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    Defeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    On Challenging, this fight is straightforward: strafe and shoot.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: This boss is the worst in the game. It took me 35 attempts to finish him, but hopefully with these tips, it will take you no more than 10.

    1st: Equip your HEAVY WEAPON COOLDOWN perk, as this cuts your minigun and laser recharge time in half.
    2nd: Abandon any thought of strafing or lateral movement. There simply isn't time.
    3rd: Realize you get one attempt per life to take this robot out. There is no health regeneration; there is no cover.
    4th: Tracking the moving target with is even more important than and ; if you are not on target when you fire, you will die.

    Begin the battle by focusing fire on the left shoulder rocket launcher; aim for the glowing metal and hold for the minigun. If you are fortunate, the rocket launcher will explode after 3-4 seconds with just the minigun. If not, tap 1-2X for laser blast(s), but make sure they are aimed right at the launcher.

    As soon as the launcher explodes, release to give the minigun a brief cooldown while you change your targeting to the right shoulder rocket launcher. Hold , track the target, and tap 2X to take out the second launcher. Your laser will now begin recharging, as it only holds 4 shots.

    As soon as the second launcher explodes, release to give the minigun a brief cooldown while you change your targeting to the GX-7's chest. Aim at the glowing armor and hold . The armor will explode, revealing a circular indent. As soon as your laser finishes recharging, fire everything you have at the circle. The boss should explode in a matter of seconds.

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  • straightforward my ass. everything up until now has been ok, and then this stupid fucking shitty bullshit boss. fuck whoever ok'ed this shit concept.
  • At least I got to watch the damn cutscene after every time I died! The advice in the guide for Brutal is spot on. The boss' fist slams seem to be random. Took me about 15 tries..
  • After trying without success quite a few times, I tried a different strat that worked for me. As soon as I had control I ran like heck to the left. When I hit the wall I turned around and unloaded all four lasers into the left shoulder turret. Then I ran like heck to the right wall, taking some damage, but not too much, and then unloaded all four laser shots into the right shoulder. After that, not much time to move, but I started up the mini-gun into the chest, then the refreshed lasers. Took only three times with this strategy, for me anyway.

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