+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
+ Offline: 39
+ Online: 11
+ Approximate Time To Platinum: 30-50 Hours
+ Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1 Playthrough Of Each Campaign + Chapter Select To Go Back For Some Collectibles (If You Missed Any) + many, many, many online matches
+ Missable Trophies: None
+ Glitched Trophies: 4, Welcome To The Party, Real Nasty Habit, The Six Pack and Gunslinger


Aliens vs Predator is a first person shooter game. It was developed by Rebellion, this team also made an Alien vs Predator game back in 1999 and were aiming to take this game back to its roots. This was published by Sega, a massive name in itself which definitely helped to make this game look promising.

The game takes species from two famous film franchises, the Aliens and the Predators. It is not based on the AvP films but instead gives you a unique insight into each species and the things they can do. You will have the option to take control of the Alien, Predator or a colonial marine in 3 campaigns that will lead you on different paths. If you ever get bored on single player then there is always the multiplayer mode to get stuck into. It gives you the option to play with up to 18 players online in 7 different game modes.

The trophies are of a moderate difficulty & relate to the single player & multiplayer aspects of the game. The story related trophies come easily as all you have to do is complete the campaigns. There are also some for getting a specific amount of weapon kills/enemy kills online as well as offline. Also, within each campaign there are collectibles to be found, these are very easy and there are guides to help you find all of them. Finally the hardest trophies that will give you a challenge are to do with the difficulty, you need to complete the campaigns on the hardest setting. Unfortunately you will have harder enemies, be more vulnerable to attacks & have NO CHECKPOINTS throughout each mission, Good Luck!

Step 1: Completing The Campaigns

This step is basically just completing the game. There are 3 campaigns to choose from, these are:

- Alien
- Predator
- Marine

The campaigns can be completed in any order you wish and on any difficulty you wish. I recommend that you do this step on the ‘hard’ difficulty setting. Doing this will help you get used to the nightmare difficulty for when you do step 2 (see below). If you also want to reduce replaying missions then I suggest you get any collectibles as you go, see step 3 for more info on this.

Step 2: Completing The Campaigns In Nightmare Difficulty (Not Needed If Done During Step 1)

If you decided to go through each campaign on nightmare first time through then just skip this step, if not then read on.

If you followed step 1 and played on hard then you should be ready for this. Nightmare difficulty brings harder enemies, makes you lose more health when you get attacked & gets rid of all checkpoints throughout the missions. I personally recommend that you play the marine campaign last. It’s much harder than the alien & predator campaigns and will require a lot of patience. See below the respective trophy titles for more info and help on getting through nightmare difficulty.

Completing the campaigns on nightmare difficulty will also unlock the hard difficulty trophies. Also see the following thread for videos of speedruns for the campaigns: LINK

Step 3: The Collectibles

There are a number of different collectibles to be found during this game. Each campaign contains a varied amount of collectibles in various different forms. The collectibles are as follows:

Aliens – 50 Royal Jelly Containers + 21 Civilians To Harvest
Predator – 45 Trophy Belts
Marine – 67 Audio Diaries

Tips of what each collectible looks like and how to get them can be found under the trophy titles, there are also some videos there to help guide you along the way. If you happen to miss any during your playthroughs then don’t worry, you can always use mission select to go back to certain missions.

Step 4: Online Trophies

These trophies can be very tricky for some people. Not only do you need to have a certain amount of skill but you may also need to rely on other players to help you win games. There is a section in the guide relating to the online trophies & game modes. Just look in that section for tips & advice. Because of how awful the servers are, I strongly recommend reading this thread created by djhmetfan2 and following his advice to the letter: LINK

Trophy Glitches:

There are 4 known glitched trophies, these are:

Welcome To The Party and Real Nasty Habit - Thanks to the latest patch XP no longer calculates properly so any that you earn after your first match, will no longer count. To work around this, back out all the way to the Main Disc Menu (the one you see after first loading the game), wait a few seconds then go back into matchmaking. You have to do this after every single match unfortunately.

The Six Pack - Since the release of the PS4 there have been sporadic issues with people appearing to disappear from your Friends List or appear offline when they're not. This problem can make getting The Six Pack trophy very difficult as it won't recognise you have met the requirements. See the guide for this trophy for a possible temp fix.

Gunslinger - I did not personally experience this but a lot of other players have. The description says to kill 30 enemies with the pistol, but a lot of people have said they needed to kill up to 50-100 enemies before getting the trophy. I recommend you just keep killing enemies until it pops.

Nearly all of the online trophies will need to be boosted since the servers are near deserted, see the guide for more info & use the boosting thread to find players for help you: LINK

[PST Would Like to Thank Rockets for this Road Map]

Aliens vs. Predator Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 13  35  )

  • Get all the Aliens vs. Predator trophies

    Simply get all of the other trophies in the game to earn this Platinum trophy.

  • Complete all three Campaigns

    This simply requires you to complete all 3 of the campaigns available in the game. The marine, alien & predator campaigns can be completed on any difficulty settings & in any order you like. The trophy will show once you have finished the last of the 3 campaigns.

  • Survive The 'Party' at The Club

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    As you go through the first level you will eventually be told to go to a club to give backup to some teammates. Once you get there you find not is all as it seems. You will soon be told that a lot of enemies are incoming and you will have to fend them off until you can escape. After you have survived and you have re-entered the elevator you will get the trophy.

  • Escape from C-Block

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you regroup with the rest of your teammates in C-Block, you will come under attack from some Aliens. Simply fend them off and move to the objective markers as necessary. After you have done this you will be told to run, head to the objective marker which is an elevator. Simply enter the elevator when available and you will get the trophy.

  • This is story related and cannot be missed.

    As you are coming towards the end of the level you will come to some walkways. In here you will see a soldier called Van Zandt, unfortunately he has become the Alien's prey. All you have to do is what he asks, which is put him out of his misery.

  • Defeat the Matriarch

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    At the end of level 2 there will be a boss that you have to defeat. Simply get through this area and defeat the boss to earn this trophy.

    You need to watch out for the Facehuggers here. I recommend you fire at all enemies whilst running backwards, this way you will always be quicker when defending. Always try to use the grenade launchers because they deal the most damage, and always run over the stims to give you a constant supply of health, then just follow your instructions on how to beat the boss and you should be fine.

  • Locate Tequila

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    During level 4 after you get out of a small room a women says she thinks Tequila is still alive. Follow the short passage ways defending yourself from the Aliens and you will eventually come to Tequila, this is when you will get the trophy.

  • Get Tequila to surgery

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    During level 5 you will get to a part where you enter an elevator, this takes you up to the medical facility. Just carry on to the next objective marker which takes you to a surgery room, shortly after you will get the trophy.

  • Defeat the Praetorian

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Near to the end of level 5 you will come to a point where a cutscene occurs, during this cut-scene a big alien will blast out of a window, this is the Praetorian. Simply kill it and you will get the trophy.

    I recommend you pick up some grenades located to the right as you can move again. The grenades take a lot of life off of the alien which gives you a big advantage, they can also knock it down which gives you a big chance to fire a lot of shots at it and kill it more easily.

  • Recover Weyland's datapad

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is obtained during level 6 (the last level). As you proceed through the mission you will have to kill about 6 enemy androids, once this is done head to the objective marker. As you arrive a boss fight will begin with Weyland. I used the same method as I did with the Praetorian, fire off some grenade rounds and shoot him whilst he is stunned.

    After you manage to beat him follow on to the next objective marker, here you will find the data pad, interact with it and it is then that you will get the trophy.

  • Liberate the Matriarch

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is obtained near the beginning of level 1. After you succeed in escaping you will be required to free all the other xenomorphs that are being held, complete the next objective which is to kill everyone that gets in your way. Follow on to the next couple of objective markers until you reach a room with two guards and control panel that you have to interactive with. Simply kill these two guards and press to interactive with the control panel, a short cut-scene will follow where you see the matriarch being freed. You will get the trophy once the cutscene has finished.

  • Escape from the Research Lab

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Straight after the previous trophy (Come To Mama) you will enter a room with two androids and another control panel as your objective. Kill the androids and press square once again to interact with your objective. Another cut-scene will play that shows the labs big double doors opening allowing the matriarch to escape with a lot more aliens. You will get the trophy during or after the cutscene.

  • Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is acquired in mission 2, it is NOT missable because you can always reload this mission to go back for the trophy. You simply have to kill every marine in this mission for the trophy. As an alien you can see enemies through walls, they come up with a red outline, this will help you spot any enemies you may be missing. You will know if you have missed one because the trophy should pop up after the last marine is killed.

  • Solve the riddle of the Ruins

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is obtained a short while after beginning the last level. You need to find a way into a lock building, to do these you need to activate 3 pressure switches within the area. Follow these steps to find all 3 easily:

    Pressure Switch 1: This one is hidden and needs to be activated first to allow you to use the other two. Climb to the top of the pyramid like structure right in the middle of the map, but be careful because here will be an android that will shoot on sight. Once you have dealt with him look around on the floor to find a vent, enter this vent and climb down to the very bottom. As you land in the water you should land right on the switch.

    Pressure Switch 2 & 3: If you follow on from the first switch then these two are very close by, one is out the exit to the left hand side and one is out the exit to the right hand side. It doesn't matter which of the two switches you press first.

    When all 3 switches are activated the trophy will pop. 

  • Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign

    This trophy is very easy to get, you just need to know where the available civilians are. There are 21 civilians altogether they will all need to be harvested but it doesn’t have to be in one playthrough, you can miss some and then go back and get them through mission select. To harvest a civilian all you have to do is get near him and press the button.

    A very good harvest guide has been written by gecko_nl, here is the link:


    Alternatively if you want something easier to look at, here is a video showing you how to get this trophy:

  • Create a new species

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is obtained once you complete the last battle in this campaign.

    You will be required to kill 2 predators in what looks like a small arena. Simply try to focus on one at a time using whatever moves suit you best. Once these have been taken care of a cut-scene will start & it will show you the elite predator coming down to enter the arena.

    Continue to do what you did with the previous predators and you should be fine. To finish him off by harvesting him you need to get his life down to red and move close to him, then press square when the prompt shows up on the screen. If you don’t press square quick enough then he will heal himself and you will need to repeat the process. Once he is dead you will get the trophy.

    TIP: I advise you use the heavy attack (). It helps to keep you at a distance so there is less chance of him being able to injure you. The attack is also very quick and deals alot more damage than the standard attacks.

  • Find a way through Getaway

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    An objective in the first level will require you to get a head from a security guard in order to bypass some security. After you have gotten the head follow the next few objective markers until you are back outside in front of a big gateway. Use the head on the retinal scanner and head through, you will get your trophy shortly after this.

  • Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Proceed through the jungle to the first objective marker, you need to kill the two people waiting outside the small building in order to get in without dying. Once again use the head on the retinal scanner to open the door, go to the predator who is dead and press square to interact with the body. Head outside and you should get the trophy.

  • Discover the Elite Predator's fate

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    When your about halfway through the second mission you will get to a room that is full of flames, you will recognise this room if you have already done the marine campaign. Anyway, continue through this room towards your next objective marker, you will find another dead predator on the floor. Once you have set the time on the bomb you will get the trophy.

  • Retrieve the ancient mask

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Shortly after beginning level 3 you will come to a stage where you need to jump on certain platforms to get to the top of a circular room. After you have completed this stage follow the objective marker to a room where a mask is sitting on a plinth, just enter this room where a cut-scene will occur, shortly after you will get the trophy.

  • Survive trial by combat

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is achieved in the last section of level 3. You will come to an area full of pillars and this place is basically a fighting arena. Your objective is to kill the giant xenomorph. Simply use your big gun and fire a couple of shots at it, then move on to your battle disc and fire at a distance. Be sure to watch out for the smaller xenomorphs in this area as they will continuously attack you.

    You will get the trophy once you have completed the battle.

  • Find a way into the Research Lab

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Shortly after beginning level 4 you will have an objective to disable the power. After you have done this follow up the nearby stairs and enter the room with lots of computers in. In here there will be a guard, you will have to take the head of the guard to continue. Simply take his head & use it on the retinal scanner, in between the cut-scene that follows you will get the trophy.

  • Retrieve the second artifact

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    During mission 4 you will arrive at a medical facility, you will know when you get here because the lights will turn red & aliens will begin to attack you. Simply follow the objective markers until you get to a room where you have to pick something up. The thing you pick up is the 2nd artefact and therefore you will get the trophy.

  • Destroy the Abomination

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is obtained in the last section in the last level within the predator campaign.

    During this mission you will come to an open area where there will be aliens & androids. Your objective here is to activate 3 switches to open up the main door that leads to the next section. After you have completed this make your way through the door into the last section where you will now get the opportunity to get this trophy.

    A cut-scene will play where it shows you planting your final bomb. After a short while up pops the abomination (a pretty huge alien), your objective is to kill this alien.

    TIPS: The main way to get the aliens health down in the first place is too shoot the platforms it lands on. The platforms will collapse and will cause the alien to fall into the lava. After a cut-scene the platforms are almost all gone, now this is what I done:

    (I done this method on nightmare difficulty). Jump on a platform and plant a mine, the mines are located in your inventory in one of the weapon slots. Now jump to another platform and plant another mine. As you keep doing this the alien will follow you, as it does it will keep getting hit from the mines you have placed. Just keep doing this until all its life has gone. This method worked first time and took me about 5 minutes.

  • Complete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

    This requires you to complete the marine campaign on Hard difficulty, please see 'I LOVE The Corps!' for more information.

  • Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

    This trophy requires you to complete the campaign on the Hard difficulty setting, please see the 'Magnificent, Isn't It?' trophy below for more information.

  • Complete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

    To obtain this trophy you need to complete the predator campaign with the difficulty set on hard, please see the ‘One Ugly Mother’ trophy below for more information.

  • Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    One of the more frustrating trophies in the game, this requires you to finish the marine campaign on the hardest difficulty setting. The enemies here have more health and definitely seem more aggressive than the lesser difficulty settings. There are NO checkpoints and therefore that means that if you die you will have to restart the level from the beginning, that’s the main reason why most find this trophy Hard.

    Finishing the campaign on Nightmare difficulty will also unlock the trophy for finishing the campaign on Hard difficulty.

  • Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    This trophy can still be frustrating if you don’t know what works best when controlling the alien, although this campaign is a little easier than the marines one on nightmare. The basics about the hardest difficulty setting comes into play here, the enemies have more health, they seem to withstand & block attacks more often as well as stay on alert for much longer. Once again there are NO checkpoints on this difficulty and therefore that means that if you die you will have to restart the level from the beginning.

    Finishing the campaign on nightmare difficulty will also unlock the trophy for finishing the campaign on hard difficulty.

  • Complete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    For a trophy that requires you to play on the hardest difficulty setting it isn’t that bad. On nightmare it’s easier than the other two campaigns. As long as you use all of the predators’ abilities you should be fine. Once again like the other campaigns, the enemies have more health and seem to be a bit more aware, although with the cloak ability this shouldn’t matter too much. There are NO checkpoints so when you die you will have start the level from the beginning.

    Finishing the campaign on nightmare difficulty will also unlock the trophy for finishing the campaign on hard difficulty.

  • Discover all 67 Audio Diaries

    During the marine campaign there will be collectibles known as 'Audio Diaries' scattered throughout every mission. The Audio Diaries show up in a blueish glow, they are still hard to find but that helps a bit. Altogether you are required to find 67 of these diaries, use the following video guide to help you find them all:

    Credit to kamijordan for this video.

    NOTE: If you miss any then don't worry about it, you can go back through any chapter to get the ones you missed by using chapter select.

  • Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers

    In this campaign there are collectibles on each level, these are called ‘Royal Jelly Containers’, you have to find 50 of them altogether.

    As you go through each level you may see something glowing with a greenish yellow ring, sometimes these are vents but other times they are the collectibles. Keep an eye out when moving about rooms, corridors & vents and you should find the majority of the containers. If you need more help to find them all then this video walkthrough is sure to help:

    Credit to BroadcastDepthOnline for these videos.

    NOTE: If you miss any then don't worry about it. You can go back through any chapter to get the ones you missed by using chapter select.

  • Find all 45 Predator trophy bells

    During the predator campaign there are more collectibles to be found on each mission, these ones are known as ‘Trophy Belts’ and there are 45 of them. These trophy belts don’t glow in any way, but you do have an added ability to help you find them. Just press the button, this shows you where any weapons/health/trophy belts are in the nearby area. The trophy belt symbol is a predators head so just look out for that.

    If you still need further guidance then use the following video guide to help you:

    Credit to BroadcastDepthOnline for these videos

    NOTE: If you miss any then don't worry about it. You can go back through any chapter to get the ones you missed by using chapter select.

  • As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match.

    From the online menu go to friendly match > quick match> choose survivor mode in the ‘filter by game type’ menu. In this mode you will be ambushed by aliens upon aliens and your job here is to survive for as long as possible. To get the trophy just do as the description says, kill 20 enemies within 60 seconds with the rest of your teammates. I had 3 other players with me when I done this so it was pretty easy.

  • Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun

    During level 5 you will come to a chamber where you have to go through some big doors, in here will be some androids and some aliens. Once you have taken care of these head upstairs to the objective marker taking care of any enemies on the way, the objective marker is located at some controls.

    Once you have activated these controls you are required to go outside, this is where you get the chance to go for this trophy. There is a small narrow walkway here where two aliens will attack you, you need to try and position yourself in a way where one shot of your shotgun gets both aliens. If the aliens die and you don’t get the trophy then reload the checkpoint and you will be back on the walkway. There are also more walkways straight after this point with more aliens so you can also try there.

    NOTE: You need to pick up a shotgun first (obviously) through this level in order to attempt this, grab one from any of the fights before this point (the one with the aliens & androids has a few shotguns).

  • Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc

    The Battle Disc is a weapon that the Predator uses. When you pick it up, look in your inventory for a disc with sharp edges. To use the disc just aim with and use the analogue stick to choose the direction, now just let go of to throw it. This can be very tricky because you need to have 2 enemies right near each other to get both kills. Simply kill 2 enemies with the one throw to get the trophy.

    This can also be gotten on single player after you have achieved the battle disc. I recommend the last level on the bridge. A few aliens will attack you here so just try and get two aliens lined up and throw the disc. Just kill 2 aliens with one throw and the trophy is yours.

    TIP: The Battle Disc is like a boomerang, therefore it will come back to you which gives you the chance of throwing it again. Also, you have the opportunity of hitting another enemy as it is on its way back to you. So try to aim it at the enemies again for a higher chance of success.

    Just in case your are struggling, someone has posted a video of how to get this in single player. This is one a mission during the predators campaign mode:

  • Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun

    The smart gun is the gun that requires two weapon slots and you hold it with two hands. There will be two lines on your screen with a small white box in the middle & a grey shaded area. This is what you want to see because this means it aims at the enemies automatically. If you only see the white box then press R2 to change your aim.

    During level 4 after the place where you have to kill about 4 androids you will meet up with some squad members, on the floor here should be a smart gun. Pick this up and change your aim to the correct one. Now you will ambushed by alot of aliens, simply keep hold of and DON’T LET GO! You should be able to get the 5 kills in one burst & get the trophy.

    Another perfect opportunity to get this is on level 6 (the last level). Right at the beginning of the level you will get to a bridge and on the floor here is a smartgun. Now a massive alien invasion begins so just use the method above and you will get the trophy.

  • Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle

    This is easily earned at the beginning of level 3. Follow the objective marker up to the guy sniping off of the roof top. Here on the floor is the scoped rifle, quickly pick it up and look at the block to the left. An Alien will appear up here giving you the chance to get a quick headshot whilst he is still. Now after this complete your objective by interacting with the computer. As you head back down the stairs 2 more Aliens will appear, one directly across from you gives you another perfect opportunity to get a headshot as sometimes it stops still.

    Simply kill yourself in this section and reload the checkpoint to give yourself another chance of getting kills, this took me about 5 minutes. Please note, if you have nothing to kill yourself with then there are some grenades located to the left of the far gate.

    Another great opportunity for this is on level 6 (the last level). You will begin the level with a scoped rifle in your hands. As you go outside you will get to a bridge, an Alien invasion will now occur. They start off coming towards you from the far side of the bridge so just keep aiming for their heads and keep shooting. If you die it doesn’t matter because you will start right back before the invasion.

  • Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick

    The Combi Stick is another weapon used by the Predator. You will know when you have picked it up because it is long like a spear. To use the spear just press & hold to ready the weapon & use the analogue stick to choose the direction you want to throw it in, then just release to throw the weapon. Also the stick seems to fly a bit upwards once thrown so this requires you to aim a lot lower than normal.

    The last level on the Predator campaign is very good for this. You will face a small onslaught of aliens on the bridge near the start of the level, simply kill as many as you can until there are no more enemies remaining then just reload the last checkpoint to start back near this fight.

  • Kill 30 enemies with the pistol


    Some people have had issues getting this to unlock, if it doesn't pop then carry on killing until it does.

    This trophy is relatively easy but the pistol isn't very powerful and you will need a lot of shots to kill one enemy. Press  to equip it from your inventory. Please note that this doesn’t have to be done in one single game.

  • Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

    Death match is a free-for-all game in which you compete against everyone in the match, the majority of the time (for me) there were only two other players. In the game lobby you are able to choose to be the marine, the alien or the predator. To enter a death match game go to the multiplayer menu > Ranked match > Quick match > and choose ‘Death Match’ in the ‘filter by game type’ menu.

    All you are required to do for this trophy is finish the game, you DON’T have to win. The game will end when the timer runs out after 10 minutes, or when one player reaches 40 points which is basically 40 kills.

    This can also be achieved with the ‘Killer Instinct’ trophy, see below for more info.

  • Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

    This is the almost the same as the ‘Welcome To The War’ trophy. Just follow the above method on how to enter a death match game.

    Now the only difference to this trophy is that you are required to WIN the death match game. To win all you have to do is finish the 10 minutes as the highest scoring person overall. You could alternatively win by reaching the score limit which is 40 points.

  • Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode

    This isn’t a hard trophy to get, it just takes time. You need to make sure that you play one of the following games:

    - Death Match
    - Species Team Death Match
    - Mixed Species Death Match

    Out of those 3 I recommend you play species team death match. Although I also recommend that when you pay you make sure you are the predator team. The predators have the most weapons available to them aswell as different ways of detecting their enemies. Simply try to get a good kill to death ratio and your team should get a decent amount of points.

    You don’t have to win 10 games in one specific mode. You can win 3 games in two of the modes and then the last 4 in another.

  • Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match

    This is a tough trophy to obtain. You need to get 10 kills in a row without dying. I recommend you use the predator when going for this trophy. As I have explained before, the predator has the most weapons available to him and he also has other abilities that lets him spot his enemies from afar and when in darkness.

    Simply find a weapon that suits you best and then use the cloaking ability by pressing triangle. Now just hide in a corner somewhere and wait for an enemy to come close. A big map is normally good for this trophy because there are plenty more hiding spots.

    For the game mode, I would play on deathmatch. There are normally only 2 other players which gives you a better chance of hiding from players as well as surviving.

  • Achieve Persecutor status more then once in any Ranked Match

    This can be quite a tough trophy to get, it requires you to kill a person 5 times without them killing you directly. I would advise you to use the predator for this in either a normal death match game or a species death match game.

    Just use the predators cloak ability by pressing triangle, now just stay hidden in the trees or in a corner somewhere. Only try to move if you see an enemy close enough to kill. I also advise you to find the gun weapon, to find where it is located press and look around the map to find a triangular shape. To use it press and hold to charge the gun, choose the direction you want to fire in with the analogue stick, when it is locked on to an enemy release to fire.

    TIP: Press once to use the thermal ability, this helps to locate marines very easily from a distance or in the dark. Press again to use the alien locater ability, this is just like the thermal but it highlights he aliens from a distance or in the dark.

    NOTE: You CAN die from other players whilst going for your 5 kills. Just don’t die from the player your aiming to kill. This is strange but I did actually die from a player I was persecuting, BUT the player was an alien and I died from the acid when I shot its head. This didn’t seem to affect the trophy at all.

  • Play with six friends in a Ranked Match


    Due to issues brought about by the Friends List size increase on the PS4, people have had trouble getting this trophy due to it not recognising you have 6 friends in the game. To at least temp fix this problem, turn off your PS3, reboot your Router then turn your PS3 back on again and all your Friends should now be visible.

    This trophy can be tough to get. It requires you to play with 6 players that are on your PSN friends list in a ranked online match. Go to the boosting thread (link at the bottom) and find 6 players that are willing to go for this trophy. Now someone needs to create a party and invite everyone in there, get the party leader to search for a game and then wait. Unfortunately it may take a while before a game is found (it took me about 15 minutes). As soon as the game starts the trophy should pop.

    Use this thread here for boosting: LINK

  • Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor

    I’m not sure if this has to be done online or not but that is how I got the trophy. So once again from the online menu go to friendly match > quick match > choose survivor mode in the ‘filter by game type’ menu.

    To regenerate your health you will need to have a continuous supply of stims. Stims are found on the floor and are glowing green. To use one you have to be injured, but you should get injured enough from the waves of aliens that will be attacking you. When you are going to use one simply press and hold .

    I’m pretty sure that this will have to be done on the mausoleum level because I couldn’t see any stims on the C Block level.

  • Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey

    This can be simple so long as you know how to play this game mode. All you have to do is wait around/run around the map surviving. You need all the other players you are with to get infected by another alien. You can see how many aliens to marines there are on the left of the screen, the blue symbols are for the marines and the green are for the aliens. So as others get infected the symbols will change to green, an announcement will then state 'Last Man Standing', obviously it needs to be you for this to work. HOWEVER, this is not the end. You now need to survive by yourself for a further 30 seconds, when the timer hits 0 the game will end and you will earn the trophy.

    Boosting this is difficult since you can't join a game of Infestation as a group, everyone has to join separately but due to bad coding there are region issues to contend with. There issues mean you have to be in roughly the same country as your boosting buddies to stand any chance of being matched up with them.

  • Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches


    This requires you to rack up 6000 XP in the online multiplayer. Please see the 'Real Nasty Habit' trophy for more info.

  • Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches


    Due to a bug in the 1.02 patch there is now a major problem with the XP trophies because the way XP is calculated and stored is now messed up. For any XP to save you must back out all the way to the Main Menu after every match.

    This trophy is all about the online mode. By playing games online you will earn a certain amount of XP. There are 7 different modes available online, these are:

    Death Match – This is a free-for-all game. Every player for himself. You can play as an alien, predator or a marine.

    Predator Hunt – In this game there is a lone predator vs marines. The player as the predator simply tries to kill as many marines as possible. If you kill the predator then you take its place.

    Species Team Death Match – This mode pits all species against one another. There will be a team of aliens, marines & predators.

    Mixed Species Death Match – This is almost the same as the above game mode. Only this time the 3 teams can involve all 3 species, it isn’t stuck to just one type of specie a team.

    Infestation – This mode sees a lone alien pitted against marines. As the alien you try to kill (infest) all of the marines to end the game. As the marine you try to survive as long as possible, if you get killed then you join the aliens for the remainder of the game.

    Domination – In this game there are 3 control points, in your teams you need to go to each control point & capture them. Once held simply try to fight any enemies to hold the point as long as possible. If you lose a point you will have to go back to it and stand near it to capture it back.

    Survivor – This mode is only available through ‘friendly match’. You are a marine in a team of up to 4 people. You will face wave after wave of alien attacks, you simply try to fight them off and survive for as long as possible. If you die you DON’T respawn. However I don't think you gain any xp in this mode.

    For this trophy you need to rack up 18060 XP through playing online. You can average between 50-100 (maybe more) XP per round, therefore it can take you a while to get the required amount of XP.

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