Elite Unit Trophy in Alien Breed 3: Descent

  • Elite Unit


    Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

    How to unlock Elite Unit

    Elite is unlocked for you right from the start, but it is recommended you play on Elite on a second playthrough as the other trophies are easier to earn on a lower difficulty setting.

    Some tips:

    • Use the Blaster whenever you can, especially on the Larvals to save ammo. Save the other weapons for the larger enemies.
    • Credits should only be used for ammo and Health Kits if you think it's necessary. You'll run across enough Health Kits that you should hardly have the need to purchase them from Terminals. Save your credits for upgrading your weapons or Hardened Armor instead.
    • Damage Upgrade on weapons and the Medi Stimulant upgrade is a must. It will save you a lot more ammo and kill your enemies much faster, especially when they gang up on you. Go for the Assault Rifle first.
    • Use doorways or run to the other end of a corridor so you’re at a more advantageous position in taking out your aliens. If you get ganged up on, make good use of your Stun Grenades.
    • Explore rooms as you’re going from waypoint to waypoint for ammo, credits, health kits. This will allow you to save up on credits for more useful things like Upgrades.

    Then again, this is the third time you’ve had to do an Elite run so I’m sure you guys know the procedure already .

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