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    Buy all character improvements, drone and night vision goggles

    After successfully completing levels, you're taken to the "Game Store" which is a place where you can buy varies upgrades, equipment, weapons, and ammo. For this trophy, you only need to buy all Character improvements, the drone and night vision goggles. Money in this game can be found in levels, secret areas, or drop from killed aliens. Character improvements are implants that come in four different categories and can be maxed out if you buy them each a total of three times. The drone and night vision goggles are equipment items you can purchase to aid you in reaching your goals.

    (An image of the in Game Store along with all weapons unlocked)

    Character Improvements (Implants):

    1. Red Implant: Adjust Health ~ It increases the maximum number of Life Points.
      • Cost - $1900
    2. Yellow Implant: Adjust Speed ~ Makes you much faster on your feet.
      • Cost - $1200
    3. Blue Implant: Adjust Strength ~ It increases stamina to allow you to carry more ammo.
      • Cost - $1800
    4. Green Implant: Adjust Accuracy ~ Increases the accuracy of all your weapons. Weapon power (in terms of damage) also increases due to Bioenergetic Impulses.
      • Cost - $1300


    • Night Vision ~ Allows you to see through darkness using infrared sensors.
      • Cost - $150
    • Drone ~ An automated defense system that will target, fire upon, and destroy any moving object.
      • Cost - $1000

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