I LOVE the Corps! Trophy in Aliens vs. Predator

  • I LOVE the Corps!


    Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    How to unlock I LOVE the Corps!

    One of the more frustrating trophies in the game, this requires you to finish the marine campaign on the hardest difficulty setting. The enemies here have more health and definitely seem more aggressive than the lesser difficulty settings. There are NO checkpoints and therefore that means that if you die you will have to restart the level from the beginning, that’s the main reason why most find this trophy Hard.

    Finishing the campaign on Nightmare difficulty will also unlock the trophy for finishing the campaign on Hard difficulty.

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  • This was a nightmare
  • agreed, hard to believe how to complete...
  • i find this almost impossible to complete
  • i just finished this campaign lets hope the other two arent as bad
  • In my opinion, this was one hell of a funny, tiresome, frustrating pain. But I finished this. Alien campaign took me 30 mins on nightmare, predator 50 mins and marine 1h and 20 mins, not bad for a human. Hope whoever's still going for this has alot of patients...and ammo. cheers.
  • This is ridiculous...ffs...no checkpoints and less medicine kits its simply bullshit!! its one of the hardest trophies of all games i played so far ! not even the challenges of god of war are hard as this one !!
  • I'm gonna grab the developer who invented this kind of shit and tell him do it yourself you bastard
  • 6 years have passed and I've decided to give it another go! Here's hoping I do it this time.

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