High Voltage Trophy

  • High Voltage


    Kill 1000 enemies with electricity.

    • As of the 1.14 patch, Electroshock Rounds, Turrets, Mines and the Phalanx's AoE attack do count towards this trophy but it's currently unknown if Static Grids, the Plasma Rifle and the Lancer's Particle Lance also count.
    • There is no stat tracking for this trophy so all you can do is keep killing things until it pops.

    Thanks to Flynnerigan and PRESIDENT_SIR for the following farming method using the Technician's Charged coils but can also be done with the above items if you want to change things up, once in a while:

    1: Use the following build for your Technician (credit to Legacy Gaming: LINK. Some of the perks required for this build are bought from SSGT Park in the Armoury onboard the Endeavour but others can only be found in hidden caches and received as Challenge card/end-of-mission rewards. Here's a screenshot of the final build:

    2: Load the mission "Only Way to be Sure: Regicide" on Casual difficulty and activate any Challenge cards you have that boost Ability damage and/or recharge times.

    3: Your objective now is to use your Charged Coils to fry the Xenomorph Eggs. It will take a while for a Charged Coil to destroy an egg but when a Facehugger hatches, kill it quickly before it gets a chance to latch onto you (though this is a good place to get the I Think They Like Me trophy_bronze.png trophy if you don't already have it). For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the franchise, here's what a Xenomorph Egg and Facehugger looks like:

    Shooting the eggs once electrified, won't count towards this trophy so don't waste your ammo. If you play your cards right, Flynnerigan reckons you can get 100-140 kills per-playthrough of this mission. Once you have used Electricity to destroy 1,000 eggs, the trophy will pop.

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