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    Return 39 pieces of intel.

    There are 39 pieces of intel in the game and they are marked by the following icon but it has a really short reveal distance so often won't appear on your HUD until you're practically on top of a piece of intel:

    Unlike the hidden caches, Intel spawns in the same places everytime (with one exception I'll mention in a bit) so please see this location Guide video by WarbyGaming:

    UAS Endeavor: - You can collect these 3 in any order.

    1) 0:38 - "UAS Endeavor" Plaque (gives you the "Tientsin Class Assault Ship" log)
    2) 0:20 - Battle Streamers (gives you the "United Americas Colonial Marines" log)
    3) 0:00 - Fulumium Alloy Powder (gives you the "Field Fabrication" log)

    Priority One: Ingress

    4) 1:02 - Katanga Flight Recorder (gives you the "Katanga Refinery" log)
    5) 1:22 - Dead Facehugger (gives you the "Xenomorph XX121" log)
    6) 1:40 - Colonial Indenture Contract (gives you the "The Outer Rim and Frontier" log)

    Priority One: Rescue

    7) 1:56 - "Eye on Seegson" Magazine (gives you the "Seegson Company" log)
    8) 2:15 - Liquid Replenishment Latax (gives you the "Synthetics" log)
    9) 2:33 - Seegson Maintenance Jack (gives you the "Working Joes" log)

    Priority One: Extract

    10) 2:51 - Hoenikker's ID Badge (gives you the "Dr. Tim Hoenikker" log)
    11) 3:06 - Cargo Manifest (gives you the "Cryogenic Pods" log)
    12) 3:18 - "Cracked Rooks" Squadron Cap (gives you the "Condor Dropship" log)

    Giants in the Earth: Insertion

    13) 3:35 - Empty Can of Aspen (gives you the "Wyeland-Yutani Corporation" log)
    14) 3:56 - Colonial Protection Act of 2187 (gives you the log of the same name)
    15) 4:16 - Pilot's Cowboy Hat (gives you the "Sanriku Interface Craft" log)

    Giants in the Earth: Contact

    16) 4:33 - CMISRS (gives you the log of the same name)
    17) 4:49 - The Frontier War (gives you the log of the same name)
    18) 5:08 - Weyland-Yutani Ball Cap (gives you the "Security Synthetics" log)

    Giants in the Earth: Evacuate

    19) 5:36 - Hoenikker's Signed NDA (gives you the "Pala Station and Site Two" log)
    20) 5:53 - Rodriguez's ID Badge (gives you the "Cynthia Rodriguez" log)
    21) 6:14 - Server Panel (gives you the "Mother" Systems log)

    The Gift of Fire: Recon

    22) 6:31 - 40th Marine Expeditionary Unit (gives you the log of the same name)
    23) 6:47 - Issue of "Unexplained Universe" (gives you the "Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway" log)
    24) 7:03 - Empty Pathogen Ampule (gives you the "Pathogen" log)

    The Gift of Fire: Advance

    25) 7:18 - Scientists' Notepad with Glyphs (gives you the "LV-895 Ruins" log)
    26) 7:45 - Gateway Station (gives you the log of the same name)
    27) 8:12 - Dead "Popper" (gives you the "Pathogen Mutants" log)

    The Gift of Fire: Boarding

    28) 8:31 - Strange Helmet (gives you the "The Engineers" log)
    29) 8:50 - Severed "Stalker" Tentacle (gives you the "Leon 895/Pathogen Stalker" log)
    30) 9:07 - Control Flute (gives you the "Engineer Ship" log)

    The Only Way to Sure: Breach

    31) 9:22 - Armat Weapons Case (gives you the "Armat Battlefield Systems" log) - Whilst this Intel spawns in the same room every time, the room itself is a random spawn so might require multiple replays of this mission to get it to appear.
    32) 9:36 - UA Centenial Poster (gives you the "United Americas" log)
    33) 9:49 - Salivary Glad from "Spitter" (gives you the "Xenomorph Spitter" log)

    The Only Way to Sure: Search

    34) 10:07 - Partially Dissolved Helmet (gives you the "Xenomorph Burster" log)
    35) 10:30 - Hyperdyne Weapons Catalogue (gives you the "Hyperdyne Systems" log)
    36) 10:59 - Union of Progressive Peoples (gives you the log of the same name)

    The Only Way to Sure: Regicide

    37) 11:18 - Drone Shedding (gives you the "Xenomorph Praetorian" log)
    38) 11:36 - Three World Empire (gives you the log of the same name)
    39) 11:51 - Corporal Shipp's Dog Tags (gives you the "Colonel Olivia Shipp" log)

    For the trophy to actually pop, you have to speak to all the indicated people on the Endevour that have an Exclamation Mark over their Head.

    If you want a text and pictures Guide, then please use this one by LINK

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