Expert Tactician Trophy

  • Expert Tactician


    Survive 15 minutes in Survival mode

    This is another Survival Mode trophy and this time you need to survive for over 15 minutes. This isn't the hardest trophy in the game at all. It's really more lucked based than anything if you ask me. You can do this with either the Male or Female character. It doesn't really matter, but I always picked the Male if I'm planning on living for 15-20+ minutes. The Male has more survivability and that is what you really want.

    Your main objective is really to survive until you get the Flame Thrower and Magma Minigun. Its best you use the Flame Thrower for melee (enemies too close to you) and Magma Minigun for long range. They'll drop like flies with you doing this, which will drop more items like crazy. Remember to pick up any Implant upgrades, ammo, armor, Invulnerability, Drones etc. when they drop. The trophy will pop immediately once you passed 15 minutes.

    Below is an image of my final score and time for the first time I attempted the trophy:

    (a screen results example)

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