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    Create a new species

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is obtained once you complete the last battle in this campaign.

    You will be required to kill 2 predators in what looks like a small arena. Simply try to focus on one at a time using whatever moves suit you best. Once these have been taken care of a cut-scene will start & it will show you the elite predator coming down to enter the arena.

    Continue to do what you did with the previous predators and you should be fine. To finish him off by harvesting him you need to get his life down to red and move close to him, then press square when the prompt shows up on the screen. If you don’t press square quick enough then he will heal himself and you will need to repeat the process. Once he is dead you will get the trophy.

    TIP: I advise you use the heavy attack (). It helps to keep you at a distance so there is less chance of him being able to injure you. The attack is also very quick and deals alot more damage than the standard attacks.

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