Credit to Powerpyx for his collectible and video Guides.
Credit to Maka for his archive log collectible Guide.


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 Personal opinion (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (42, 5, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 26-35 hours Personal opinion (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 2, Mercy or Prudence? and One Shot.
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes you need to play on Hard to unlock Survivor
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats


Welcome to Alien: Isolation, a first person, survival horror game based on the Alien franchise and developed by Creative Assembly. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, as you traverse through the decaying Sevastopol Space Station trying to survive as one of the universes deadliest specimens is out to kill you.

The general gameplay in this game is highly stealth focused. If you try and go all Rambo you will die many, many times so stealth and hiding in closets is the name of the game. You do get some tools to help you on you path but none of them are a massive help and you can get through large parts of the game without using them. The item you will be crafting and using the most will be the medkit anyway. The trophy list is a fairly simple one, from story related trophies to miscellaneous trophies for crafting and using certain items. If you are thorough on your first playthrough you should get most of the trophies then. The main trophies to look out for are Survivor, Mercy or Prudence? and One Shot. These are for beating the game on hard, without killing any humans and without dying respectively. They don't all have to be done together and I wouldn't recommend it either. Mercy or Prudence? and One Shot are missable if you mess up but you can utilize the reload save technique to work around it.

If you choose to play the game on Hard first as I recommend you can knock Survivor and Mercy or Prudence? out in one run which just leaves One Shot to be done on Easy since after beating the game on the hardest difficulty you should have the knowledge of what to do on easy without dying. Aside from this all you may need to worry about is the collectibles which can be gotten via mission select.



Step 1: First playthrough on Hard without killing any humans
For your first playthrough I suggest to just do it on Hard since this way you will already know the best routes to use to avoid enemies so you won't die on your second playthrough on easy. There isn’t much difference between difficulties since on early levels no matter what difficulty once the Alien sees you, you are dead. The only other differences are that Androids and Humans have better senses and do more damage but since you will be trying to avoid them this shouldn't be an issue.

During this Step you will also focus on not killing any humans since when you do your no deaths run you don't have to worry about killing humans. At the same time you should focus on picking up any of the collectibles you come across i.e. ID Tags, Nostromo Logs and Archive Logs. This way the next step will not take as long. You should also unlock many of the miscellaneous trophies on your first playthrough.

After this step you should unlock:

Welcome to Sevastopol
A Perfect Organism
A Record of Disaster
The Missing
Build to Survive
A Hunt Begins
You Shouldn't Be There.
She's in the Vents...
I Admire its Purity
Power Games
How Do You Feel?
Every Bullet Counts
Fault Detected
Shock to the System
Light 'em Up
Caught in the Trap
A True Engineer
An Outpost of Progress
Not the First
Back Off
Use With Caution…
Hazard Containment
Seegson Security Bypass
A Synthetic Solution
Seegson Systems Expert
Voices of Sevastopol
Throwing the Switch
Retreat From Fire
This Should Work
The Message
Free the Torrens
End of the Hunt
Ripley, Signing Off
Mercy or Prudence?

Step 2: Clean up and Collectibles
During this Step I suggest that you finish picking up any missing collectibles you haven’t gotten yet so you don't have to worry about them for your no deaths run and to clean up any miscellaneousness trophies that aren't "do this part without dying" trophies. You can turn the difficulty down while cleaning up these trophies and if you haven't been killed by the Alien 100 times for 100 Times Too Many you can die repeatedly in Survivor Mode until it pops since for the next Step you don't plan on dying. After this Step you should have:

The Taken
Just out of Reach
Self Defense
Not a Scratch
My Turn Now
100 Times Too Many

Step 3: No Deaths/One shot run
This Step is dedicated to beating the game without dying. Start a new game on easy and any time you know you are about to die, pause and reload current save and if you happen to die just reload previous save and you should be fine. You will also unlock the trophies for not dying during certain objectives along the way.

After this Step you should have:

Hide. Run. Survive.
Mind Your Step
One Shot
Alien: Isolation

[PST Would Like To Thank mullinavat for this Roadmap]

Alien: Isolation Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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51 trophies ( 42  6  )

  • Unlocked every Alien: Isolation trophy

    Like other Platinums, just get all the trophies and this is yours.

  • Complete the first mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the second mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the third mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the fourth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the fifth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the sixth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the seventh mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Use the stun baton

    You get the stun baton as part of the story at the beginning of the 6th mission. You don't need to use it on an enemy, you can simply use it on a wall. Hold to bring up the radial menu and select it with the , then use to ready the baton and to strike it against the wall and you should get the trophy.

  • Bait


    Complete the tenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the eleventh mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the twelfth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the thirteenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

    Note: Even though Nightmare difficulty is harder, you only need to beat the game on Hard for this trophy.

    For this you need to complete the game on the hardest difficulty which is "Hard", it is unlocked from the beginning and you may as well start the game on hard the first time round since there isn't a whole lot of difference between this and the other difficulties.

    The main difference are that enemies are more alert, they give and take more damage and you take less damage. Apart from that the game is the exact same, you get the same amount of supplies and materials so make use of them. The other major thing you need to know is to never run because if you do, then the Alien will hear then kill you. There are a few instances in the story where running is fine and you will know when those sections occur but apart from then just don't run. Crouch walking is your friend here and so is your motion tracker as it can elude you to where enemies are coming from.

    You have a suite of items at your disposal such as noise makers and EMPs, and you can use them to your advantage but be careful as sometimes they can backfire. I personally rarely used items apart from the medkit and the EMP mine for Androids as I found most encounters can be stealthed through if you take your time and are vigilant. If you do get spotted by the Alien then you are dead except in later levels where you can use the flamethrower to scare it off but don’t overuse it since you can run out very quickly. If you do the Alien will pick up on this. Scavenge as much as you can and keep your guns and weapons for the androids if needed. When you come across humans a lot of the times you can throw a noisemaker to alert the Alien who can clear them for you but if you opt for this method be sure to hide afterwards.

    In regards to hiding I wouldn't recommend hiding in closets and cupboards as it can be very dangerous when trying to get out, because it can be difficult to tell where the Alien is (I managed to go through the whole game on Hard without using one). Whenever the Alien is really close put away the motion tracker since it can hear it and when it is gone listen out for the sound of it going into a vent since when it does this is fine to just walk around for the most part (having a good headset really helps). Aside from this just make sure you always know the general area the Alien is in since sometimes you will just have to move instead of staying in the same place the whole time to avoid it. If needed you can always chuck a noisemaker in the opposite direction to distract it. Note: It isn't possible to kill the Alien as it is programmed to be invincible.

    The final enemy in the game, the Androids/Working Joes can be very annoying to deal with since they are so relentless. In most cases I advise to avoid them as much as you can and if you are spotted and can't run away, you can either hide in a vent since they can't chase you in there or throw and EMP mine at them and beat them with your wrench. There will be instances where you are forced to fight them and in this case it is ok to use your weapons as the Alien won’t show up during these sections. Later on in the game you will come across Androids with hazmat suits on and as a result EMPs and stun batons don't work. In these instances using your weapons is the best option if you can't escape. Boltguns work best against these androids.

    If you keep all this in mind and are not reckless you should get through hard in no time. There will inevitable be parts where you have to retry a few times but you will get them eventually, just make sure to save often so you don't have to replay large sections. One final thing to note is to be careful when saving and make sure there are no enemies around, because it takes a few seconds for each Save Station to save and you are extremely vulnerable during this time.

    This trophy and any other difficulty related trophy will unlock after mission 19. Note: You can't get this trophy can't be gotten in either of the story DLCs.

  • Complete the game on any difficulty setting

    The difficulty trophies stack, see Survivor for details.

  • Collect an ID tag

    You will come across your first one in mission 2, see The Taken for more details.

  • Collect all ID tags

    There all 50 ID Tags in total to collect throughout the game, they are saved automatically after being collected so don't worry if you die shortly afterwards. Most you will come across through normal play but if you miss any you can get them via mission select or during the free roam section where you can visit most of the ship in mission 16. All the tags have a different names so you can easily keep track of whichever ones you have missed. You can check which ones you have missed by using the on the PS4 and on the PS3 and comparing it to the screenshot in the spoilers:

    You can use PowerPyx's fantastic collectible guide to find any of the ones you are missing:

    You can follow his Guide here if you prefer a text version: Alien Isolation Collectibles - All ID Tags & Nostromo Logs

  • Collect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign

    There are 10 Nostromo Logs in total in the game and they are saved automatically when you pick them up. They all have different names like the ID tags so you can easily keep track of them. You may as well wait until mission 16 to collect them all since you will only be able to access most of them after mission 16 during the free roam when you have access to all your tools. If you do happen to miss any they can be gotten via mission select.

    Free Roam works via travelling between the transit stations, Lorenz Systech Spire, Sevastopol Scimed Tower, Solomon's Habitation Tower and Engineering. On the map you can see where each exit takes you so you can find the area where the Logs are. The final 2 logs are gotten in mission 17.

    PowerPyx has another great video showing you to get each of the logs:

    You can follow his Guide here if you prefer a text version: Alien Isolation Collectibles - All ID Tags & Nostromo Logs

  • Use the flamethrower

    You will get the flamethrower as part of the story at the start of mission 10. Hold to bring up the radial menu and select it with the , now hold to aim then fire with and the trophy will pop.

    This can also be gotten in the Crew Expendable DLC as you get a flamethrower early on.

  • Contact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android

    This can be gotten during mission 4 when you first enter Seegson Communications. What you need to do is to not come in contact with the Androids throughout this mission. It is ok if they see you they just can't catch you. This can be done via mission select on Easy if you choose to. If you are caught then just reload you last save and you should be fine.

    You can sneak past most areas fairly easily, the tricky part is after you make contact with your crew. The Androids will be alerted to a disturbance and will head to your area. I suggest running out if that room and hiding behind a crate until the first 2 Androids pass, after this you are safe to run. Once you return to the open area you can head into the vent that is before the save point to escape the androids and once they lose interest you should be safe. Once you get back to the elevator the trophy should pop.

    If you would like a video Guide then please use PowerPyx's:

  • Use the shotgun

    Hold to bring up the radial menu and select it with the , now hold to aim then fire with and the trophy will pop.

  • Use the revolver

    You will get this in mission 3 as part of the story when you are retrieving a keycard. Hold to bring up the radial menu and select it with the , now hold to aim then fire with and the trophy will pop.

  • Kill 10 humans

    All you need to do here is kill 10 humans, do this during you clean up Step.

    A good spot to get this is during mission 7 where you encounter a group humans after exiting an elevator. Save at the station beforehand and toss a flare amongst them and then a pipe bomb, you can even shoot them if you wish. Reload when they are all dead and do it again. Once you kill 10 then the trophy should pop. The very first place you can attempt this, is in the room in Mission 3 where you get the Security Access Tuner.

  • Escape from android combat without taking damage

    This is an easy trophy, simply annoy an android and take no damage in the process. You can get this in Chapter 4 by hitting the first Android you see with a wrench and running away. See My Turn Now for a method to get this trophy along with Fault Detected.

  • Encounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time

    Story related and can't be missed. You will meet the Alien at the end of Mission 3 when you have to disable the Security Lockdown.

  • Use the vent system 20 times

    You will get this trophy through natural progression in the game since you will be using the vents a lot.

  • Detect 30 targets with the motion tracker

    This is another trophy you will unlock naturally. Simply use your motion tracker a lot (press ) and it should unlock after 7 or so missions. You will get the motion tracker during mission 4.

  • Construct an item

    You will get this in Chapter 2 when you first come across the medkit blueprints and some supplies. Hold down and select the medkit, then select the parts needed and press to craft it and the trophy is yours.

  • Complete the game without killing any humans


    To get this trophy you need to in one playthrough, not kill any humans. I suggest doing it on your Hard run since you don't want to be seen anyway. Humans can see you from far away so try to stay out of sight when around them, they can be distracted by noisemakers and flares if they are in your way. Most human encounters devolve into you throwing a noisemaker to attract the alien to kill them for you and since the alien killed them it doesn't void the trophy. Most other times you can just sneak past them. Humans are not really a threat and if you kill one accidentally load your previous save as fast as you can because if you don’t that playthrough is ruined and will need to start again.

    Also, in case you are wondering, Androids are not humans so you can kill them all you want. Once you beat the game without killing any humans then the trophy should pop.

  • Perform 10 successful hacks

    You will gain access to the access tuner in mission 3 and will use it to hack various doors or computers throughout the game. Most hacks are basically matching up images. This trophy will unlock through natural progression so I wouldn't worry about it. Upon your 10th successful hack, you will get this trophy.

  • Complete 10 minigames successfully

    A minigame is any time you are hacking a terminal but are not using the access tuner. This trophy will come through natural progression since any minigame you come across you have to do and have to keep doing until you succeed. The trophy should unlock towards the end of mission 14.

  • Access 10 different rewire points

    Rewire points are the panels you find on the walls that divert power to different utilities in the game. There are plenty of them as part of the story and you should get the trophy with not problems. Here is what a rewire point looks like:

  • Construct one of each craftable item

    There are 7 craftable items in total and in order to find them you need to find their respective blueprint. You should come across them if you are thorough and most are placed in areas you got past anyway. To craft an item hold and select the item you want crafted from the radial menu. Then select the materials needed with and press to craft the item. Once you have crafted all 7 items you should have the trophy.

    Here is a list of all craftable items and where to find there blueprints:

    • Medikit – In the 2nd mission after you crouch under an electrical wire the blueprint should be in front of you.
    • Smoke bomb – In mission 3 after you get the revolver, you should come through a door that needed a keycard to open, after this there should be a room with two large tables and the blueprint on it.
    • Flashbang – During mission 3 shortly after the smoke bomb blueprint you should come across a room with a corpse in a chair and the blueprint on the wall.
    • Noisemaker – During mission 4 you will head up some stairs with a save station at the top, you will then see a door with a brace on it. Unlock it and the blueprint can be found in the room on a table.
    • EMP mine – During mission 4 when you reach Internal Communications, you will come across a save station in a side room at the back and the blueprint should be on a table beside it.
    • Pipe bomb – During mission 5 after you find Dr. Morley’s location exit the room and turn right and it will be on a table in the first room on the right.
    • Molotov – During mission 6 when you are looking for a trauma kit, you will come across a room with a security desk sign outside and a save station inside. The blueprint is in this room.
  • Collect an archive log

    Archive logs are found via the many computer terminals throughout the game and the first should be during the 1st mission, see Voices of Sevastopol for more details.

  • Collect 100 archive logs

    There are 151 archive logs in total and they are either a diary entry or recording found on computer terminals. You only need 100 for the trophy and you should easily find 100 during your first playthrough since they are very easy to find, especially if you explore the station. The Archives save automatically after you collect them so if you die it is fine. After you get your 100th archive log then the trophy will pop.

    If you wish to use a Guide to find most of the archive logs then please use Maka's: Alien: Isolation - 100% Collectibles Guide - Archive Logs, ID Tags & Nostromo Logs

  • Kill an Android

    Simply kill an android. You can get this as early as mission 4 if you hit with a wrench, the first android you meet then run away and repeat. See My Turn Now for a method to get this trophy along with Not a Scratch.

  • Complete the fourteenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the fifteenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the fifth mission without being killed by the Alien

    This can be gotten during mission 5 when you first encounter the alien as you see it slither down from a vent. All I can say here is to move slowly and use your motion tracker to keep an eye on it and if it sees you then reload your current save since once it sees you, you are dead. Don't run and only crouch walk. Once you get Morley's keycard and escape the area then the trophy should pop.

    Here is a video by PowerPyx if you want visual aid:

  • Complete the sixteenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the game without dying


    See Survivor for general tips on how to best survive in the game.

    Play on Easy to give yourself the easiest of times with this trophy since after beating the game on Hard, you should be well equipped to go through the game without dying on Easy as you will know how the game works now.

    The important thing to note is that if you are about to die you can always pause and reload your current save and if you do happen to die which may happen during mission 14 you can just reload your previous save. At the same time you can always back up your save to the cloud or a USB in case you die.

    You can make two saves at each save point if you choose to in case you do die and need to reload your previous save since this way you won't be sent back as far into the game. The only other parts to be concerned about is during mission 18 when there are runaway trams, if you are too slow just reload your current save instead of risking getting killed, and that if you ever see a vent on the ceiling with drool coming from it don't go under it since the Alien will kill you.

    Like I said before, just play safe and don't be reckless then you should manage to beat the game without dying and last but not least be careful when you do try and save since you are vulnerable whilst doing so. The trophy should unlock upon beating the 19th mission.

    Note: This trophy can't be gotten in either of the story DLCs.

    swotam has made a useful info-graphic so you will know what to do in the event you die:

    One Shot & Dying: The Definitive Infographic!

  • Complete the seventeenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Complete the eighteenth mission

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Use the bolt gun

    You get the bolt gun during mission 14. Hold to bring up the radial menu and select it with the then hold to aim, now hold to charge and then let go of and you should get the trophy.

  • Kill an android using only the maintenance jack

    This can be gotten as early as the 4th mission. I suggest doing this on easy so the Android doesn’t react as fast to you. Simply crouch walk up to the first android and hit it with the maintenance jack, run away until it loses interest and repeat the process until it is dead. You should also earn Fault Detected and Not a Scratch if you take no damage.

    Here is a video guide by PowerPyx showing this method:


Secret trophies

  • Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov

    Simply craft a Molotov and toss it at the Alien and the trophy should pop, you will get the blueprint for the molotov in mission 6.

  • Cause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower

    When you first encounter the Alien in mission 10 soon after you get the flamethrower, fire 2 bursts at it and it should flee and you will get your trophy.

    This can also be gotten in the Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLCs, because you get a flamethrower early on.

  • Knock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack

    You can get this as soon as mission 4 after you get the EMP blueprint, simply craft the EMP and toss it at an android and the trophy is yours. Here is a video by PowerPyx showing the method:

  • Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying

    This trophy can be gotten during mission 14 when you enter the reactor maintenance to overcharge the Alpha and Beta cores. I will put the rest of the description in spoilers to avoid spoiling it on you.

    Like all the other sections don't run, because that will draw the attention of the alien so use your flamethrower to fend off the Aliens and kill any Facehuggers. If you don’t kill a Facehugger then it's an instant death as you are unlikely going to have time to reload your current save. If you die via a Facehugger then reload your previous save instead, you will be sent back further but you will still be able get the trophy.

    If you wish you can also back up your save to the cloud so you don't have to replay large sections so if you die to a facehugger you can just use the save you backed up. Also burn any eggs you see in case a Facehugger comes out. After you escape the area and ascend the elevator the trophy should pop.

    Here is a video description by PowerPyx:

  • Get killed by the Alien 100 times

    All you have to do is get killed by the Alien 100 times. If you haven't gotten this after your Hard run, then load Survivor Mode and run out into the next area and you will get killed. Rinse and repeat until the trophy pops. If you find that Survivor mode is taking too long, then try this trick in Mission 6 (credit to BlauerRabe):

    You don't even have to shoot the gas bottles, just set the Difficulty to Hard (or Nightmare if you have finished the game on that difficulty), fire off 1 round from your Revolver then the Alien will be on you faster than you can blink. Rinse and Repeat 99 more times.

  • Turn off the beacon

    Story related and can't be missed.

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