I Think They Like Me Trophy

  • I Think They Like Me


    Get grappled five times in the same mission.

    Note: This isn't cumulative so must be done in a single session during the same mission.

    You will almost certainly get this without trying when on the lower difficulties but on Extreme and Insane being grappled means certain death when specific enemies hit you. Whenever you get grappled, you have to complete a QTE sequence to free yourself but being at low health at the time will see you downed and have to be revived. Most grapples happen when you're hit by a surprise attack from a Xenomorph you didn't see coming but not all grapples count towards this trophy, because some don't give you the option to break free. If for some reason you don't have this after completing the campaign for the first time, please see High Voltage trophy_bronze.png for a farming method. If farming Facehuggers in the mission "Only Way to be Sure: Regicide" doesn't work for you, then try getting the Challenge card "Beautiful Butterflies" because that will turn all of the Xenomorph Runners in a mission into Prowlers so just let them grapple you 5 times.

    Once you have been grappled and survived the attack 5 times in a single mission, the trophy will pop.

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