Systems Crash Trophy

  • Systems Crash


    Kill Mia.

    You'll be fighting Mia at the end of Level 1 - Subversion.

    Mia will start off the battle by having her shields up and will blast you with red meteorites that have homing abilities. Use your Blaster to shoot them down; if you ignore them they'll follow you. After shooting out four to five waves of meteorites, she'll switch attacks which consist of sending electric pulses into the ground. Use this time to damage her with your Assault Rifle, all the while dodging her electric attack by dashing . Repeat this a few times, and she'll attempt to absorb more power from a nearby pole, destroying a part of your platform in the process. Repeat this again, and she'll go on a rampage, using both attacks at the same time. Her shields will be down permanently at this point so keep dodging and shooting her with the Rifle and she should go down before you lose too much health.

    The trophy will unlock upon exiting the end level results screen in the following cutscene.

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