Overwhelming Confidence Trophy

  • Overwhelming Confidence


    Complete 25 successful Challenge runs.

    Challenge runs are initiated by equipping a Challenge card at the start of a mission, then seeing it through to completion but you will lose the card if the challenge is failed. Challenge cards are earned by either paying 150 Rep Scrip for a pack of 3 from SSGT Park's "Special Stock" in the Armoury onboard the Endeavour, finding them in hidden caches or as rewards for completing Tactical Opportunities. Rep Scrip is earned by completing missions and Tactical Opportunities (these are accessed via the Tactical Opportunities tab in the Campaign menu).

    Challenge cards come in 3 varieties: Uncommon, Rare and Exotic and range from X Xenomorph species being more common during a mission or changing the look of the screen, to getting 200 Headshots as a team during a single mission or even having a random non-side arm weapon disabled. The rarer the card, the more valuable the rewards will be but also the harder the Challenge will be to complete. You are only allowed to have 1 card active at any given time but if used in co-op, the game will randomly select a card from any that are chosen by you and/or your squad. Some of the Challenges are co-op centric so require a full squad of real people, because Bots don't count so you may wish to skip those if you mainly play solo.

    Notes: Challenge cards are disabled in the Horde and Point Defense modes. Also note the 1.07 patch gave everyone 6 free Challenge cards as compensation for the Tactical Opportunities not working for so long.

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