you are finding this too hard then simply let the enemies kill you multiple times and eventually when you get to the continue screen it will let you lower the difficulty temporarily by pressing , this will make enemies die a lot quicker. When you get down to last 10 enemies they will show up on the compass, pull it by pressing so that no enemies sneak up on you. Use Smart Bombs on big groups of enemies or if you get swarmed but whatever you do, keep moving!

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