Serial Killer Trophy in Aliens vs. Predator

  • Serial Killer


    Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode

    How to unlock Serial Killer

    This isn’t a hard trophy to get, it just takes time. You need to make sure that you play one of the following games:

    - Death Match
    - Species Team Death Match
    - Mixed Species Death Match

    Out of those 3 I recommend you play species team death match. Although I also recommend that when you pay you make sure you are the predator team. The predators have the most weapons available to them aswell as different ways of detecting their enemies. Simply try to get a good kill to death ratio and your team should get a decent amount of points.

    You don’t have to win 10 games in one specific mode. You can win 3 games in two of the modes and then the last 4 in another.

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  • Add me need this jersysully84 will help too
  • I need help with this one
  • I need help as well add me id is NickDisturbed
  • If anyone still looking for help with this one add me PSN is MCP11
  • Is anyone still trying to get this trophy?

    It's the last trophy I need and even though I'm sure I've won more than 10 deathmatches it's still not popping for me.

    Not only that but my personal stats on the multiplayer leaderhoards have crazy numbers listed against them eg having only won 1 x match and having played 850363200 matches as the Marine/Alien and 37 as Predator? WTF?! Shame it won't let me attach a screenshot of it to this forum/topic. Not sure what's causing it and even after winning a deathmatch last night the stats haven't moved at all. 

    If anyone knows what's causing this and if there's a fix ie uninstall/reinstall the game and delete and back up my saved data then please let me know as it's stopping me from getting the platinum. 

    PSN is MCP11
  • Got the trophy now no longer required.

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