Ain't Got Time to Bleed Trophy

  • Ain't Got Time to Bleed


    Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor

    I’m not sure if this has to be done online or not but that is how I got the trophy. So once again from the online menu go to friendly match > quick match > choose survivor mode in the ‘filter by game type’ menu.

    To regenerate your health you will need to have a continuous supply of stims. Stims are found on the floor and are glowing green. To use one you have to be injured, but you should get injured enough from the waves of aliens that will be attacking you. When you are going to use one simply press and hold .

    I’m pretty sure that this will have to be done on the mausoleum level because I couldn’t see any stims on the C Block level.

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  • just to confirm it can be done in single player survival. i killed all but 1 of the aliens in the first wave, then just let it attack me while kept using stimpacks.
  • It sure is.

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