Extinction Agenda Trophy

  • Extinction Agenda


    Destroy the Abomination

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is obtained in the last section in the last level within the predator campaign.

    During this mission you will come to an open area where there will be aliens & androids. Your objective here is to activate 3 switches to open up the main door that leads to the next section. After you have completed this make your way through the door into the last section where you will now get the opportunity to get this trophy.

    A cut-scene will play where it shows you planting your final bomb. After a short while up pops the abomination (a pretty huge alien), your objective is to kill this alien.

    TIPS: The main way to get the aliens health down in the first place is too shoot the platforms it lands on. The platforms will collapse and will cause the alien to fall into the lava. After a cut-scene the platforms are almost all gone, now this is what I done:

    (I done this method on nightmare difficulty). Jump on a platform and plant a mine, the mines are located in your inventory in one of the weapon slots. Now jump to another platform and plant another mine. As you keep doing this the alien will follow you, as it does it will keep getting hit from the mines you have placed. Just keep doing this until all its life has gone. This method worked first time and took me about 5 minutes.

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