Not Bad For A Human Trophy in Aliens vs. Predator

  • Not Bad For A Human


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    How to unlock Not Bad For A Human

    Simply get all of the other trophies in the game to earn this Platinum trophy.

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  • Thank God, I have it, Nightmare human campaign was really a shit time
  • ?
  • this is so hard to get
  • Tough platinum.
  • Human campaign sigh
  • the game is easy the only problem is the "The Six Pack" trophy cuzz you can't find many players and the servers are not that good, and the " Real Nasty Habit" trophy because it loooooooooooooooong time, and you loose XP!!! so I advise you trying your luck on DeathMatch and after you finish the level, quit a enter again, at least in that way you won't loose XP
  • I hate this trohpy
  • this trophy is the perfect definition of evil :@ i HATE it
  • Add. Big_toe_85 if u want to boost
  • if anyone wants to play this game online and is looking for a marine player add me :) ill cover ur butt that is if i got good conection id is GOOD_BYE2_U
  • Add me psn id: z99f i'm willing to help with anything anytime, just hit me up
  • No more adds please, platinumed this a month ago. Forgot to post that i'm done with this game and WILL NOT be playing it again... just waiting for Aliens CM! Cheers.
  • i did it lol
  • If anyone want to boost add me..psn id: pavelbagirov
  • Im not sure if there are people still looking to get this done, but worth a try. Hit me up Predatorxx84
  • yea
  • Starting this game soon, looking to platinum this trophy. Feel free to add me PSN : gr8escape
  • If you are a legitimate gamer like myself just looking to play some pick up matches with random gamers, please be warned of the extensive cheating hacker community in this game. The easiest way to spot a cheating hacker is in the pre match lobby. There is a computer auto balance feature for the species. I believe the default ratio is 1 Predator 2 Marines 2 Aliens. This information can be seen in the pre match lobby by selecting the game options. If you see someone changing their species in the pre match lobby outside of the computer auto balance ratio clearly they are a cheating hacker. For example if there is only 3 players in the lobby and someone changes their species = cheating hacker...
  • *Just to clarify, the above warning/information is for all legitimate gamers. Not just legitimate gamers looking for pick up matches with random gamers.*
  • Looking for people to boost multiplayer trophies. Let's try and get that Platinum. PSN: SlimmerRobin
  • PSN : TheGodOfWar13MB we can help each other for online trophies
  • GOWKing13 Can you help me with the online trophies please. PSN: vascofranco7

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