Giant Killer Trophy

  • Giant Killer


    Defeat Vorus Centurion

    Story related and cannot be missed. The strategy I used to beat this enemy was to run down the stairs and use the far right side of the of the walkway. There are three pillars here, which I will refer to as A, B, and C. The key to survival is to use pillars A and C to block incoming fire. First, shoot all the glowing orange explosive tank off Pillar A, C, and B (if you have time; B is not a priority, just a precaution). Position yourself behind Pillar A to block the Centurion's incoming fire. Peek out around the pillar and shoot V.C. anywhere; he has no special armor. Do this until his health is roughly 50%.

    At this point, the game will release 3 Warriors, who will charge you on the catwalk. In addition, V.C. will now begin firing multiple plasma grenades in addition to his machine guns. These grenades go around your cover and burn like napalm for five seconds each. At this point, there is no more cover where your health can safely regenerate, so you must move.

    Charge from Pillar A to Pillar C (skip Pillar B entirely), killing any enemies in your way. Reposition yourself so Pillar C blocks V.C.'s incoming fire. Peek out from around the pillar and shoot when the opportunity prevents itself. Let VC get close, and when you see signs he's about to launch another barrage of plasma napalm grenades, sprint back to Pillar A. Position yourself behind Pillar A to block incoming fire, peek, and shoot. When VC is close and prepares to launch more plasma grenades, sprint back to Pillar C. Repeat sprinting back and forth, Pillar A to C and Pillar C to A, as long as it takes to kill him.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: Blast this Centurion in the face with your mega pistol. Unload every secondary fire you have on him. You may need to dodge behind Pillar A for cover once, but that is it. Reload and finish him.

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