• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (20)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-12 hours, depending on skill. (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (2 is recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 3: Hoarder, Armed & Completionist, and Can't Homidecide.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. Hardcore requires one Brutal difficulty playthrough.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. However, attempting to complete Brutal difficulty without first unlocking all 4 perk tiers is inadvisable.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A



1. Complete Alien Rage on Challenging difficulty.
2. Focus on obtaining at least one kill with each unique weapon you find.
3. Unlock all perks.

Challenging difficulty is the easiest setting for Alien Rage. It will familiarize you with the enemies and bosses, as well as raising your score to unlock perks. While you could immediately begin the campaign on Hard or Brutal difficulty settings, I do not recommend it. I attempted to complete the game on Hard during my first playthrough. After the first five levels, I became extremely frustrated and lowered the difficulty to continue. Your weapons are underpowered, your health takes forever to regenerate and you are bombarded with cheap deaths. My advice: Stick with Challenging and have fun.

Focus on discovering and killing at least one enemy with every unique weapon you find. City Interactive made this very easy to do, as new weapons are literally placed right in front of you while you progress through the story. Pick one up with , kill an enemy and stay alive till the next checkpoint.

The 1st playthrough will net you 16-19 of the game's trophies. If you do not unlock the following trophies during your first playthrough, it is okay:

1500 Total Kills
Apex Predator
Reach a player score of 25,000,000
Utility Belt
Unlock all perks

Your kills and score carry over between playthroughs, so you can replay levels as many times as you like on Challenging in preparation for your Brutal playthrough.

Complete Alien Rage on Brutal difficulty.

The difficulty associated with Brutal difficulty will depend solely on whether you completed Step 1, unlocking the Mega Pistol perk. While playing without this perk can be quite difficult (your weapons do relatively low damage, especially on the now more powerful bosses), if you have it unlocked you will have a significantly easier time progressing through each level.

The Mega Pistol turns the majority of enemies into dust with a single shot, with the Elites near the end of the game taking 3 or 4. The best method for beating Brutal will be to tap and , scoping into enemies with aim assist. Even enemies quite far away will still only take one hit to kill, and the pistol is incredibly accurate even at a distance.

Refer to the guide below for specific levels if you're having trouble. In particular the two levels where you are unable to use the pistol can be a bit harder, but overall the game adapts to your being on-rails and eases up on the damage you take for these sections. Focus on being safe and you should be fine. While on-rails, it is advisable that you switch out the Mega Pistol perk for Explosive Damage Reduction because explosives can be the cause of some quick deaths. Credit to Noid for the info used in this step.

Note that you do NOT need to start New Game. Under the Main Menu, select Campaign then choose the first level and begin there. Completing all levels on Brutal will net you the final trophy Hardcore .

RECOVERY BONUS: Recover from near death 50% faster
MEGA PISTOL: Overcharges the player's holdout pistol (the overcharged pistol puts down basic enemies with a single round, kills elite enemies with two rounds, and makes most boss fights 100% easier)
HEALTH BONUS: Health increased by 50% OR
ENERGY REFLECTOR: Take 50% less damage from energy based weaponry.

If you are facing common Vorus enemies who only use energy based weaponry, Energy Reflector is preferable to Health Bonus; it gives you a survival advantage. However, when fighting bosses who utilize both energy and explosives attacks, Health Bonus is preferred.

[PST Would Like To Thank poetic_justice_ for this Roadmap]

Alien Rage Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 20  )

  • Complete single player campaign on any difficulty level

    Story related and cannot be missed. Just play through the entire game on any of the three difficulties available: Challenging, Hard, or Brutal.

  • Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty

    Difficulty related trophy. I do not advise attempting this trophy until you have unlocked all perks (see Brutal Difficulty Perk Set Up above).

  • Defeat Vorus Centurion

    Story related and cannot be missed. The strategy I used to beat this enemy was to run down the stairs and use the far right side of the of the walkway. There are three pillars here, which I will refer to as A, B, and C. The key to survival is to use pillars A and C to block incoming fire. First, shoot all the glowing orange explosive tank off Pillar A, C, and B (if you have time; B is not a priority, just a precaution). Position yourself behind Pillar A to block the Centurion's incoming fire. Peek out around the pillar and shoot V.C. anywhere; he has no special armor. Do this until his health is roughly 50%.

    At this point, the game will release 3 Warriors, who will charge you on the catwalk. In addition, V.C. will now begin firing multiple plasma grenades in addition to his machine guns. These grenades go around your cover and burn like napalm for five seconds each. At this point, there is no more cover where your health can safely regenerate, so you must move.

    Charge from Pillar A to Pillar C (skip Pillar B entirely), killing any enemies in your way. Reposition yourself so Pillar C blocks V.C.'s incoming fire. Peek out from around the pillar and shoot when the opportunity prevents itself. Let VC get close, and when you see signs he's about to launch another barrage of plasma napalm grenades, sprint back to Pillar A. Position yourself behind Pillar A to block incoming fire, peek, and shoot. When VC is close and prepares to launch more plasma grenades, sprint back to Pillar C. Repeat sprinting back and forth, Pillar A to C and Pillar C to A, as long as it takes to kill him.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: Blast this Centurion in the face with your mega pistol. Unload every secondary fire you have on him. You may need to dodge behind Pillar A for cover once, but that is it. Reload and finish him.

  • Defeat Security Turrets

    Story related and cannot be missed. This fight is similar to Vorus Centurion in that you must use pillars to block incoming fire. Once you activate the console, the first turret to fire will be on your right hand side. Dodge behind the pillar on your right, peek out when the shooting stops, snap-to with , and fire.

    The second turret will immediately activate, which is on your left. Use the same pillar for cover. Peek out when the shooting stops, snap-to with , and fire.

    This part is annoying. The next two turrets will activate simultaneously BEHIND YOU. To complicate things, one is not a machine gun turret but rather a plasma turret. Its blast that goes around cover and burns you. It is up to you which turret you want to take out first. I found using the assault rifle's secondary fire with quickly finished the LMG turret, freeing me up to strafe back and forth while firing bullets at the plasma turret.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: Snap-to with each time a new turret activates and blast away at it. Use cover as necessary, but if you are quick, you won't even need cover.

  • Defeat Vorus Gladiator

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Get used to running all the time; this boss is fast. Turn around once you near the orange explosive tanks (but not too near; avoid splash damage), wait for VG to get close to the tank, then shoot to make the tank explode, harming VG with splash damage.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: Two full clips unloaded into this enemy's body is sufficient to kill it. Don't bother with the orange tanks, as your Mega Pistol does far more damage than the exploding tanks. Stay alive by running away whenever your screen begins to turn red, then turn and fire off as many rounds as possible in two seconds before running again.

  • Defeat Mk XII Heavy Mech

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You fight a mech that looks and handles like yours. One of the simpler boss fights; just strafe back and forth while firing both and .

  • Defeat AA-19 Combat Mech

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Aim for the glowing armor on this boss; first destroy both shoulders, and then aim for the glowing head. Use the posts in the area for cover, and if you're not sure what to do, shoot anything that glows. During the fight, four stations will rise up from the floor and the mech will begin "recharging". Shoot all four stations until they explode, then resume blasting away at the glowing armor on the boss itself.

  • Defeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    On Challenging, this fight is straightforward: strafe and shoot.

    BRUTAL DIFFICULTY: This boss is the worst in the game. It took me 35 attempts to finish him, but hopefully with these tips, it will take you no more than 10.

    1st: Equip your HEAVY WEAPON COOLDOWN perk, as this cuts your minigun and laser recharge time in half.
    2nd: Abandon any thought of strafing or lateral movement. There simply isn't time.
    3rd: Realize you get one attempt per life to take this robot out. There is no health regeneration; there is no cover.
    4th: Tracking the moving target with is even more important than and ; if you are not on target when you fire, you will die.

    Begin the battle by focusing fire on the left shoulder rocket launcher; aim for the glowing metal and hold for the minigun. If you are fortunate, the rocket launcher will explode after 3-4 seconds with just the minigun. If not, tap 1-2X for laser blast(s), but make sure they are aimed right at the launcher.

    As soon as the launcher explodes, release to give the minigun a brief cooldown while you change your targeting to the right shoulder rocket launcher. Hold , track the target, and tap 2X to take out the second launcher. Your laser will now begin recharging, as it only holds 4 shots.

    As soon as the second launcher explodes, release to give the minigun a brief cooldown while you change your targeting to the GX-7's chest. Aim at the glowing armor and hold . The armor will explode, revealing a circular indent. As soon as your laser finishes recharging, fire everything you have at the circle. The boss should explode in a matter of seconds.

  • Defeat Vorus Primus

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Run away to get distance from Primus, then turn and unload on him. He has no special armor, so any hit will do damage. Later in the fight he does a ground-pound AOE attack, which causes orange tanks to fall from the ceiling and explode all over the place. Keep moving and firing. When he gets too close, run away until he stops chasing you, then turn and fire.

  • Defeat DF9 Sentry Mech

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The only way to damage this boss is by shooting the glowing metal on his armor; shooting him anywhere else is a waste of bullets.

    1st Phase: During the fight, he hops around between giant cylinders, firing machine guns between jumps. Explosive orange tanks on top of the cylinders can be shot and exploded behind him, causing damage to his back. After hopping around on 2-3 different cylinders and firing his LMGs, he jumps toward you, landing on the floor and causing a massive AOE blast that takes 75% of your health. When you see him about to jump, run away from that area and attempt to get behind him. He will remain crouched on the floor for five seconds after the jump, so you will have a brief window to unload into the glowing metal on his back. Use the upright cylinders in the arena for cover during his cylinder-hopping moments. Sparingly use your secondary ammo on his back if you have a clean shot.

    2nd Phase: Once his first life bar is depleted, DP9 ceases jumping and begins walking around the arena firing a rocket launcher. Your new target is his face and upper chest area, marked by glowing metal. As before, shooting anywhere else is a waste of ammunition. Fortunately, there are guns stockpiled around the arena for ammunition. Save your secondary ammo.

    3rd Phase: After depleting a second full life bar, DP9 uses a new tactic; spinning like a washing machine, shooting two lasers across the entire arena. You must hide behind the cylinders while he is spinning, but in order to kill him for good, you must shoot him in the back (glowing metal) sometime during his laser spin cycle. Use whatever secondary ammo you have left during these brief moments of opportunity, and be patient. Once you kill him this time, he is dead for good.

  • Defeat Vorus God Mech

    Story related and cannot be missed. This fight is broken into 3 sections, and you have limited cover. The same strategy applies to all three: strafe like a bullet-spitting type-writer. Although the VGM shoots both bullets and rockets, it's hard for even a Vorus god to hit you when you're a constantly moving target.

    Snap-to your target (the spider's "head" with orange cylinders) with , then, strafing from left to right, constantly fire your weapon. Snap-to a second time after emptying half a clip just to make sure you're still on target, and continue to strafe and fire.

    When you have to reload, strafe in the opposite direction. If you were strafing left to right, now strafe right to left. Snap-to with and move left. Snap to with a second time once you've emptied half a clip, and continue to strafe while emptying the rest of your magazine. Once your weapon is empty or overheating, reload and repeat, this time moving right. Repeat until the VGM spider runs away or dies.

    1st SECTION: Don't waste secondary fire on the VGM; save it! This seems counter-intuitive, but it gives you a quick kills when baby spiders spawn in the second section.

    At a certain point in the fight, you will be attacked by a group of 3 enemies (Grunt, Warrior, Elite). They are nothing more than distractions, but still dangerous. The Elite is your biggest threat, so fire a secondary round to finish him quickly. Once the 3 Vorus are dead, return to strafing side-to-side and "type-writing" on the VGM's face.

    2nd SECTION: At some point the VGM will release a swarm of baby robot spiders. One or two secondary rounds in the middle of the spider swarm will clear up most if not all of the babies. You need to do this quickly because the VGM will begin jumping up or behind you, slamming the ground with its pointy legs. This will kill you, so immediately move to the opposite side of the area and continue strafing.

    3rd SECTION: Similar to the first two. More distracting enemies appear during the fight.
    I wish I could tell you the precise timing of the secondary "distracting" enemies' appearance in each of the three sections, but I think it is related to the VGM's health. It seems that once you've done 50% of the damage to the VGM you can do to it for that section, it triggers the distracting enemies to appear. Just dispatch them as quickly as you can and go back to type-writing.

  • Find a new weapon

    This occurs during the first level. Your character, UE Space Marine Jack, has three weapon slots: two primary (exchangeable) slots and one secondary (non-exchangeable) slot (the holdout pistol). Since Jack starts with only one primary weapon, he will automatically pick up a second primary weapon by walking over it. The dead Vorus drop numerous weapons, and you will automatically acquire either a blaster or an Ion rifle simply by moving through the level. Toggle to change weapons and your trophy will pop.

  • Use all weapons

    Missable. In addition to finding the unique weapons, you must fire them each at least once.

    Your character, Jack, will start with two UE (United Earth) weapons: an assault rifle and the default pistol. With the exception of the Minigun (which you will use automatically in certain rail sections), all other weapons must be picked up off the ground by walking over them (if you have an empty primary weapon slot) or exchanging a weapon you have for one that is on the ground (hold when prompted to make the exchange). Fortunately, all weapons are fairly common in the last six missions, so there is no need to hunt for them.

    The weapons are as follows.

    UE Weapons: Assault Rifle, Holdout Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle
    These weapons are projectile based and will have +10% damage increase with the Projectile Damage Bonus Perk. They are commonly located near the bodies of dead UE (human) soldiers.

    Vorus Weapons: Blaster (shotgun/Grunts), Ion Rifle (assault rifle/Warriors), Minigun (mounted/Heavies), Vorus Plasma Arc (shock-ray/Elites)
    These weapons are energy based and will have +10% damage increase with the Energy Damage Bonus Perk. They are dropped by the Vorus adversaries listed.

  • Unlock first Perk

    Story related and cannot be missed. Note that unlocking a perk will not automatically equip it; you must equip perks manually. Unlocking perks is scored based; once the target score is reached, a tier of perks will automatically unlock. By pressing to pause the game, you can go into Player Perks. Press to enter the menu, then select a perk and press to equip it.

    TIER 1 allows you to equip 1 perk.
    TIER 2 allows you to equip 2 perks.
    TIER 3 allows you to equip 3 perks.
    TIER 4 allows you access to the best perks in the game. However, your equip limit remains 3 perks.

    If you are curious how close you are to unlocking the next perk tier, check the mission summary page (this can also be done from the level select under Main Menu, Campaign, for any levels you've completed). On the bottom left hand side of the screen, look for your score. To the right of your score will be a "/" followed by a blue number. This blue number is the score required to unlock the next perk tier.

  • Kill an enemy with every weapon

    Missable. Self-explanatory. You must find each weapon and use it to kill at least one enemy. See Armed & Completionist for a list of all unique weapons. When you kill an enemy with a particular weapon, make sure you stay alive until the next checkpoint message appears on your screen. I was unable to verify if the kill count for weapons resets on death between checkpoints. However, if you die between checkpoints, the score resets to the previous checkpoint upon your death, so I would advise players not to risk it. Find the unique weapon, kill with it, and reach the next checkpoint alive to decisively lock the specific weapon kill to your profile.

    Note this total is cumulative across playthroughs, so if you miss a kill with one weapon, don't worry about it. Replay levels using level select in the Main Menu under Campaign, or simply make a kill with that weapon during your second playthrough.

    Two of the weapons, the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, are likely to get you killed in close quarter combat due to poor weapon design. Be sure to get kills with them on Challenging and avoid using them on Brutal.

    Close Quarters, Rocket Launcher: Enemies in Alien Rage are extremely aggressive and very quick. They will constantly rush your position in narrow corridors. Consequently, the splash damage of the rocket launcher striking them will backfire and harm you. On Brutal, this will almost certainly kill you. The weapon is also slow to reload.

    Medium-to-Long Range, Rocket Launcher: Despite it being the year 25000, UE's faster-than-light-speed traveling scientists neglected to put a scope on the rocket launcher (whoops). Inexplicably, there is absolutely no zoom with (double whoops), making the launcher a simplistic point-and-shoot weapon that is rather challenging to aim with any precision. Consequently, the launcher is of minimal use in medium-to-long range engagements.

    SOLUTION: Despite these extreme limitations, players may be tempted to reserve the rocket launcher for tanks and heavies. This sounds great in theory, but in reality it is preferable to use the secondary fire of the Assault Rifle (grenade launcher) or Ion Rifle (plasma grenade launcher) against these enemies. Both grenade launchers are more accurate, do approximately the same amount of damage as the launcher, and allow you more mobility so you can aim and strafe quickly.

    Close Quarters and Medium Range, Sniper Rifle: The sniper rifle is strictly a long range weapon. The awkward scope reduces your field of vision by 60%, eliminating all peripheral vision. This permits nearby enemies to easily flank you, especially Grunts, who cloak. While you are lining up your distant shots, you will find yourself dropping dead, killed by a nearby enemy whom you were completely unable to see thanks to a poorly designed scope. In addition, the scope has no magnification adjustment; you are permanently stuck with a 10X zoom optic. This eliminates the rifle's versatility for close-to-medium range encounters.

    SOLUTION: If you need to kill an enemy at long range while keeping your peripheral vision clear, ironically the best choice is your sidearm, the holdout pistol. Snap-to enemies with , fire off 3-4 rounds, snap-to again with , and fire off 3-4 more rounds. Repeat until the distant enemy is dead. While the UE assault rifle does have slight optic zoom, its excessive recoil at range does not allow you to place a series of precise shots, whereas the holdout pistol will.

  • Defeat all Bosses

    Story related and cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock after you defeat the final boss, Vorus God Mech on Extraction.

  • Find all weapons

    Missable. If you are using weapons as they appear chronologically throughout the campaign, this trophy will unlock after you pick up the Vorus Plasma Arc from one of the first Elites that you kill. If it does not unlock here, you missed a previous weapon. Refer to Armed & Completionist for a list of unique weapons and see which name(s) are possible missed weapons. Note that when you pick up a weapon for the first time, a small notification will appear on the right hand side of your screen, stating the weapon's name. Any subsequent acquiring of the weapon will have no notification pop-up. If you pick up a weapon and nothing appears on-screen, you have already acquired that weapon at a prior point.

  • 1500 Total Kills

    You will average between 80-100 kills per level, and there are 14 levels. If you do not obtain it during your first playthrough, this trophy will definitely unlock during your second playthrough.

  • Unlock all player perks

    This trophy is score related, and it is highly advisable to unlock all perks before beginning your Brutal difficulty playthrough.

    Perks can be mixed and matched to suit your playstyle. There are four tiers of perks. For the first three tiers, each time you unlock a new tier, you also unlock another perk equip slot. The maximum number of perks you can equip at any one time is three.

    STUN RESISTANCE: Stun duration is reduced by 50%.
    [The only enemies who stun are Grunts and easily dispatched even if they do stun you, so this perk is of limited usefulness.]
    EXTENDED MAGAZINES: Weapon clips carry 50% more ammunition.
    EXTENDED AMMUNITION: Maximum amount of ammo per weapon is increased by 50%.

    PROJECTILE DAMAGE BONUS: Plus 10% projectile weapon damage.
    ENERGY DAMAGE BONUS: Plus 10% energy weapon damage.
    INCREASED FIRE RATE: Fire Rate of all weapons increased by 10%.
    [Another perk of limited usefulness.]

    HEALTH BONUS: Player's maximum health increased by 50%
    RECOVERY BONUS: Player recovers from near death 50% faster.
    BODY ARMOR: Reduces explosion damage to player by 50%.

    ENERGY REFLECTOR: Minus 50% damage to player from energy weapons.
    [This perk is helpful while fighting basic Vorus enemies, who only use energy weapons. Note that bosses use a combination of energy and explosive weaponry, so it is advisable to switch to Health Bonus during boss battles].
    HEAVY WEAPON RECOVERY: Minigun and Mech cooldown time reduced by 50%.
    [Highly recommended for the level Detour, which is a minigun rail level on a mine cart, and
    also the Mech suit battle against the GX-7 Destroyer Prototype (Brutal difficulty).]
    MEGA PISTOL: Overcharges the player's holdout pistol
    [The Mega Pistol is an absolute necessity for conquering Brutal difficulty. It was the only weapon I used during my Brutal playthrough; all other default weapons are underpowered and near useless against bosses and heavies.]

  • Reach a player score of 25,000,000

    You will earn 2-4 million points per level, and there are 14 levels in Alien Rage. This trophy will unlock toward the end of your first playthrough without even trying. If you are not sure how close you are to 25M, you can check Leaderboards on the Main Menu and see your cumulative score. You will need to earn 30-35M for Utility Belt (unlock all player perks), so know that when you earn Apex Predator, Utility Belt is not far behind.

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