Estimated Trophy Difficulty: Pending (3 or 4 in my opinion)
Offline: 12 (0 1 4 7)
Online: 0
Approximate Amount of time to 100%: 5-10 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Number of Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: None
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No Known Cheats
Does Difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulties

Road Map:

Step 1: Play through the game: While you play make sure you get the Can't Touch This trophy as early as possible, along with A Legion of Zombies to avoid frustration later. You can collect Dev Cards along the way or you can wait until Step 3. The same goes for Character quests. Within the first minute or two of the you will earn Kill a Zombie.

Step 2: Beat the game: Simple enough but if you have trouble beating it you are given the option to lower the difficulty if you die multiple times in the same levels. Be sure to get other trophies here like Watch This!, Master Craftsman, and Fists of Fury. This is where you will earn Back With the X, Big Brain Brian, Thought This Was a Zombie Game? and Touch Base which are all story related.

Step 3: Mop up: At this point you should have a majority of the trophies but if you missed a few earlier don't worry, once you have beaten the game, you can select Resume Game from the Main Menu to keep playing. If you are missing a couple of Dev Cards or Character quests, now is the time to finish them up so that you earn The Collector and Getting to Know Each Other. You can also complete any other trophies you missed. Be aware that some trophies will be harder than before since every enemy type is unlocked at this point.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Zayne for this Roadmap]

All Zombies Must Die! Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 4  )

  • Kill a zombie

    The easiest trophy to get in the whole game. This will be the first trophy you get. The first zombie you encounter will have a little introduction movie. Punch him using .

  • Kill 500 zombies in one level

    You can get this as soon as you start the game. In the first area of the game you can run around killing zombies with your fists and the shotgun until the trophy pops up. If you do it here then you only have to worry about one type of zombies and it is the weakest type. Please note that this trophy pops up as soon as you get kill number 500 so don't exit through any gate until it pops up. I suggest waiting until later in the game though so that you have better weapons. The best weapons to use are the Ray Gun, Pistol and Chainsaw. Make sure you kill flaming zombies because if they burn to death without you delivering the killing blow it does not count as your kill.

  • Kill a mutant with your fists

    You will first encounter a mutant when you get to the bridge. Follow the quest arrow on the compass until you get to the bridge and find out that the bridge has been destroyed. A cutscene will play that shows a zombie walking through a green radioactive pool. He will die and transform into a big green guy called a mutant. Get out you fists by pressing and punch him using . This trophy is easier than you think. If you miss it here create a mutant using Brian's Atomic Cosh by holding and , then wait for the zombie to die on his own and he will become a mutant.

  • Complete a Base quest without taking any damage

    This is the hardest trophy in the game but it still isn't too hard. Base Quests are the quests that appear when you capture a base and the words "ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE" pop up in the center of the screen. The earlier you do this the easier it will be because you won't have to worry about a bunch of enemy types. There are a total of 3 bases in the game. I suggest having at least one smart bomb before you attempt this and full ammo. I suggest having semi good guns before doing this. In my opinion the Pistol, Ray Gun and Chainsaw are all good. Simply go to a base that isn't your current one and walk to the shutter doors. It will ask you if you want to make the area safe. Select yes and prepare for the fight. If you get hit, simply let the enemies kill you so that you respawn in the current area. If you are finding this too hard then simply let the enemies kill you multiple times and eventually when you get to the continue screen it will let you lower the difficulty temporarily by pressing , this will make enemies die a lot quicker. When you get down to last 10 enemies they will show up on the compass, pull it by pressing so that no enemies sneak up on you. Use Smart Bombs on big groups of enemies or if you get swarmed but whatever you do, keep moving!

  • Use your first Smart Bomb

    Smart Bombs can be found it searchable places that are marked by the floating magnifying glasses. You can also obtain them by completing an AMZD! combo. The Chainsaw can get easy combos if you allow a lot of enemies to gather. Just kill enemies as fast as you can once the unlock the ability to perform AMZD! combos. Use a Smart Bomb by presssing .

  • Fully upgrade a weapon with any status effect

    Once Brian gives you the location of the Ghettoblaster (which can be looted from zombies in the town square), just combine it with any gun at the crafting table then combine a Megaphone (which can be looted from zombies in Suburbia) with the same gun you combined the Ghettoblaster with and the Trophy will pop.

  • Complete all character quests

    Character side quests are found inside your base. If you see a question mark above any charter's head while you are inside the base talk to them and accept their quest. If the question mark is above your head then switch to another character and talk to the character with a quest. To start some character quests you need to talk to the person with a question mark over their head while playing as a specific character. Make sure you try using all characters to talk to them. Each character has 3 character quests making for a total of 12. All of Brian's quests make you get different types of mutant brains, Luxo makes you help him learn English, Rachel tries to prove to Jack that they aren't in a video game, and Jack tries to prove to Rachel that they are in a video game. The hardest character quest in the game is the quest Growing pains because the description for the quest is a riddle. To make the over sized zombies you need to combine status effects. I found using Jack's Flamethrower or Torch on zombies then shooting them with the Sonic Assault Rifle made them appear quickly. If you are doing it correctly you should get a skull and crossbones around the amount of XP shown when you kill zombies. And when the quest description said kill a ton, it meant it. My zombie kill count was at 231 before it dropped.

  • Complete ‘Dev Card Hunt!’

    This quest becomes active as soon as you start the game. You have to get 22 collectible Dev Cards. You can find these inside searchable items which can be found because of the magnifying glass that can be seen floating above them. Search everything before leaving an area. You can check how many you have by pressing and going to the active quest page. Select Dev Card Hunt! and unpause the game and the amount you have will be shown in the upper left. I will post a collectible guide here as soon as one becomes available.


Secret trophies

  • Witness Rachel joining the group

    Once you get back from the bridge and you tell Rachel that it has been destroyed, you will need to go and get a Cellphone and a Megaphone. Use to find the area you need to be in to get them then complete the requirements shown in the top right of the screen. Once you have both of these, come back to her, combine the two items at the Crafting Table and talk to her to get her to join the group.

  • Witness Brain joining the group

    Once you clear out the radio station Brian will want you to get a Uranium Rod and a My First Science Kit. Use to find the area you need to be in to get them then complete the requirements shown in the top right of the screen. Once you get both of these, bring them back to the Crafting Table and combine them then talk to Brian to get him to join.

  • Witness Luxo joining the group

    Once you clear out the Power Plant, Luxo will ask you to bring him a Cattle Prod and a Spark Plug . Use to find the area you need to be in to get them then complete the requirements shown in the top right of the screen. Once you have them, bring them back to the Crafting Table and combine them then talk to Luxo to get him to join the group.

  • Complete ‘Return to the Military Base’

    Once you return to the park after searching all 4 military trucks and avoiding the bombs head back to the gate, the gate will need you to kill all zombies and an ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE! quest will start. Kill the required 300 zombies and head back to the gate. Enjoy the cutscene and the trophy!

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