I Like to Keep This Handy Trophy

  • I Like to Keep This Handy


    Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun

    During level 5 you will come to a chamber where you have to go through some big doors, in here will be some androids and some aliens. Once you have taken care of these head upstairs to the objective marker taking care of any enemies on the way, the objective marker is located at some controls.

    Once you have activated these controls you are required to go outside, this is where you get the chance to go for this trophy. There is a small narrow walkway here where two aliens will attack you, you need to try and position yourself in a way where one shot of your shotgun gets both aliens. If the aliens die and you don’t get the trophy then reload the checkpoint and you will be back on the walkway. There are also more walkways straight after this point with more aliens so you can also try there.

    NOTE: You need to pick up a shotgun first (obviously) through this level in order to attempt this, grab one from any of the fights before this point (the one with the aliens & androids has a few shotguns).

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  • A really great way I found to earn this trophy: In level 2, when all the aliens are swarming toward you on the bridge, use the shotgun to explode one of the red tanks next to a group of aliens *ding* counts for the trophy. You can even kamikaze while doing it and it still counts :-)
  • i found this hard to do without the guide
  • A very easy trophy in multiplayer.

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