• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 46 (32, 7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 9 (6, 3)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 36-50hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None as Chapter Select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Heavy Lifting
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on at least Ultimate Badass difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: The difficulty trophies stack but there aren't any other lists for this game.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Welcome to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Set after the events of Alien 3, the game follows a handful of marines and their efforts to escape the Xenomorph infested planet of LV-426 and discover the truth about the sinister Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Those fans of the series will recognise a lot of the characters; however you do not need to have seen the franchise to understand the setting of the game.

The approximate time to Platinum was calculated using the following time-frames:

- 6-8 Hours for the Campaign.
- 15-20 Hours for completing all Challenges (this will be less if you decide to boost).
- 2-4 Hours for any remaining miscellaneous trophies.

Please note that the 25-35 Hour benchmark is heavily subject to change depending on how lucky you are and whether or not you decide to boost. This is because the Distinguished Service Medal trophy involves completing all of the game's challenges, some of which are particularly difficult and luck-based. If you decide to boost the challenges, this time will dramatically reduce; but if you wish to complete the challenges in the legitimate way, then this trophy will be the make or break factor in obtaining the Platinum.


STEP 1 – COMPLETE THE CAMPAIGN ON ULTIMATE BADASS AND ACQUIRE THE COLLECTIBLES - Ultimate Badass is the hardest difficulty and is available from the beginning. Overall it's not too challenging and providing you don't go running straight into firefights, you shouldn't have many problems. The campaign also supports four player co-op so feel free to play through it with one or more people. It's actually easier if you play through it with at least one other person, as each player has to be killed for the mission to restart at a checkpoint. This is completely optional, however, as Ultimate Badass is easily possible to complete on your own. At the very least, you will unlock a handful of story-related trophies in this playthrough as well as the ones for completing the game on certain difficulties.

There are three types of collectibles in the game – Dog Tags, Audio Logs and Legendary Weapons. From a trophy perspective, it's quicker to grab them all in this playthrough, however it's likely that you will need to play through certain missions again anyway to grind XP for Level 60 so the choice is yours. You can also begin working on some of the offline challenges during this playthrough but bear in mind that they will be a lot easier to complete on a lower difficulty so don't go out of your way to get them done if you're struggling. As previously mentioned it's almost certain that you'll need to revisit the campaign for XP so you can always work on these alongside that.

You can also try for the miscellaneous trophies but again don't worry if you can't get them during this playthrough. You will most likely unlock a few of them without even realising but for the sake of consistency, these will all be listed in Step 2. The mission specific ones will require some more thought. These trophies require fulfilling set criteria in a certain mission, such as completing a sequence in time or not fully alerting enemies. On Ultimate Badass, these can be particularly challenging so you may wish to consider revisiting them on an easier difficulty later on.

Providing that you are following this Road Map, you should obtain the following trophies during this playthrough.

Another Day in the Corps
Bad Feeling About This Drop
Quoth the Raven
Still Got a Job to Do
Just a Grunt
Dragged Queen
Game Over Man!
Not Bad For a Human
State of the Badass Art
Oorah to Ashes
Remember the Fallen
Personal Friend of Mine
I Like to Keep These Handy
I Heard THAT

Please note that all of the miscellaneous trophies have been listed in Step 2, given the likelihood of needing to revisit the campaign again on a lower difficulty to unlock some of these.

STEP 2 – REVISIT THE CAMPAIGN ON SOLDIER DIFFICULTY TO COLLECT ANY MISSING OFFLINE TROPHIES – This step is primarily focused on cleaning up anything that you may have missed from your Ultimate Badass playthrough. Pick up all of the collectibles, miscellaneous trophies and use this opportunity to work on a few more of the challenges as they will be considerably easier to complete now. Make sure that you finish each mission that you're revisiting, as even the smallest XP bonus helps towards reaching Level 60. The most important thing to remember here is to set the difficulty to Soldier (Normal) and NOT Recruit (Easy) when going for some of the mission specific trophies, as these clearly state that they must be earned on the former difficulty and not the latter. Once you have these however, feel free to lower the difficulty. As previously mentioned it's very likely that you would have unlocked some of the following trophies already but for the sake of consistency they have all been listed here. Heavy Lifting was made much harder with one of the patches and essentially unobtainable because of it, thus it's recommended that you uninstall the game and reinstall it without the patch so you can get it without too many problems. Once you have the trophy, reinstall the patch and carry on as you were.

You should now have all of the Offline miscellaneous trophies after this step, these being:

Short, Controlled Bursts
Fire Drill
No Need For Alarm
Heavy Lifting
Adios, Muchachos
Field Promotion
Lean and Mean
Another Bug Hunt
Field Modified, Kill Certified
I Can Handle Myself
Entry Prohibited
Let's Rock!
Need a Deck of Cards?
Micro Changes in Air Density
It’s a Dry Heat
Eat This!
Coming Outta the Walls!
Secreted from What?
No Offense
Anytime, Anywhere
Love at First Sight
Easter Egg

STEP 3 – UNLOCK THE ONLINE MISCELLANEOUS TROPHIES – It’s now time to venture online and unlock the trophies associated with this. By now your Marine should be a fairly high level and have a sufficient number of points to unlock enough items required for the Marine Loadout and Appearance trophies. As for the Xenomorph, however, you will need to level it up by playing online in order to earn enough points to unlock more abilities. You will need to invest a reasonable amount of time into the online (around 5-10 hours) to earn enough Xenomorph points. You can speed things up by boosting in Private Matches as the XP gained will still count. Included in the online miscellaneous category are three co-op trophies; however these are fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take too long to unlock.

You should earn the following trophies after this step:

I Feel Safer Already
Don't Count Me Out
Ready to Fry Half a City
Structural Perfection
Perfect Killing Machine
You Look Just Like How I Feel
Adaptive Morphology
Majority Shareholder
...But No Cigar

STEP 4 – COMPLETE THE CHALLENGES - Now it's time to tackle the toughest area of the game i.e the challenges. As previously mentioned, this will be the deciding factor on whether or not you earn the Platinum Trophy. The challenges are split into three categories – Online/Offline, Campaign Only and Online Only and include a range of tasks that will further put your skills to the test. You shouldn't have too many problems in completing the first two groups of challenges but the Online Only one is particularly difficult and will require a lot of luck. Although the challenges appear to be split into three distinct categories, you can actually complete some of them outside of the expected criteria. For example, there are a handful of challenges in the "Online Only" category that can be completed a lot easier Offline. Refer to the description underneath the Distinguished Service Medal trophy and the Challenges Guide Thread for a more detailed insight into each of the challenges. You may also wish to consider consulting the Boosting Thread for assistance if a challenge is proving too tricky for you.

If you are able to complete this step as well as the preceding ones, then your path to the Platinum trophy (if you don't have it yet) should be very straightforward and almost guaranteed. Completing the challenges in this step will earn you:

Stay Frosty
Distinguished Service Medal

STEP 5 – KILL 2,179 XENOMORPHS AND REACH LEVEL 60 - This will be your final grind to the Platinum trophy, however, be aware that you may not even need to undertake this step. It is entirely possible to meet the criteria for these remaining two trophies whilst working on everything else but if you haven't earned them at this stage, then now is the time to do so.

It’s actually quicker to earn these two trophies offline in the Campaign. For the 2,179 kills, play through the fourth chapter, No Hope in Hadley's on any difficulty and clear out all of the Xenomorphs in the long tunnel using the Smart Gun. Once you've eliminated them all, simply restart the Checkpoint and repeat the process. As for reaching Level 60, you can amass around 3,000XP for a few minutes work if you replay the final mission "Home" on Ultimate Badass difficulty. Please refer to the respective trophy descriptions for further information on these methods.

You should now have the final two trophies, these being:

Arbitrarily Exterminated
I Love the Corps!

And of course:

Platinum Trophy

  [PST Would Like to Thank Dark_Phantom_89 for this Road Map]


Stasis Interrupted DLC:



  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (3, 7)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Chapter Select is available)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: Yes, you must complete the DLC on Ultimate Badass.

You need the 1.05 patch installed before you can play this DLC.


Welcome to Stasis Interrupted, the latest DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines and the only one with trophies. You will play as 3 different characters as you help Hicks and attempt to tie together the events he endured between the Aliens movies and his surprise appearance in Colonial Marines. Enjoy and good luck!

Starting information:

To access the DLC after download, go to the Campaign menu and scroll down to "Stasis Interrupted". Ultimate Badass is available from the start and the quickest method to 100% is starting on that difficulty. Also note that nothing carries over from the main game nor does anything you accomplish in Stasis Interrupted count towards the main game trophies. Weapons are not upgradeable and also do not carry over. Your character build from the main game is not used in SI, essentially you get what they give you but it is more than sufficient to complete SI.

Step 1 - Complete the main story on Ultimate Badass

In order to 100% Stasis Interrupted you must complete the game on Ultimate Badass. Overall the difficulty should not pose a challenge, especially if you have played the main game on the same difficulty as that was much harder. There were a few hairy spots but nothing a bit of patience can't overcome. It is very easy to obtain all trophies in a single playthrough. There are 10 audio logs you should be on the look out for. Also, be sure to take out the 26 specimens during Chapter 4 so you won't have to replay that Chapter later on.

Step 2 - Trophy Clean up

If you missed any trophies for whatever reason, then you can use Chapter Select to obtain them. All the Chapters are relatively short and the trophies pop immediately upon meeting their respective requirements. Playing on Easy is recommended to make it quicker as difficulty does not affect any trophy accept I'm Happy to Disappoint You.

[PST Would Like to Thank TheRealClayman for this Roadmap]

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

61 trophies ( 13  45  1  )

  • Earn all Trophies

    As will all Platinum trophies, this will automatically unlock as soon as you earn all of the other 50 trophies in the core game. Congratulations!

  • Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the first mission once you reach the control room in the hangar and open the shuttle doors.

  • Complete Sulaco Falls

    Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the third mission once you arm the emergency releases and reach the shuttle.

  • Complete The Raven

    Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the fifth mission after defeating the Raven. Please refer to the description for Heavy Lifting for further advice.

  • Complete Rampart

    Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the eighth mission after rescuing the hostage from Weyland-Yutani.

  • Complete Home

    Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This is the final mission, and you are tasked with defeating a Xenomorph Queen. Although she is immune to bullets, shooting her can prove to be an effective diversion, especially in co-op. Don't stay out in the open for too long, as the Queen can kill you in a single hit. You will need to access the four switches on each side of the conveyor belt to pull it further back. Once all four have been activated, head over to the release button and coax the Queen onto the conveyor belt. Providing that you stand right next to the button, you should have adequate protection from her and she shouldn't be able to hit you. Simply press the button to release the cargo and send her flying out of the airlock. Remember to take note of the regular Xenomorphs in the area too, but these shouldn't prove too much of a problem for you.

  • Complete all Campaign levels on any difficulty

    Self-explanatory. You simply need to complete all 11 levels on any difficulty in order to unlock this. Please refer to State of the Badass Art for general tips and advice.

  • Complete all Campaign levels on Hardened difficulty

    Self-explanatory. You simply need to complete all 11 levels on Hardened difficulty in order to unlock this. Please refer to State of the Badass Art for general tips and advice.

  • Complete all Campaign levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty

    Self-explanatory. You simply need to complete all 11 levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty in order to unlock this. All preceding difficulty trophies will also unlock upon completion of the game, but bear in mind that if playing on co-op, you will need to play each mission from the beginning. If you quit halfway through, your checkpoint progress will not be saved. Overall, this difficulty isn't too challenging but not exactly a walk in the park either on solo. Remember to keep the following in mind when playing through it:

    • There's no time limit so take as long as you need. The checkpoints are fairly generous, however there are a couple of places where they are spread out a fair bit. Don't go rushing into combat.
    • Everyone's play style is different but I found the Pulse Rifle, Tactical Shotgun and Battle Rifle to be all I really needed. Upgrade the Pulse Rifle’s secondary ammo to Firebomb to block corridors with fire, thus dealing serious damage to Xenomorphs and give it a red dot sight to allow for faster target acquisition. Stick with the default Arc rounds for the Tactical Shotgun to temporarily stun incoming enemies and upgrade the reload speed to allow yourself to get back into combat more efficiently. As for the Battle Rifle, I only used it to pick off enemies at a distance with the variable 2x – 4x zoom sight.
    • When a Xenomorph is running towards you, make sure that you always back off whilst shooting it to ensure that it doesn't get any hits on you.
    • Although you cannot see your health/armour and ammo count, you can generally tell how your Marine is shaping up. The Pulse Rifle has an ammo indicator on the actual gun and you can use the weapon selection wheel (hold ) to show the remaining ammo for the rest of your weaponry. As for your armour, you'll know when this has been depleted when you hear a shattering sound and see a temporary blue flash on the screen.
    • Always pick up health packs and armour, this goes without saying but every little bit will help.
    • When you pick up a Smart Gun, RPG or Flamethrower then keep it. This generally means there's going to be a section with a lot of enemies coming up and these weapons are great for crowd control. You can't replenish their ammo so just use it all up.
    • I played through the entire campaign in co-op and found it to be a lot easier than doing it solo. Although the enemies will hit a little harder, the benefit you get from having an extra person(s) means that the mission won't be over until everyone has been killed. You can also be revived and jump straight into the action, you will receive a greater XP bonus at the end of the mission for having more than one person with you. Whilst not mandatory, it's a lot more beneficial to play through the campaign in co-op with at least one other person.
  • Defeat all Xenomorphs in the Sulaco hangar bay without them crossing your barricade

    This trophy can only be earned in the first mission, Distress and it is highly recommended that you play on Recruit difficulty when trying for it.

    Towards the end of the mission you will reach a hangar where Keyes will throw a grenade, nearly destroying the ship. You'll come across some Marines who are pinned down by Xenomorphs and need some help, which is where the requirements for the trophy will begin. You'll notice that they have set up a small barricade, which you mustn't allow the Xenomorphs to breach. Start by setting up a Claymore near one of the entrances (if you're revisiting this mission on a lower difficulty as recommended, then you should be sufficiently levelled up to unlock this,) then exit the barricade.

    I actually found it easier to come out of the barricade and guard the outside. This is because the Xenomorphs should (mostly) try to attack you, thus leaving the other Marines and the barricade alone. Watch out for the two open vents in the floor and the roof of the ship, which will all spawn Xenomorphs. The Pulse Rifle Firebomb and Tactical Shotgun Arc rounds are particularly effective here, as you can set fire to incoming Xenomorphs which should make them scramble plus you can stun them if they are getting too close.

    If you keep moving around the outside and attract their attention, you shouldn't have too many problems with this. If you are, however, then you may wish to attempt it in co-op as it should be considerably easier having more than one person guarding the area. The trophy will also unlock for everyone if playing in co-op.

  • Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls

    This trophy can only be earned in the third mission, Sulaco Falls and it is highly recommended that you play on Recruit difficulty when trying for it.

    Your final objective in this mission will be to arm the emergency releases and escape in the ship. As soon as you enter the hangar, run up the stairs in the top left hand corner of the room and arm the first set of releases. Next you will need to make your way across the catwalk to the opposite side, ensure you dispatch enemies whilst doing so. When you make your way to the other side, the crane will drop, cutting off your path. Run back and enter the newly opened door to the control room, however, take precautions here as a Heavy enemy is residing inside. Once the Heavy has been taken care of, activate the control panel and run across the crane bridge to reach the final emergency release.

    Once this has been activated, you simply need to make your way back to the ship. Don't just run blindly for it and make sure that you are taking out enemies along the way. 2:30 is a fairly generous time especially on Recruit difficulty and you can take a fair few hits, so you shouldn’t have too many problems with this one.

  • Find Newt's doll

    Newt's Doll can be found in the fifth chapter, The Raven in the area containing multiple Boilers.

    When you pull the lever, all of the boilers will explode and Winter will say "You didn't tell me they exploded". Facing the switch, walk off the platform and head down the corridor to your right. You should see a silhouette of a spinning fan on the floor at the end of the room. Once you reach this, turn left, walk down the corridor and you should see the Doll's head lying on a barrel to your right.

  • Complete Hope in Hadley's

    Story related and cannot be missed. Read below if you wish to know exactly when in the story it will unlock:

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the ninth mission after releasing the fuel gauges on the ship and defending it from a Xenomorph invasion.

  • Complete One Bullet without setting off the alarm

    This trophy can only be earned in the seventh chapter, One Bullet.

    Once you reach the facility, you will have to make your way through various labs with scientists in them. Along the way you will hear the scientists say "sound the alarm", after which they will make a run for an alarm button to signal reinforcements. You simply need to kill them before the alarm is set off. Although this trophy sounds difficult, it's actually a lot easier than you may think. There are only two rooms containing alarm buttons and even if the button is pressed, there is a 10 second delay before the alarm actually goes off. If a scientist presses a button, you will hear an announcement over the intercom, after which you will have 10 seconds to deactivate it by pressing on the button. The rooms only contain three scientists at most and they all go down relatively quickly so this shouldn’t be too difficult to earn, even on Ultimate Badass difficulty.

    Please note that the trophy unlocks at the END of the mission, so you will need to finish it entirely once you meet the requirements in the labs.

  • Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher


    At the end of the fifth chapter, The Raven, you will have to defeat the menacing enemy that has been pursuing you throughout the entire level by using the Power Loader. It is highly recommended that you try for this trophy on Soldier difficulty (not Recruit) as the 1:10 time limit is rather strict.

    You will need to use the Power Loader to damage the Raven whilst also fending off waves of regular Xenomorphs. Because of this, it's suggested that you have at least one other person with you to take the heat off of the player who's using the Power Loader. Unfortunately there's no in-game indicator showing the amount of time you have used, so it is highly recommended that you use a stopwatch and time it yourself. If you reach the limit, then restart the checkpoint. As of the 1.04 Patch, this trophy is is effectively impossible to unlock if playing alone due to the trophy difficulty being upped to excessive levels. Due to this problem, there are 2 recommended ways of getting the trophy:

    Method 1: Co-Op

    After some field testing, my co-op partner came up with a successful tactic for defeating the Raven within the allotted time. Full credit goes to Grenadier_12 for this tactic:

    My trick was to "jab" using until the Raven was safely cornered, and then use "slash" () to weaken it. If you use the slash out in the open, the Raven tends to block, headbutt and run. Trapping her in the corner usually eliminates the "run" part and buys you some time. Make sure that you don't "panic slash" if the Raven jumps away, as your Power Loader will turn around thus losing precious time. Any co-op partner will have to hold off on shooting the Raven and only focus on the regular Xenomorphs. Any hit on the Power Loader, tends to do damage to it and make things more difficult.

    Method 2: Play without the patch installed

    This is the way that most people will go about obtaining this trophy and do it, go into the Game Data Utility and delete the file containing the patches (you can tell which one it is by highlighting the files and pressing . If you see v1.05 appear under "version", then you have the correct file). Once you have deleted the patch, disable your internet by unticking the "Allow Internet Connection" box in your PS3's Network Tab (Settings => Networking) then boot up the game and get your trophy. After getting the trophy, you can safely reinstall the patch and carry on with your day.

  • Gib two enemies at once

    The definition of "gib" is to make an enemy physically explode. There are a variety of ways to do this, but the easiest is to use the Frag Grenade secondary fire mode on the Pulse Rifle or Shotgun as it's a guaranteed "gib" with each direct hit on a regular Human/Xenomorph. You should come across many opportunities in the game to get this, especially down narrow corridors with multiple Xenomorphs chasing you. I actually earned this without even meaning to. Just ensure that the enemies are bunched together before firing.

    The very first area on the second chapter, Battle for Sulaco is a perfect place to get this if you're having trouble. You can "gib" the first two enemies that rush through the door.

  • Earn Rank 2 as a Marine

    Please refer to the description for I Love the Corps! for more information.

  • Earn Rank 20 as a Marine

    Please refer to the description for I Love the Corps! for more information.

  • Earn Rank 60 as a Marine

    This will likely be one of the final trophies that you earn in the game. Rank 60 requires a total of 234,000XP and even after cleaning up the majority of other trophies in the campaign, you may find that you’re still a way off of this target.

    The most efficient way to earn a large amount of XP in a short space of time is to constantly replay the final chapter, Home, on Ultimate Badass difficulty. This mission doesn't take very long and once you get a rhythm going, you can earn just under 3,000 XP in about 5 minutes. I found it much easier and more efficient to grind for this XP with two players. Once the mission starts, have one player hide in the container to the right of the conveyor belt and shoot the Queen to get her attention. If successful she should be entirely focused on that player, which grants the other one free roam of the hangar. This player can then activate all four switches to pull the cargo back and then make their way to the release button. Once there, Player 1 can exit the container via the back way and coax the Queen towards the conveyor belt. Take cover next to the release button where the Queen won't be able to hit you, press it to eject her from the hangar and complete the mission.

    With a second person and using this method, we were able to gain 2,800-2900 XP every 5 minutes. Thanks to Grenadier_12 for helping me to refine this technique and test it with me.

  • Collect a Dog Tag

    Please refer to the description for Remember the Fallen for more information.

  • Collect all 35 Dog Tags

    Each chapter has at least one Dog Tag located in it, and they must all be collected in order to unlock this trophy. You can check exactly which ones you're missing for a certain mission either by pressing the button in a campaign mission, or looking underneath the "Service Record" option in the Main Menu. Rather than list each collectible out individually, it's much easier to refer to the video below that's kindly provided by PowerPyx:

  • Collect a Legendary Weapon

    Please refer to the description for I Like to Keep These Handy for more information.

  • Collect all 6 Legendary Weapons

    The Legendary weapons range from Pistols to Flamethrowers and are generally more powerful than their regular counterparts. Flashing gold in colour they are fairly simple to spot, but please refer to the video below if you're having difficulties in finding them. Video kindly provided by PowerPyx:

  • Complete a Challenge

    Please refer to the description for Distinguished Service Medal for more information.

  • Complete an entire Challenge category

    Please refer to the description for Distinguished Service Medal for more information.

  • Complete all Challenges

    This is undoubtedly the most difficult trophy in the game and will be the deciding factor in whether or not you earn the Platinum trophy. The Challenges are split into three categories – Online/Offline, Offline Only and Online only. The majority of challenges included in these categories are relevant to their section; however there are a few which can be completed outside of the "recommended" area. For example, there are a handful of challenges in the "Online Only" section that are actually easier to complete Offline.

    There are a total of 86 challenges in the game, all of which must be completed in order to unlock this trophy. Please refer to the Challenges Guide Thread that I have posted for more information.

  • Have another player join your party

    Self-explanatory. The easiest way to earn this trophy is to invite another player into your party. On the Main Menu, press the button to open up the invite area and select a friend to invite. As soon as they accept and join your party, the trophy will unlock. This only works if you are the party host.

  • Revive a teammate

    You will need another person for this. Whenever a teammate's health is depleted, they will enter an "Incapacitated" state. You will then have a limited amount of time to revive them before they permanently die. Simply stand next to your downed partner and hold the button to revive them.

  • Edit a Marine Loadout

    In the Online menu, you will have the option to customise your Marine Loadout (Versus --> Edit Loadout --> Marine Loadout.) You can choose exactly what weapons you’d like to take with you in each match as well as which upgrades you’d like to apply to them. To earn this trophy, simply enter the Loadout area and change one of the weapons to something different.

  • Edit a Xenomorph Loadout

    Exactly the same as the Marine Loadout, only this time you will need to apply it for a Xenomorph (Versus --> Edit Loadout --> Xenomorph Loadout.) You will need at least one Commendation to spend here, as you will need to purchase an ability and apply it in order to edit the Loadout.

  • Upgrade every Loadout slot for a Xenomorph class

    Each Xenomorph class has six categories of abilities (Primary Attack, Secondary Attack, Ability, Carapace, Trait and Fatality). In order to unlock this trophy, you must purchase and apply at least one upgrade from each of these sections. It doesn’t matter which ones you buy or which Xenomorph class you unlock them on, but bear in mind that you will need to be at least Level 7 with your Xenomorph in order to earn enough Commendations.

  • Upgrade every slot for a weapon

    Each weapon (with the exception of Pistols) is divided into five sections – Alternate Fire, Attachment, Sight, Skin and Fire Mode. To earn this trophy, you simply need to purchase at least one upgrade in each of these slots. To upgrade a weapon, select the "Arsenal Upgrades" option either on the Main Menu or the Pause Menu of the campaign and choose the weapon that you wish to upgrade. It doesn't matter which upgrade you choose in each slot – you only need to buy it.

  • Upgrade every Appearance slot once for your Marine

    As the name suggests, the Appearance section allows you to change the look of your Marine. To access this section, select Versus --> Edit Appearance --> Marine Appearance. The Appearance menu is split into 18 categories - Head, Skin Tint, Cloth Pattern, Armour Pattern, Helmet, Left Chest, Right Chest, Belt, Left Leg, Face Paint, Helmet Emblem Chest Emblem, Shoulders, Left Shoulder Emblem, Right Shoulder Emblem, Left Arm Tattoo, Right Arm Tattoo and Voice Set. In order to unlock this, you must apply at least one thing in each of these categories (remember to change the default appearances to something different too). The majority of these are unlocked by completing challenges, but it won't take long to unlock just one thing in each section.

    The Shoulder category has been causing problems for a few people, as the game will not highlight this section even if you unlock something new for it. You will need to check this yourself and see if you can apply one of the options in it. Remember to change the option to display only the Left or Right shoulder pad.

  • Upgrade every Appearance slot once for a Xenomorph class

    The Xenomorph Appearance menu (accessed by Versus --> Edit Appearance --> Xenomorph Appearance) is a lot more limited than its Marine counterpart.

    You will only need to unlock and apply a new skin and head in order to unlock this trophy, but bear in mind that you will need to complete a few challenges to unlock them first.

  • Purchase all Upgrades for a weapon

    Similar to Field Modified, Kill Certified only this time you will need to purchase every single available upgrade in the Alternate Fire, Attachment, Sight and Fire Mode categories. You do not need to have every single skin unlocked, nor do you need to "buy" them all for this trophy.

  • Spend 30 Commendations

    Every time you level up, you earn a Commendation to spend on weapon upgrades and abilities for your characters. Simply spend all of your available points and this will unlock when you reach Level 31 and spend that Commendation. It doesn't matter what you purchase.

  • Collect all 12 Audio Logs

    The Audio Logs look like small computers and provide a little backstory to the events of the game. There is at least one located in the majority of levels and these too are fairly simple to identify. Again it's much easier to provide a video here as opposed to a text description, so please refer to the video below by PowerPyx:

  • Kill 10 Xenomorphs that are using vents

    This should come naturally during the course of the campaign as you will encounter many Xenomorphs using vents. I personally earned this in the second mission without intending to.

  • Kill 10 Xenomorphs in a game with the M56A2 Smart Gun

    Providing that you pick up and use the Smart Gun when prompted to, this trophy is practically unmissable. The first opportunity that you'll get to use the Smart Gun is in the fourth mission, No Hope in Hadley's. Once you pick it up, you will have to navigate through a long corridor that contains at least 30 Xenomorphs. You'll have plenty of ammunition to kill only 10 of them for this trophy.

  • Set up a UA 571-C Remote Sentry

    During the fourth mission, No Hope in Hadley's, you will be tasked with picking up a Sentry Turret and deploying it to help your crew defend themselves. As long as you actually do this, then this trophy is unmissable.

  • Track 100 hostile targets with the Motion Tracker

    Pressing will bring up a motion sensor that tracks nearby movement, shown as white dots on the screen. This can be useful for determining enemy locations and gauging how close they are to you. If you make a conscious effort to always use your motion sensor in firefights, then it won't take long to earn this. 100 may sound like a big number, but you'll be facing a lot more Xenomorphs than this during your campaign playthrough.

  • Kill 3 enemies with a single U4 Firebomb

    This can be a little tricky against Xenomorphs so I suggest trying for this trophy against Humans, as the Firebomb is a lot more effective against them. There are numerous areas in the game where you'll encounter a group of enemies bunched together but I found the most effective to be right at the beginning of the second chapter, Battle for Sulaco. As soon as you start, kill the two enemies that blast through the door, and enter the newly opened area. On the far side of the room are a good 4-5 enemies that will jump through the windows and take cover very close to each other, thus presenting a perfect opportunity for this trophy. If you fail to get it, you can simply restart the checkpoint and try again.

    Alternatively you can try it against Xenomorphs if you wish but it will be harder. The long corridor area where you first use the Smart Gun in the fourth chapter, No Hope in Hadley's will also present many opportunities for this. Please note that you will need to use the handheld Firebomb in order to unlock this trophy and not the Pulse Rifle version.

  • Kill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range

    A very straightforward trophy that should come naturally during the course of play, providing that you use a Shotgun. The Pump Action is more effective than the Tactical here, but it doesn't really matter which one you use. Simply allow a Xenomorph to get very close to you (allowing them to slash you is sufficient enough), then blast them with a Shotgun.

  • Kill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling

    Another trophy that should unlock naturally during your campaign playthrough. You will encounter many Xenomorphs that are climbing the walls and the chances of you killing one is very likely. If you haven't unlocked it by the time you reach the fourth chapter, No Hope in Hadley's, the long corridor section with the Smart Gun is ideal for this, as not only are there a fairly decent number of Xenomorphs climbing on the walls but the auto-tracking of the Smart Gun will ensure that you hit them.

  • Kill 5 Spitters without being damaged by acid

    Spitters are the smaller Xenomorphs that climb walls and spit acid at you. You can earn this trophy as soon as you encounter them for the first time. Simply hang back and use the Battle Rifle to pick them off from a distance to ensure that you don't get hurt by their acid. I can confirm that you do not need to kill five Spitters in a row without being hit, only a total of five whilst suffering no damage.

  • Melee a Lurker that is pouncing toward you

    This is one of the harder trophies to obtain Offline. A Lurker is the Xenomorph that jumps at you and pins you to the ground whilst slashing at you. When you encounter one, try to keep your distance and learn how to interpret its movements. You can tell when a Lurker is about to pounce as it will be crawling on all four legs and will bow down before striking. You will have a very small time in which to react and melee it with the button. To perform this correctly, you need to physically hit it mid-pounce so that the animation stops and the Lurker gets knocked back. This will take a bit of practice and trial and error to get right. A good place to try for this is the Derelict Reclaimed level. There's a spot early on in the chapter where a Lurker will ambush you. Thanks to Terminator for providing the location.

    If you're struggling however, there is a much easier way to earn this trophy Online. You can set up a Private game with two people and boost this trophy if you wish. To make it easier, have the Xenomorph player choose the Enraged Pounce ability, as this is considerably slower than a regular pounce and allows a greater window of reaction time for the human player to execute their melee.

  • Kill 2179 Xenomorphs

    This trophy is cumulative and will come over time. All kills earned both Offline and Online will count towards this total. Unfortunately there is no way to check your total kills but if you don’t have this before finishing everything else, then there is a good spot in the campaign that allows you to rack up a fairly decent number of kills in only a few minutes.

    Play through the fourth chapter, No Hope in Hadley's, on Recruit difficulty up until the point where you acquire the Smart Gun. The long corridor area contains at least 30 Xenomorphs that can be killed very quickly with the auto-tracking feature of the Smart Gun. Make your way to the end of the corridor, ensuring that you kill all of the Xenomorphs, then restart the checkpoint. All of your kills will carry over and you'll be able to go through the corridor area with the Smart Gun again. Just make sure that you don't accidentally trigger the next checkpoint and you can repeat this process for as long as necessary. As a guide, I restarted the checkpoint as soon as O'Neal tried to reach the other Marines on the radio. Thanks to Shakey for testing and confirming this.

  • Kill a Crusher without it damaging you

    A Crusher is the large Xenomorph with the protective shell in front of its head that frequently charges and tries to trample you. There is only one in the Campaign, located in the ninth chapter "Hope in Hadley's". This foe can take a lot of punishment, especially from the front so you will need to shoot it in the back to deal any significant damage to it. OverBlownGaming has provided a very effective strategy that involves taking the Sentry Turret from the earlier battle with you and using it as a distraction against the Crusher. Using the destroyed APC as cover, you can slowly whittle down the Crusher's health from a relatively safe position. For a visual example of this strategy, please see below:

    Alternatively this trophy can be boosted Online with two players, if you wish. Set up a Private Team Deathmatch game on the Last Hope map. Wait until there are three minutes left on the clock, and make your way over to the overgrowth that is covering the wall on the lower level (same area with the downed APC in the middle) and press to activate the Crusher. It's then just a case of standing there and allowing the other player to kill you.

  • Survive a Close Encounter with a Facehugger

    A Facehugger is the small spider-like Xenomorph that will try to jump on you and attack with its tentacle. First encountered in the very first chapter, Distress, you simply need to repeatedly press the button as prompted to get it off of you.

  • Rescue a teammate from a Close Encounter

    You will need another person for this. A "Close Encounter" is defined as a sequence whereby you must repeatedly press a button to escape (typical examples include being grabbed by a Facehugger or pinned down by a Lurker). When your teammate is in one of these sequences, kill the enemy before your partner breaks free or is killed and the trophy will unlock. The easiest place in the Campaign to get this is in the first chapter, Distress, in the area where you first encounter the Facehuggers. Simply allow one to grab your partner then kill it.


Secret trophies

  • Find the Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg is located in the second chapter, Battle for Sulaco. After using the Power Loader to open the door, make your way through the mission as normal. Kill the Facehuggers and cut open the door to enter the next area. It's in here that you will need to locate a keypad that seemingly does nothing once activated. However, it actually opens a door to the Easter Egg room. It's much simpler to provide a video for this trophy rather than try to describe so please refer to the video below, kindly provided by PowerPyx:

DLC: Stasis Interrupted

10 trophies

  • Complete Stasis Interrupted at any difficulty

    See I'm Happy to Disappoint You

  • Complete Stasis Interrupted in Ultimate Badass

    There are 4 Chapters to complete Stasis Interrupted. There are not too many challenges, even on Ultimate Badass.

    Here are a few tips:

    - For the first half of Chapter 1 you do not have any weapons or armor so be sure to find alternate routes to avoid the soldiers and turrets. Also be quick because if you linger too long, they will spot and kill you.
    - In big fights, hang back and pick off enemies from a distance.
    - Use Hicks as a bullet sponge to draw enemy fire/attacks
    - Use cover when there are multiple enemies.
    - In many areas you can just run straight through to your next objective.

    There's not much else needs saying. There are no epic Queen battles and only one section has a Tank alien and he is easily defeated because you should have the Smart Gun, plus there are 2 pillars you can run around to avoid it. It gets trapped on the pillars easily.

    If you are having trouble or would rather play with another person and you don't have a friend capable, you may also find a partner using this thread: Boosting Thread

    All of the DLC trophies can be earned in co-op.

  • Find all Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs

    Here is a video guide to the Audio Log locations by HiddenLongShot:

    If you prefer a text guide then I recommend this guide:

    We're Still Collating Achievement in Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Credit to JAGERMEISTER TX for this text guide.

    Also, here is a tip posted by VersionII:

    I'm playing it now and I see that the audio logs show up on your radar as a little square box. Maybe whoever is writing the guide noticed it but who ever is playing it now, heads up .

    Note: None of the DLC Audio Logs show up in the "Special Projects" section of the Service Record. Also, by pressing you can view how many logs you have left the Chapter you're currently playing.

  • Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this towards the end of Chapter 1 once you find your family.

  • Destroy the Legato

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this at the end of Chapter 1 once you destroy the Legato.

  • Sever the umbilical without missing a shot

    Midway through Chapter 2 you will come to a point where you enter a gunner's seat. You just need to shoot the umbilical between the Sulaco and Legato 4 times without missing. It is hard to miss as the targets are painted red and are very big. To charge a shot, hold down and release when your crosshairs align with the target.

  • Kill all the Lurkers in Sulaco engineering

    Near the end of Chapter 2 you will be tasked with refuelling a skiff. Once you have started the process and are returning to the hangar you will meet several aliens on your way back. Take your time and make sure to kill them all. There are 3 Lurkers amongst them that you are required to kill before entering the next section. You will recognize them as they have shinier heads, like to hide and make a hissing sound when you are near. The trophy will pop immediately after killing all 3 Lurkers.

  • Escape the FTL ship

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will get this near the end of Chapter 3. It is a relatively short chapter and once you see yourself ejected from the FTL, the trophy will pop.

  • Survive the Queen escape

    Story related and cannot be missed. Midway through the final chapter, you will be in some caves. Eventually you will meet the Queen. There are 2 parts where you see her. The first one is just a small place where you kill off some little guys until the opening appears, in the second she will chase you. When you start the section, you will see her to the left and a column in front of you. You should pick a direction and she will start chasing you that way. Once she commits to chasing you, head around the opposite side of the column and just keep running to the other end of the hall. Once you are in the narrow pathway you are in the clear. Do not attempt to fight her as she is immune to damage.

  • Destroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module

    The requirements for this trophy begin in Chapter 4 when you reach the inner building and have to clear the doors and gas. After unlocking the first door for Hicks, you will come to a room where a machine is stuck in the door. Once you enter the room, the specimens will be located as follows:

    • 3 Chestbursters will be in glass tubes straight ahead once you enter the area.
    • 2 Eggs will be in an incinerator chamber just to the left of that (press the button to fry them).
    • 3 Facehuggers will be straight ahead to your left from there.
    • 3 Eggs will be behind those hanging from the ceiling in what look like cubicles.
    • 2 Eggs will be hanging above medical tables if you take the first set of stairs near where you entered, the same room as the audio log.

    After freeing the stuck vehicle and entering the next area that needs venting, the locations are as follows:

    • 2 Eggs in the incinerator straight across from the entrance (press the button to fry them).
    • 8 Eggs will be hanging next to each other in cubicles. Take a right from the first 2 and go down the stairs and you will see them on your right.
    • 4 Chestbursters will be straight ahead through the door after the above Eggs that are in glass jars.

    The trophy should pop soon after destroying the last sample.

    You can also watch this video by SKsenior:

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