Reticulum Theater Medal Trophy

  • Reticulum Theater Medal


    Finish all campaigns on Insane Difficulty.



    - I strongly recommend doing this trophy with 2 friends, not bots, have a Combat Rating of 710 and a build you're happy with. Also note that none of the difficulty trophies stack, therefore you will have to complete the game once on each difficulty to get the respective trophies.
    - The devs have confirmed they have zero intention of reducing the difficulty of Extreme and Insane to make them easier and fairer, beyond a few bug fixes.

    Finishing the game on Extreme and Insane will be the Plat blockers for the majority of players, because they are no joke. Imagine the hardest game you've ever played, add in a ton of unfair modifiers, numerous technical problems and bad game design then dial everything up to 11 and you will have some idea of how hard this game is on the two highest difficulties. Whilst the game does tell you which difficulties you've completed each mission on (requires the 1.14 or higher patch installed), I still recommend using my linked tracking sheet in case the stats glitch for some reason: LINK

    General Tips:

    Find a Kit and build you're comfortable with: Experiment with the different Kits (Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, Recon and Phalanx) and find one you're comfortable with, then develop a build that works for your play style. There are plenty of build videos on Youtube so look one up if you're having issues.

    Be careful which Challenge cards you activate: The Challenge cards can make your life a lot easier when going for this trophy but can also wreck your chances if you choose the wrong ones and end up with ones that have negative effects e.g. changing the screen filter to Black and White. If you are in doubt about which one to use, don't activate any of them! Here are all the ones you should be using on the higher difficulties:

    Ammo Hoarder
    Human Tanks
    Extraordinary Weaponry
    Superior Firepower

    If you fail a mission and subsequently lose the Challenge card you were using, close the game then restore a backup from either the PS Plus Save File Cloud or a USB Drive to get it back.

    If you are having a hard time getting the Challenge cards you want, backup your saves to either the PS Plus Save File Cloud or a USB Drive before buying a new pack then restore them if you don't get the ones you want. Once you have the cards you wanted from that pack, grind out enough Rep Scrip to buy another pack then do this trick again. Rinse and repeat until you have enough cards to get you through the harder difficulties. This trick will never be patched out, because all you're doing is backing up and restoring your saves so use and abuse it as often as you want. See this video by WheatYT for more details: LINK.

    Prioritise your targets: The elites and other special enemy types (e.g. Spitters and Bursters) are the main threats you will face so take them out ASAP, before they have a chance to decimate your team.

    A house divided, cannot stand!: On Extreme but especially on Insane, co-ordination and communication are essential else you will all die very quickly so communicate constantly and do exactly what your Squad Leader tells you to do. It's also important that aid kits are shared equally amoungst the team but if you have a Doc on your team, they can't replenish their team healing ability without aid kits so should be the only one picking them up. Lone wolves are always the first ones to die in this game, which is another reason teammates must stick together.

    Fried eggs anyone?: Just like in the films, Xenomorph Eggs are a serious threat so destroy any you find but do so before they hatch else you will have a ton of Facehuggers coming after you. Fortunately, eggs only appear during campaign 4 "Only Way to be Sure".

    Use short, controlled bursts: On Intense, Extreme and Insane, your maximum ammo carrying capacity is drastically reduced and friendly fire damage is a thing so spraying bullets everywhere is a sure fire way to get you and everyone else killed so fire in short, controlled bursts except when you get surrounded.

    The best offense is a good defense: Each mission has 3-4 mandatory Swarm battles you have to survive and can't skip. Fortunately, most of the Swarms give you an infinite amount of time to setup a solid defense before you have to trigger them. Once you get into the Extreme and Insane Difficulties, the consumable Turrets (even the Hardened ones) will be destroyed very quickly but fortunately the Technician's Turret is more resilient so place them up high where enemies have a harder time destroying them. Your best bet for a good defense, is to place Cryo Grids in the areas you know the enemies will come at you from so they get frozen solid for a few seconds and allow you to pick them off or at the very least do serious damage to them. Vulnerability Assessment Drones are another essential item, because they give you and your teammates a 90 second buff to all damage dealt to enemies. Don't bother with the Incendiary and Electroshock Ammo consumables, for the simple reason their damage doesn't scale at all well on the higher difficulties so are effectively useless. Static Grids are also pretty rubbish and pale into insignificance against something like the Technician's Charged Coil abillity.

    Watch your aim!: Friendly fire is an ever present danger on Intense, Extreme and Insane so don't fire unless you have a clear shot at an enemy, else there's a good chance you will kill a teammate instead of an enemy. Flamethrowers, Explosive weapons and even Shotguns are ill advised on the higher difficulties (though your abilities (apart from the Demolisher's Micro Rockets) don't deal friendly fire damage so spam them all you want) because they are more than capable of 1 shotting everyone on your team so do everyone a favour and don't bring them with you. If you're playing as the Demolisher, all of your abilities and heavy weapons are more than capable of either killing everyone outright or doing serious damage to them so stay up front and center with everyone else behind you to prevent any accidents.

    Dodge Roll is your friend: Dodge Roll (Move the ls.png in any direction then press circle.png) is a life saver so use it as and when needed but do note it has a short recharge time once your Stamina bar is empty.

    Use the Boosting Thread: Due to the high level of difficulty, I strongly recommend playing with friends, not randoms so please use the boosting thread here: LINK. If playing with Randoms is your only option, make sure you have a headset plugged in so you can communicate with everyone but if anyone doesn't play nice, boot them once the match is over by going : =>  Team => Press cross.png on the offending person. Unfortunately, the servers aren't that busy (especially on the harder difficulties) so finding someone to play with via matchmaking might prove difficult.

    Keep your controller and headset charged: Having your controller or headset's battery die on you in the middle of a mission is not only irritating but potentially deadly if it happens whilst you're surrounded by enemies so make sure you either play with your controller and Headset plugged into your console/controller via USB or switch to a different one ASAP when the low battery warning appears.

    Do a practice run on Intense difficulty: Doing a practice run on Intense will give you most of the pitfalls of the highest difficulties, only without the insta-kill if you happen to accidentally shoot a friend in the back (or the head). Also note that some Rooms and enemies have a randomised spawn pattern so you might not get the same mission layout each time you play.

    Watch where you step!: Even on Casual difficulty, Acid Pools will do a lot of damage to you if you stand in them so use Dodge Roll to get of their way.

    Listen to your character's voice: Every so often, your character will announce that a Prowler or other hidden enemy is nearby so heed the warning and move slowly until the enemy in question has been terminated. This is especially important when you don't have a Recon Kit in your squad, because you won't have their ability to see through walls.

    Melee can be a lifesaver: Your melee attack (r3.png) can save your life if you time it right and deflect whatever is attacking you.

    Anti-Loitering system: This game uses a poorly implemented and buggy anti-loitering system to force you to continue onwards instead of staying in one spot, which it does by spawning small random groups of enemies every 10-15secs in certain rooms/corridors but these unannounced mini-swarms can prove fatal if you're not expecting them so keep an eye on your Motion Tracker and keep moving.

    Use cover when Synthetic Soldiers are around: Whilst taking cover is useless against most enemies, it's your only protection against the Synthetic Soldiers and their guns so press cross.png when near a suitable source of cover.

    Xenomorph Drones: Xenomorph Drones are a threat on all difficulties but are lethal on Insane. If you're in an area known to spawn Drones, lay down some Cryo Grids and Turrets before one appears, then deploy a Vulnerability Assessment Drone and hit it with everything you've got. If you don't manage to kill it instantly, make sure you stay in that area and wait for it to return so you can finish it off.

    Stick to the side: Standing in the middle of a room or Corridor is a terrible idea that will get you killed, due to either a friendly fire mishap or an enemy getting through so stick to the side of whatever area you are in.

    Walkthroughs: Please see this playlist for some tips (credit to Chiso Gaming): LINK

    Misc tips: For additional misc tips, please see this video (courtesy of Legacy Gaming): LINK and this one (courtesy of Sofa Supastar Gaming): LINK

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