Against the Odds Trophy

  • Against the Odds


    Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

    For this trophy you have to complete the single player story on Elite Difficulty. Elite is a step up as the aliens are faster and do alot more damage. Overall, it's not hugely difficult, though.

    • First of all, take your time! Don't go charging in or it will all be over very quickly.

    • Although it is easier said than done, don't let them surround you. If you get ambushed or run into large numbers of aliens, don't be afraid to retreat back to a better location to take them on - e.g. lead them through a door or another type of narrow passageway. This will make the fight alot easier.

    • You should still be searching all corpses and lockers for items/credits/ammo. These things are alot more important on Elite.

    • Don't forget your grenades. They can be a life saver if you are in danger of being overwhelmed. Frag Grenades you throw can damage you so be careful. Don't throw them at an enemy that is directly in front of you.

    • Upgrades aren't really necessary, but that is up to you. I spent the majority of my credits on ammo. You should buy Hardened Armor when you can though, as it's the best item for restoring your health. It fills your bar with the armor and then after that runs out your health is completely restored so use them when your health is low.

    • When exploring and taking on smaller numbers of aliens, try and use the weaker weapons. It's difficult to get away with using the blaster on anything other than the smallest aliens so use assault rifle and save laser rifle ammo for bigger and tougher fights.

    • Turrets are helpful in the early levels but during level 5 you are now their target. You will come across most of the turrets in the level before they are activated so use this opportunity to dispose of them with ease. Use your blaster to save ammo.

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  • There is a glitch that makes things much easier. 1 - save before final boss on Rookie difficulty 2 - begin a new game on Elite and run for a nearest savepoint. Dont pick up anything while you run! 3 - save on this savepoint 4 - load the Rookie save and kill the boss. Skip the cutscenes. 5 - load Elite save. You have all the inventory and money from your Rookie save. Except for rifle and shotgun, which you can pick up in 1 level. And you lose a pistol forever. But who cares. Now you can play the Elite with tons of medkits, ammo and so on.
  • I can confirm! This indeed works! You get you weapons, med kits, grenades and money. Unfortunatelly your upgrades will be lost. So plan you rookie walkthrough without upgrades and purchasing all hardner armors you find and use your money in upgrades and othet stuff in the Elite walkthrough
  • I confirm it works and not only that, when I killed the boss using #1 trick I did without using any medkit and they gave me the "Ain't Got Time to Bleed!" trophy even when I used some medkits during the level before that checkpoint (the result screen even pointed out I used a total of 4 medkits). So I guess you can glitch that trophy too!

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