My Kind of Crazy Trophy

  • My Kind of Crazy


    Finish a mission on Insane Difficulty.


    Note: I strongly recommend doing this trophy with 2 friends, not bots, have a Combat Rating of 710 and a build you're happy with, plus a pair of 4 star weapons for your chosen Kit.

    See Reticulum Theater Medal trophy_gold.png for general tips. For some reason this and A Stand Up Fight trophy_bronze.png have their descriptions and requirements swapped round in the PS4 version so finishing a mission on Extreme will pop A Stand Up Fight trophy_bronze.png and finishing a mission on Insane will pop My Kind of Crazy trophy_silver.png. Both of these trophies work fine in the PS5 version. Also, there's currently no word on if this issue will be fixed.

    Please watch this video for a walkthrough of "Priority One: Ingress" on Extreme Difficulty (credit to WheatYT): LINK

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