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    Defeat Security Turrets

    Story related and cannot be missed. This fight is similar to Vorus Centurion in that you must use pillars to block incoming fire. Once you activate the console, the first turret to fire will be on your right hand side. Dodge behind the pillar on your right, peek out when the shooting stops, snap-to with , and fire.

    The second turret will immediately activate, which is on your left. Use the same pillar for cover. Peek out when the shooting stops, snap-to with , and fire.

    This part is annoying. The next two turrets will activate simultaneously BEHIND YOU. To complicate things, one is not a machine gun turret but rather a plasma turret. Its blast that goes around cover and burns you. It is up to you which turret you want to take out first. I found using the assault rifle's secondary fire with quickly finished the LMG turret, freeing me up to strafe back and forth while firing bullets at the plasma turret.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: Snap-to with each time a new turret activates and blast away at it. Use cover as necessary, but if you are quick, you won't even need cover.

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