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    Complete a mission without using aid kits, ammo crates, or consumables.


    Note: This didn't pop the first time I did it but I'm not sure why e.g. I could have accidentally resupplied my ammo, had a Challenge card active that voided the requirements, the fact I went down and had to be revived or it could just have been a random glitch.

    The easiest way to get this done, is to play the mission "Priority One: Ingress" on Casual with matchmaking set to Private (so you don't get any randoms screwing things up), pick the Recon kit (this doesn't unlock until after finishing the campaign once) and activate a Challenge card that offers a positive boost of some kind e.g. increased health, ammo etc. I also recommend bringing along 2 fully upgraded, 4 star weapons if you have any that work with the Recon Kit.

    Once the mission has started, get your Sidearm out and move slowly so you don't get surprised by an enemy you missed. The Sidearm is the worst weapon in the game but for the purposes of this trophy it's sufficient for most fights, though you should use one of your other weapons if you get into a tight spot and in danger of dying. The hardest parts of this mission are the Swarms you encounter at and just before the end of it but provided you use your Support drone to resupply your ammo (which doesn't void this trophy) and take a back seat to let Alpha and Beta do the lion's share of the work, this trophy will come fairly easily. Also note that you can open normal and hidden caches but you mustn't use any of the items found therein (it's best to jsut avoid the hidden caches outright) or any aid kits or refill your ammo using the Ammo crates.

    See this video by WheatYT for an alternate method using the Gunner Kit:

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