The Six Pack Trophy

  • The Six Pack


    Play with six friends in a Ranked Match


    Due to issues brought about by the Friends List size increase on the PS4, people have had trouble getting this trophy due to it not recognising you have 6 friends in the game. To at least temp fix this problem, turn off your PS3, reboot your Router then turn your PS3 back on again and all your Friends should now be visible.

    This trophy can be tough to get. It requires you to play with 6 players that are on your PSN friends list in a ranked online match. Go to the boosting thread (link at the bottom) and find 6 players that are willing to go for this trophy. Now someone needs to create a party and invite everyone in there, get the party leader to search for a game and then wait. Unfortunately it may take a while before a game is found (it took me about 15 minutes). As soon as the game starts the trophy should pop.

    Use this thread here for boosting: LINK

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  • PSN: Tsirakas plz add me I only want this trophy for platinum ... :( (im in the army until august so low activity :/)
  • Hey i could really use help for this trophy 2 so add me also PSN is Will879876 as above on scatter shot well thx again
  • I still need few more players for this 1 so please help when possible okay thx and by the way DO NOT INVITE ME TO GAME PLEASE just add me and i'll get back to you I notice some players invited me when I wasnt home you got to add me thx again ~Psn Will879876
  • PSN: verbal_ninja. Leave a message so it doesn't look random. thanks.
  • just to point out - don't add me now, i don't have this game anymore.
  • PSN ARMY_ALI23 I need help on 6 pack and others like the uninfected.
  • I am in need of the 6 player trophy also, will add you guys when on later or on tomorrow, wanna pwn some baddies :)
  • If anyone still plays this game could you please add me Dont-6-Shoot6ME6
  • Hi! If anyone still plays the game and need trophy SIX PACK plz add me! PSN: KACKHUHN
  • I Desprately need this trophy .. plz add me: Tsirakas
  • add me andrewryan87
  • plz add me i need this trophy
  • I got the platinum so i WON'T PLAY WITH ANYONE...but i u wont to play another game 4 platin add me
  • I hate online trophys. Because some people like me don't have a psn account and finally get the game then look at the trophies and you see that a lot of them are online. Man it makes me so mad.
  • I need help here!!! Someone help me with this trophy? add me ID_Morbid
  • Need desperately this trophy for platinum .. plz add me: PSN: Tsirakas
  • plz add me PSN:RuF_Ruby
  • Guys i still need this trophy to get my platinum add my psn: LDN-SKYSTALKER
  • hey guys i really need some help with this my psn is stunning sniper and ill help u in return
  • idk if anybody still plays this but help me get trophies for this game please. add me psn.. ManuelbigD
  • i used to be an adventurer like you. then i took an arrow to the knee.........
  • Guys i need help with this, add me plz PSN: OutsideEagle
  • I dont know if anyone still play this but If you need a 6th guy just contact me. PSN LoneWoIf-- BTW the its a capital "i" in Wo"i"f not a L. lol
  • i need this trophy and the scatter shot trophy as well, if anyone can help or needs help, add me on the ps3 with a message, PSN, NateDogg2487
  • If anyone needs this trophy or any other MP trophy(s) please send me a friend request with AVP TROPHY in the subject username: JAS2099
  • just picked this up yesterday. need some help with this PSN=mr_burp. use AVP as the subject
  • im picking it up later today.... go ahead and add me.. i would love to boost these trophies... psn... Gr33nKronik
  • I'm looking for 5 or more people to boost the online trophies with... Online is dead on this game. Send me a friend request psn Darthbobby say avp boost
  • im looking for people to help me get this trophy and help with serial killer and the uninfected, i believe i need 5 more wins for serail killer, if your interested in actually helping, add me Natedogg2487
  • I am looking for people to play multi and to get the platinum, add me, i am Vladimir_PR
  • Hey guys I need this as well
  • Add me if u want to boost Avp MP trophies PSN Chrys29 mes Subject AvP
  • add me too I need this and am willing to help others with other online trophies scattershot etc PSN JohnnyDarko17
  • Add me to boost AvP trophies redtiger155
  • Need boost partners as well. PSN ABADAWhiteCat.
  • Need boosting partners
  • need boosting partners on this trophy as well as the other online trophies. Add me: evoloution09
  • My friend really needs help with the trophy. Please add him: SippoFeraner
  • I need help with this trophy. Add: unalak.
  • need some avp m8s!!!!! add me: wild5-hi
  • Add me psn id: z99f willing to help with anything anytime
  • I am after the mp trophies, please add/psn me to arrange matches. I am planning to get psn friends together in new year to aim for platinum
  • I need 5 more boosting partners for this trophy and other trophies. My PSN ID is MSIA_pokwee
  • need this one as well, ad me: elchivato1985
  • add me if needing boosting buddies, i also need a few more buds to get this trophy and others. psn: lostmisanity
  • really hard add me if you want to get this done PSN: Stunning_sniper
  • Need help with this and some other online trophies for this
  • add me... PSN: billups-7dnvr
  • Can this be done with 8 people?
  • If anyone still plays this game I need to get the online trophies and dont have 6 friends that play this game
  • Such an easy to trophy for you to get with all your AVP friends.
  • If anyone is forming a group for this please add me PSN: FuzionSoldier
  • If anyone is going for this trophy please add and message me on psn. (shadowxl223)
  • Def need to get this trophy
  • sorry Predatorxx84
  • Add me and we can boost each other, I'm needing the online trophies too. LoneWolfin Please put Aliens Boosting in the message.
  • This trophy is a nightmare, thank God I found some very kind people online and helped me obtain it..
  • In my opinion, its impossible to get because i have believed that there's hardly anyone playing ranked match because it takes hours to get it. almost got it though but i had a little trouble with one of my friends profile not showing on the ps3 list. could use some help with this trophy. profile is the same id as this one.
  • If anyone still trying to get this trophy add me @TheOneCrazyB
  • For anyone still trying to get this trophy I found a helpful glitch which allowed you to start a ranked match with your own party and not having to wait for anyone else on the other line, therefore saving you from killing yourself xD. Anyways here's the link
  • Need help on THIS ONE ADD ME psn: Raiderscraft
  • I still need this too if anyone wants to help.
  • please add me, Spetsnaz_89 i must do this trophy
  • melodicmizery ps3 please form a group and have the players ADD me. im sick of doing these multiple player trophies and everyone suddenly turns half retard and doesnt know what to do. it shouldnt take a hour n a half to start a match to pop a trophy that should take seconds.
  • I need this trophy and willing to help in a group. Add me alla87
  • I am attempting to do this trophy feel free to add me PSN: gr8escape
  • Let's get that Platinum! Add me... PSN: HiairSalvador
  • Looking for people to boost multiplayer trophies. PSN: DhenokHUN
  • Looking for people to boost multiplayer trophies. Let's try and get that Platinum. PSN: SlimmerRobin
  • PSN : TheGodOfWar13MB we can help each other for online trophies
  • Hi guys, please join my boosting session on PSNprofiles we have 6 total memebers at the moment and anyone is welcome, we are European based and as people may or may not know servers are region based.
  • JurrasicDinoX Can you help me earn this trophy please? PSN: vascofranco7

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