Real Nasty Habit Trophy in Aliens vs. Predator

  • Real Nasty Habit


    Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches

    How to unlock Real Nasty Habit


    Due to a bug in the 1.02 patch there is now a major problem with the XP trophies because the way XP is calculated and stored is now messed up. For any XP to save you must back out all the way to the Main Menu after every match.

    This trophy is all about the online mode. By playing games online you will earn a certain amount of XP. There are 7 different modes available online, these are:

    Death Match – This is a free-for-all game. Every player for himself. You can play as an alien, predator or a marine.

    Predator Hunt – In this game there is a lone predator vs marines. The player as the predator simply tries to kill as many marines as possible. If you kill the predator then you take its place.

    Species Team Death Match – This mode pits all species against one another. There will be a team of aliens, marines & predators.

    Mixed Species Death Match – This is almost the same as the above game mode. Only this time the 3 teams can involve all 3 species, it isn’t stuck to just one type of specie a team.

    Infestation – This mode sees a lone alien pitted against marines. As the alien you try to kill (infest) all of the marines to end the game. As the marine you try to survive as long as possible, if you get killed then you join the aliens for the remainder of the game.

    Domination – In this game there are 3 control points, in your teams you need to go to each control point & capture them. Once held simply try to fight any enemies to hold the point as long as possible. If you lose a point you will have to go back to it and stand near it to capture it back.

    Survivor – This mode is only available through ‘friendly match’. You are a marine in a team of up to 4 people. You will face wave after wave of alien attacks, you simply try to fight them off and survive for as long as possible. If you die you DON’T respawn. However I don't think you gain any xp in this mode.

    For this trophy you need to rack up 18060 XP through playing online. You can average between 50-100 (maybe more) XP per round, therefore it can take you a while to get the required amount of XP.

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  • Does this glitch still works as in today world like in as right now i just wondering because i been doing it for about 2hrs nothing pop up so i just gave up on it can yall plz wright back on this thing or write to my account on ps3 ~psn Will879876
  • It does, but you have to disable the patch. There are instruction in the forum for how to.
  • I have question well I play on online game ranked match and I was rank 9 but next day I turn ps3 on and I was rank 5 back I don't now why it happens but em maybe you can help my I hope so.
  • add me for platinum PSN : RuF_Ruby
  • F*** THIS S***! how am I suppose to get 18060xP if I am always loosing it? 3x I surpass the 10000XP and when I log out I have less than 10000XP! WHY????
  • I DID IT!!! YAYYYYYYY :P I'm playing this game for more than a year!!!!
  • dose anyone still play this online i want to pick this game up again however if noone plays then i wont get it i found it at my game-stop for 9 bucks..... so yeah!!!!!!!!
  • if anyone wants to play this game online and is looking for a marine player add me :) ill cover ur butt that is if i got good conection id is GOOD_BYE2_U dont glitch for your xp! i never did and I got the platinum fair and square, please dont cheat
  • Got this game yesterday and looking for people to help me out with these achievements. Good connection from me so if you need someone to protect your ass, add me :D ID-- wild5-hi
  • @wild5 add me man i got platinum on this game and im a permenant rank 43 (not demoted, lost rank cause of crappy xp tracking in game) i warn anyone who is trying to get this trophy ONLY THE FIRST 2 GAMES YOU PLAY after finding a ranked match will be saved sometimes its only one so please be warned
  • this is for all of you who didn't know how much xp each level required well i got a list for you people: This corresponds to Rank 43 'online'. 1. 0 XP 2. 20 XP 3. 60 XP 4. 120 XP 5. 200 XP 6. 300 XP 7. 420 XP 8. 560 XP 9. 720 XP 10. 900 XP 11. 1100 XP 12. 1320 XP 13. 1560 XP 14. 1820 XP 15. 2100 XP 16. 2400 XP 17. 2720 XP 18. 3060 XP 19. 3420 XP 20. 3800 XP 21. 4200 XP 22. 4620 XP 23. 5060 XP 24. 5520 XP 25. 6000 XP 26. 6500 XP 27. 7020 XP 28. 7560 XP 29. 8120 XP 30. 8700 XP 31. 9300 XP 32. 9920 XP 33. 10560 XP 34. 11220 XP 35. 11900 XP 36. 12600 XP 37. 13320 XP 38. 14060 XP 39. 14820 XP 40. 15600 XP 41. 16400 XP 42. 17220 XP 43. 18060 XP
  • hey everyone im now making an xp guide for how much every type of kill will give you, i hope this helps you people I'll post each racce as i finish it. alien first then predator, then finally marine
  • Is there anybody out there playing AVP Multiplayer? Add me PSN is vujos
  • Looking to finish this game, hit me up. Predatorxx84
  • Damn this trophy is impossible to get now, and don't say it is possible because i am p***** off whith those online players who gets the rang an i dont, using cheap kills like wallriding and lock on weapons and those players who sold the game to get a new one, i know a way to rank up a bit fast but it requires 3 players who can gladly help. not saying what it is, add this username on to find out. Bloomin lazy b******.
  • Quickest way to rank up is domination. Keep all controller points neutral. You then got a 1 hr tdm, but if you wanna get technical about it just do head shots as a marine and grab kills as alien.
  • I might get for the online soon. After the Crysis 2 session so if anyone is interested, add Gangsta_Loc
  • go for the*
  • Guys me and my friends are having trouble with the connection, me and shadowhunter are trying our best to rank up fast but our connections keep failing us. We know the easiest way to get melee kills which is presume to be a high xp to get as marine which we r not gonna reveal here as u may use it for yourselves, we know what match to play on to get a high xp chance, but we only need someone to help with the connection trouble. message this profile or shadowhunter9890 to volenteer.
  • ook. I just got the XP using the glitch from internet and i can confirm. It works. I will write down the steps below. 1. Turn On PS3 - Then Sign Out 2. Delete Game Data Aliens vs. Predator 3. Go To Network Settings -> Custom -> .........-> Use Proxy Server -> Yes (here you have to type an adress. you can get one from here 4. Test your connection to see if you can connect to the internet 5. Stay signed out -> Load Aliens vs. Predator Game 5.1 - If the game asks you to download the patch once you loaded it...the proxy server is not working so you need another one 6. Once in menu, be quick and go to multiplayer. If its giving you an error, keep trying to sign in. If you can't connect to multiplayer, the proxy server is not
  • 6. Once in menu, be quick and go to multiplayer. If its giving you an error, keep trying to sign in. If you can't connect to multiplayer, the proxy server is not working so you need to try another one. 7. If you reached multiplayer menu and the game didnt asked you about the patch, BE VERY QUICK -> Go to Ranked Match, Quick Match, And now wait for the screen ''1 player in lobby, waiting for 5 players''...Once you see that BACK OUT VERY FAST TO THE MENU. 7.1 - If you reached ranked match without asking you about the patch YOU ARE GOOD. If the game asked you about the patch AFTER you left multiplayer, YOU ARE GOOD. 8. Now go to single player - choose marine campaign (easy difficulty) 9. Play until you get out of the elevator 10. Once the game shows you that saved the progress, start kil
  • 10. Once the game shows you that saved the progress, start killing yourself (NOTE - don't waste grenades, keep them cuz you will need to sucide) 11. I am putting a youtube video, so you know where to stop progressing and start killing yourself. ( ) GOOD LUCK MARINES !!!
  • Add me for this trophy , PSN : Raiderscraft
  • I still need it
  • Still do
  • Who is still playing in 2020
  • I'm playing
  • Looking for people to boost multiplayer trophies. Let's try and get that Platinum. PSN: SlimmerRobin
  • PSN : TheGodOfWar13MB for online trophies we can help each other.
  • WiiMan89

    I’m doing the XP trophy if anyone wants to boost
  • WiiMan 89 Hi i want to boost, i´m available all day. PSN: vascofranco7

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