Persecution Complex Trophy

  • Persecution Complex


    Achieve Persecutor status more then once in any Ranked Match

    This can be quite a tough trophy to get, it requires you to kill a person 5 times without them killing you directly. I would advise you to use the predator for this in either a normal death match game or a species death match game.

    Just use the predators cloak ability by pressing triangle, now just stay hidden in the trees or in a corner somewhere. Only try to move if you see an enemy close enough to kill. I also advise you to find the gun weapon, to find where it is located press and look around the map to find a triangular shape. To use it press and hold to charge the gun, choose the direction you want to fire in with the analogue stick, when it is locked on to an enemy release to fire.

    TIP: Press once to use the thermal ability, this helps to locate marines very easily from a distance or in the dark. Press again to use the alien locater ability, this is just like the thermal but it highlights he aliens from a distance or in the dark.

    NOTE: You CAN die from other players whilst going for your 5 kills. Just don’t die from the player your aiming to kill. This is strange but I did actually die from a player I was persecuting, BUT the player was an alien and I died from the acid when I shot its head. This didn’t seem to affect the trophy at all.

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  • easiest way to get this trophy is to have 2 people, or more, on your team and you and the other person kill 1 enemy 5 times. at this point you will both have percuted your enemy, now all you both have to do is kill him again with out dieing hope this helped you people

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