• Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 3/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 10-15 hours
  • Offline: 15 14 4 1
  • Online: 1
  • Missable Trophies: Hidden Treasure, The Informed, Idle Sentries
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
  • Glitched Trophies: Can't Get Enough (see guide for details)
  • Cheats: None


Alien Breed™ 3: Descent is the final explosive chapter in the Alien Breed™ series, and is a science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons and stunning environments, developed using Epic Games' Unreal® Engine 3. Descend into hell and once again take control of the hero, Conrad, the ship’s Chief Engineer, in his last stand against the savage alien horde. While the doomed vessel, the Leopold, and the alien space craft plunge deeper into the planet’s atmosphere, with an icy ocean promising a watery grave, you have just hours to defy a grisly death and survive the alien onslaught for the final time. As you struggle deeper into the sinking alien ship, through the freezing waters flooding every corridor, the horrifying truth surrounding the existence of the Breed is finally uncovered… In addition to the thrilling conclusion to the single-player campaign and the relentless and competitive “Survivor” modes, the game offers action-packed, two-player online co-operative battle modes.

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Play your first playthrough on Elite but keep in mind getting certain trophies could be more difficult than were you to be playing this on Veteran. If you don't mind playing the game again a second time on Elite or want to simply enjoy the game on a lower difficulty on your first run, play on Veteran instead.

Aim to get all the combat related trophies as well as the collectibles in this run. The Logs and ‘Secret' collectibles as with the previous titles, can be collected over the course of several playthroughs; you can miss one Log or ‘Secret’, and go back and get the exact same one you miss on another playthrough and the trophies will still unlock.

At the end of this playthrough, you’ll get most, if not all the single player trophies out of the way. As with the previous two Alien Breed titles, make sure you take your time to explore every corner and corridor, picking up items and looting corpses for money. This will save you from having to spend money on ammo and health kits so you can save up for upgrades.


If you didn't play on Elite on your first playthrough, start a new game on Elite where your only goal will be to simply finish the game as quickly as possible. You should already be familiar with the level layouts and where the next objectives are so you should easily breeze through this second time through the game. Thankfully, there aren’t any speed runs you have to worry about this time, so if you want, you can just rush through the game since you should be familiar with the Levels already.

Also, if you missed a Log or ‘Secret’ on your previous run, collect the ones you missed again, and the corresponding trophies should unlock.

If a second playthrough is not needed since you played on Elite, use Free Play to clean up any trophies in which you may have missed. Keep in mind that you can only collect Log's or 'secrets' if you have only missed them for one chapter; Free Play does not save your progress. If you missed the collectibles for more than one chapter, you must start the game a second time again.


Select Prologue from the Free Play menu and play through it on Rookie, using only the Blaster and Grenades, nothing else. Refer to the trophy guide for details.


I guess the developers wanted to end off the Alien Breed series with easier co-op trophies this time, since none of the trophies require you finishing a map as fast as possible or complete a level without taking damage, as with previous titles. However, unlike the previous two titles in which you can complete the co-op trophies locally, you have to complete a co-op assault map through the PSN. Refer to the Boosting Thread if you’re having trouble finding a partner.

Play a map in Co-op Assault, and another game in multiplayer survivor, and you should have all the co-op trophies, along with a new shiny platinum trophy.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank BreadSkin for this Roadmap]

Alien Breed 3: Descent Trophy Guide

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35 trophies ( 14  16  9  )

  • Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

    As with other games, earn all other trophies to unlock another platinum to your collection!

  • Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

    Elite is unlocked for you right from the start, but it is recommended you play on Elite on a second playthrough as the other trophies are easier to earn on a lower difficulty setting.

    Some tips:

    • Use the Blaster whenever you can, especially on the Larvals to save ammo. Save the other weapons for the larger enemies.
    • Credits should only be used for ammo and Health Kits if you think it's necessary. You'll run across enough Health Kits that you should hardly have the need to purchase them from Terminals. Save your credits for upgrading your weapons or Hardened Armor instead.
    • Damage Upgrade on weapons and the Medi Stimulant upgrade is a must. It will save you a lot more ammo and kill your enemies much faster, especially when they gang up on you. Go for the Assault Rifle first.
    • Use doorways or run to the other end of a corridor so you’re at a more advantageous position in taking out your aliens. If you get ganged up on, make good use of your Stun Grenades.
    • Explore rooms as you’re going from waypoint to waypoint for ammo, credits, health kits. This will allow you to save up on credits for more useful things like Upgrades.

    Then again, this is the third time you’ve had to do an Elite run so I’m sure you guys know the procedure already .

  • Complete all single player levels 1-5.

    See Elite Unit.
  • Complete any multiplayer level.

    This trophy will unlock at the same time as Networking, when you complete a co-op assault map. This trophy will also unlock if you finish a map locally with player 2.
  • Use a stun grenade to stun 5 aliens at the same time.

    See Frag-master.
  • Use a Frag Grenade to kill 5 aliens at the same time.

    You’ll know an enemy’s stunned when they have this purple pulse emitting from their bodies. Remember, the longer you hold , the further you can throw a grenade. Frag’s are always one hit kills against whatever aliens you encounter. Due to their abundance and the fact that they always come in packs, doing this on the Larvals is recommended.

    Go for Immobilized at the same time as this trophy, since it’ll be easier to frag non-moving targets. Similar to the trophies in the first Alien Breed game, this time you must stun 5 enemies at the same time, as well as kill 5 of them simultaneously with one Frag Grenade blast.

    A good place to attempt this is during Level 1 - Subversion. Right after you overload and destroy the Gyro, you’ll be told to go back to the Maintenance Room. Head on into the room on the back, and quickly rush to the Intex Terminal on your left and save. Kill the Mauler and a few Larval enemies so they don't get in the way, and head further to the back, where you will see 6-7 alien eggs. Larvals will spawn out of them shortly, so wait till a bunch of them group up, and before they jump at you, throw one or two Stun Grenades to stun them. You should easily be able to get a group 10-12 Larvals stunned here. Once they're stunned throw a well aimed Frag Grenade to finish them off in one burst.

    If for some crazy reason you're having trouble, you can buy the Compact Detonation Item Upgrade to make earning this trophy easier. Stun 5 and then kill 5 with a Frag Grenade, and all three trophies will pop.
  • Collect all logs through out the game.

    Logs can be found throughout the game’s five single player levels. You start with 3 Logs, and you earn 2 automatically by playing through the story. As with the ‘secrets’, you can get these across multiple playthroughs. Logs do not show up in Free Play.

    Locations are as follows:

    Level 1 - Subversion

    • Larval Burst – You’ll come across this shortly after turning on the Fire Halon system to put out the fire that blocks your path. The Log will be in the same room where you fight your very first enemies in the game, the Larval Bursts.
    • Mauler – After lowering down the water levels so you can run across this grating to continue, you’ll be required to shoot down a glass window to continue. Break it, kill the Maulers and Larvals that await you, and the Log will be sitting in this room.
    • Healer – Shortly after powering down and overloading the Gyro, you’ll be tasked to go back to the Maintenance Core. Head on in to the next room and the Log will be on your right, whereas an Intext Terminal will on your right.
    • Corrupted Mia - Obtained automatically at the end of this level.

    Level 2 - Re-entry

    • Ranged - Shortly after 1 minute forced battle and going across the fans, you'll enter some vents. Facing the boarded up wall with two electric currents in the room behind it, turn left to see some fire canisters that you can blow up. The Log is inside this tiny room. You'll face this boarded up wall again when you have to plant explosives on it to continue.
    • Screamer - After going through the first vacuum portion in this level you'll cross two bridges and enter a room with a power node in the middle and be required to activate some consoles to get a bridge up in order to progress further. The Log will be on your right, in the room directly across an Intex Terminal.
    • Boney Shield - After traversing through a second vacuum portion, you'll go up an elevator. Head into the bathroom on your left, and you'll see some fire canisters you can blow up again. The Log is inside this newly revealed tunnel

    Level 3 - Determination

    • Webber - Right at the start, this Log is in the room to your right.
    • Wentworth, C. - After going through a long tunnel on the Cargo Platform, you'll go across a bridge and take an elevator down (which is destroyed shortly after) into some walkways submerged in water. This Log will be to your left, can't miss it.
    • Electro Shocker - Shortly after the previous Log, you will have to turn two valves to lower the water level to activate a console. A cutscene will ensure and you'll land right on top of this Log

     Level 4 -  Vengeance

    • Stunner - Near the very beginning, you'll go walk across some fallen platforms and eventually reach a dead end, where an elevator will shortly rise up for you to ride on. The Log is sitting right beside it, can't miss it.
    • Barnes, C. - This Log will be lying next to Barnes' body, shortly after you opened a door with a Key-Card . They will be in an open area to your left. Impossible to miss, since you'll have to use another Key-Card on a door next to him

    Level 5 - Resolution

    • Klein, W. E. - At the very beginning, this Log will be directly behind you.
    • Alien Queen - Obtained automatically in the mid way through this level


  • Stay alive for 8 minutes or better on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.

    Similar to the trophy in Alien Breed 2, you must play a Survivor Mode map by yourself and survive for at least 8 minutes. Keep in mind that items and weapons will spawn all over the stage every half a minute or so.

    I recommend playing on the Onslaught Map, using nothing but the assault rifle. Go around the stage in a clockwise motion and pick up everything you run across, even if you don't need it so new items can spawn in its place. Don't be afraid of running out of ammo, keep spraying bullets at aliens as it'll stun them and hold them into place. Use a stun grenade if you find yourself facing more than you can handle at once. I don't suggest you camp in one corner of the stage as you'll run out of ammo pretty quickly. Keep your health up at all times; you can use a health kit and fire a weapon at the same time.

    Survive for 8 minutes or more and the trophy will unlock upon exiting the end results screen.
  • Kill 250 aliens on any of the Survivor mode multi player levels.

    See Survivors.

  • Find all 'secret' collectibles.

    Each single player level has a 'secret' collectible in them. They are represented by a floating blue Intex hologram. As with the Logs, you can get these across multiple playthroughs. You cannot rely on Free Play to get any you missed as you cannot save it. If you are only missing one “secret’ though, you can use Free play to collect the one you’re missing and the trophy will unlock just fine.

    Locations are as follows:

    Level 1 - Subversion
    After going up an elevator after destroying the Gyro, you'll reach a hallway where a pressure leak prevents you from progressing and you'll be told to contain it using a valve. The room beside the valve will have a human corpse for you to loot and a Hardened Armor inside. Turn the valve, which will result in an explosion. You'll then have to escape this hallway onto the other side to safety. As you're making your way down, when you enter the second open area, a cutscene will initiate in which a piece of a wall gets torn down, allowing you passage into the room next to it. The first 'secret' collectible is inside this room.

    Credits goes to TheDuckofDK of YouTube

    Level 2 - Re-entry
    Not too far off in the beginning of the level, you'll enter a room with two electric circuits jolting above you, which in order to proceed you have to turn off the Air Vents and be forced into a 1 minute survival battle. After the countdown, exit this place by walking across the now lowered fans and instead of going to the right, go left into some ventilation tunnels where you can see further down some fire tanks you can blow up with your Blaster. Traverse back to the room with the electric circuits and you can now go through the newly opened entryway. The second 'secret' in the game is just down this tunnel.

    Credits goes to TheDuckofDK of YouTube
    Level 3 - Determination
    Near the end of the level, a countdown will initiate in which you'll only have 10 mins to make it to the exit elevator. When you finally get to the elevator and instead of going in it, go pass it and onto a walkway in which you'll see some fire canisters than you can "Dislodge". Dislodge them and go back to where they landed. Blow the canisters up, pick up the Storage Room Key-Card, and use it on the panel in this same room to unlock the door and grab the 'secret'.

    Credits goes to TheDuckofDK of YouTube

    Level 4 - Vengeance
    In the mid-way point of this elevator, you'll reach an Override Console next to a Key Card Panel. To get to the 'secret', you must activate the Override Console, in which you'll have 5-6 seconds to reach the locked door on your right. It might take a few tries, but once you make it, the secret along with a few loot can be found inside.

    Credits goes to TheDuckofDK of YouTube

    Level 5 - Resolution

    After dealing with the Part I in the Alien Queen battle, you have the option in going left or right, with right directing you to the next objective. Go to the left instead, and you'll find a platform you can ride up to a walkway above. The final 'secret' is located here.

    Credits goes to TheDuckofDK of YouTube

  • Tank


    Take 500 damage without dying on 'Determination' single player mission.

    To unlock this trophy, you must take a total of 500 damage or more without dying on Level 3 - Determination in single player. The trophy will unlock in game when you've taken 500 damage, so you must not die during the level at all. As always, so you don't die as easily equip Hardened Armor if you have it and heal yourself with Kits when necessary. If you die and reach the game over screen, you must start over from the very beginning.

    If you're having trouble on your Veteran Run, you can attempt this again on your second Elite run, as you'll have a better understanding of the level layout. You can also do this on Recruit in Free Play if you wish.

    Save at a Terminal near the end of the level and if you are still coming up short for 500 damage, use Frag Grenades on yourself until you think you hit 500. Just make sure to heal before you end up killing yourself.
  • Complete 'Vengeance' single player level on Veteran mode in 17 minutes or less.

    You must beat Level 4 - Vengeance on Veteran in 17 minutes or less. Despite meeting the time requirements in Recruit or Elite, the trophy will not unlock; it must be done on Veteran.

    If you're attempting this on your first Veteran playthrough, keep your end level save from Level 3. Play through this level as you normally would, looting from corpses and lockers and whatever else you can find while keeping in mind the level layout and the quickest way in getting to the next objective. Once you beat this level for the first time, save the game on a different save file, and reload the end level save of Level 3. Since you should be familiar with the layout as you just gone through it all, you should have no problem getting to the end in less than 17 minutes. Continue with the story from your previous save, so you get to keep the things you earned from lockers/corpses.

    Rush through this level with a Damage Boost enabled Assault Rifle, Stun Grenades, and the Flamethrower, and you should make it with at least a minute to spare. Make sure you pick up any ammo that you come across but purposely go out of your way because you can't afford to. They are essential in keeping your ammo supply up since you won't be visiting Terminals. What makes the Flamethrower particularly useful is it holds enemies into place and when you're firing it, enemies like the Larvals can't explode and damage you.

    If you played on Elite, you can replay the fourth level in Free Play, and complete it under 17 minutes to unlock the trophy.
  • Purchase any weapon upgrade.

    Assault Rifle
    - Rapid Fire Module - $4,500
    - Reload Enhance Module - $3,500
    - Damage Boost Module - $6,000

    Shot Cannon
    - Rapid Fire Module - $5,000
    - Reload Enhance Module - $4,000
    - Damage Boost Module - $7,000

    - Rapid Fire Module - $6,000
    - Reload Enhance Module - $4,500
    - Damage Boost Module - $8,000

    Electro Link Gun
    - Rapid Fire Module - $7,500
    - Reload Enhance Module - $5,500
    - Damage Boost Module - $10,000

    Project X
    - Rapid Fire Module - $7,500
    - Reload Enhance Module - $5,500
    - Damage Boost Module - $10,000

    There are three weapon upgrades for each weapon as listed above. Buy any one of them for any weapon you wish, and the trophy will unlock.

    I personally recommend getting the Damage Boost Module for the Assault Rifle first, followed by the Reload Enhance Module for the Shot Cannon. If you have credits to spare, the other upgrades are pretty much based on your playing style.

  • Purchase an item upgrade.

    - Medi Stimulant - $6,500
    - Compact Detonation - $5,500
    - Force Impact Melee - $5,000

    You have a choice between these three as part of the Item's Upgrade branch. Buy any one of these and the trophy will unlock.

    Unlike the Weapon Upgrades, in which you can only have one upgrade per weapon at a time, Item Upgrades are stack-able, meaning you can have all three at once. Go for the Medi Stimulant upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.

    See Frag-master.

  • Complete the prologue on any difficulty level.

    See Hardcore.
  • Kill a sentry gun with the Blaster.

    Often times you’ll run into these instances where a lockdown is initiated and the only way to exit out is to destroy the Sentry Guns in the room. Destroy one of these guns from a distance with your Blaster (the pistol with infinite ammo) and the trophy will unlock. This is also the best way to destroy them anyway as it helps you conserve ammo.

    Planting your own Sentry Gun and then destroying it with your Blaster does not count. It must be one of the hostile ones. You'll run into your first enemy sentry gun shortly after escaping the air leak in Level 1. Shoot the gun from a distance with your Blaster and the trophy will unlock.
  • Achieve a time of 8 minutes or better on any multiplayer survivor map.

    Similar to Survivor, this time you must survive for 8 minutes with a partner instead. This can be done locally or through PSN. The same strategies still apply, only this time since you have a partner now, you two must coordinate and split the items in the stage evenly, or else one of you will eventually run out of ammo and have a much harder time surviving.

    Also, try to survive as long as possible, as you'll be going for 250 kills at the same time as well. The 250 required kill count is shared among you and your partner. If you killed 140 aliens and your partner killed 110, the trophy will unlock for both of you.

    Again, I recommend playing on the Onslaught Map, using nothing but the assault rifle. The same strategies still apply as with Survivor, only this time make sure you and your partner take turns picking up items; as soon as one person runs out of ammo, it's hard to get back up to pace.

    Survive for 8 minutes or more, and the trophy will unlock upon exiting the end results screen.
  • Complete the prologue, all single player, co-op assault and survivor maps.

    You must play all of the following:


    Single Player

    1. Subversion
    2. Re-entry
    3. Determination
    4. Vengeance
    5. Resolution

    Co-Op Assault

    1. Mainframe
    2. Systems
    3. Cargo Hold

    Survivor Mode

    1. Survival - Pressure
    2. Survival - Resist
    3. Survival - Onslaught

    Prologue can be selected from Free Play. You can do Co-Op Assault locally with two players or through the PSN. You must finish the assault map for it to count towards the total. For Survival Mode, you can choose to play the maps by yourself or through the PSN, it counts either way. Finish off Wave 1 at least in order for it to count, just to be safe.

    Note: If you're having trouble unlocking this trophy, try playing through Survivor, Prologue, and Co-op Assault all in one sitting. Despite placing in the leaderboards, sometimes the game won't recognize that you have completed them.

    Play on each map once, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete any co-op assault map over PlayStation Network.

    You must complete a co-op assault map over the PSN. This means that the trophy will not unlock if you do it locally.

    You have a choice of playing in maps Mainframe, Systems or Cargo Hold. Simply finish a level with another player over the PSN and the trophy will unlock in the results screen. If you have trouble looking for a boosting partner, post in the Boosting Thread to find one.
  • Complete any single player level using only the Blaster and Grenades.

    To play through the Prologue, select it from the Free Play menu. You can play on any difficulty.

    For the easiest time in earning this trophy, attempt this in Prologue on Rookie difficulty. There isn't a whole lot to say about this short level, as the level itself is pretty straightforward and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. You can ignore all the items along the way and head straight to the objectives.

    You will be getting both The Initiated and Hardcore at the same time. Complete this Prologue runthrough using nothing but the Blaster (pistol with infinite ammo) and Grenades. This means you are not allowed to use any of your other weapons, or heal yourself with Health Kits. Melee-ing enemies is fine, it won't affect the trophy. Thank you CaliGamer for the confirmation.

    Distance yourself from enemies so that you can land in a few more bullets at them before they come charging at you, and if you ever find yourself getting ganged on or are close to, don't be afraid to slip in a Stun Grenade.

    When you finish the level, you'll be taken to the main menu. Both trophies will unlock soon after.
  • Kill 3 burster aliens with one melee attack.

    Larval Bursters die in one hit from your melee attack; they're the ever annoying little scorpion aliens that you constantly run across in each level. Simply get three of them to surround you, preferably in a circle, and destroy them with the for the trophy to unlock. If you’re having trouble, try and get three of them grouped up together and throw a Stun Grenade in the middle before walking up to them and melee.

    A very easy and early place to do this is in Level 1 - Subversion. Shortly after you pass your first Intex Terminal, go down the corridor and you’ll be tasked in restoring power to an access duct. Right after the cutscene, you’ll be faced with 5-6 Larvals. Simply run up to them and swipe at them and you should easily kill 3.
  • Kill 20 aliens with one sentry gun.

    Find a power node in a level, scroll to a Sentry Gun in your inventory and go near the node and hold down to plant it. Power nodes are usually in rooms where a lot aliens will be coming at you in waves. You shouldn’t have trouble getting yourself this trophy, especially since the Gun is very powerful. Kill 20 with a Sentry Gun and the trophy will pop.

    A very early and easy place to do this is during the first Level – Subversion. You’ll be introduced to your first power node, in which the in-game tutorial will tell you to plant the Sentry Gun you found earlier in place. This room has around 30 enemies or so, so simply plant one, sit back, and let the Gun do all the work till the trophy unlocks. Note that if you don't plant the Gun, the enemies won't spawn.

    Another place you can easily unlock this will be during Level 2 - Re-Entry, during the 2 minute battle where you'll be facing waves and waves of aliens.
  • Complete any single player level with the waypoints turned off.

    To turn waypoints off, go to Help and Options ->Settings -> Turn Off Waypoint Display

    Simply complete a level with this option turned off, and the trophy will unlock upon completing the level. If you want to earn this right away, turn the waypoints off before starting a new game. The trophy will unlock as soon as you in finish the first level in the end results screen.

    Waypoint Display Off means you will only get the mission objective on your radar. With it On, you will get waypoints directing you through the map to the mission objective. That is why it is preferred if you earn this in the first level, since it's pretty straightforward.
  • Kill 5 aliens with one shot of Project X.

    You'll pick up your first Project X weapon in Level 4 - Vengeance, can't miss it. Shortly after picking it up, you'll detonate a door which will disable the power in this room allowing you progress on through. Go in the room you just blew up and pick up the credits and the Flamethrower inside and when you head on out, a bunch of aliens will group up at the entrance waiting for you to come out. Throw one or two Stun Grenades at the group, switch to the Project X and let it rip! You should easily be able to kill 5 of them in one hit.

    If you're having trouble earning it here, not to fret! The rest of this level pits you against a ridiculous amount of enemies, more often enough with a bunch of Larval enemies. Use a Stun Grenade if you must and fire a shot with the Project X.
  • Locate the bodies of Vance and Barnes.

    Locate means you got to loot off their bodies. You’ll find Vance in Level 1 - Subversion, when you pass your first power node and into the Gyro Ring Room. You'll find Barnes in Level 4 - Vengeance, shortly after opening a door via a Key-Card, where your current objective will be listed as "Follow the waypoints to the Research Deck". Barnes will be lying next to a Log.

    Loot both bodies, and the trophy will unlock as soon as you looted Barnes corpse. Poor fellas

Secret trophies

  • Kill 1000 aliens in single player.

    If you have been diligently going out of your way in exploring side rooms and hallways, you will earn this trophy during your first playthrough, sometime during Level 3 or 4. As you may have noticed, you spawn more aliens if you go out of your way checking other rooms than if you just stayed with following objectives.

    The Larval enemies work great towards this total, since they usually come in huge groups and die in one hit from a melee attack. Kill 1,000 aliens in single player and the trophy will unlock. Remember, your kills carry across all playthroughs, so if for some reason you don’t earn this on your first run, you’ll get it in your second.
  • Sell any item.

    - Small Health Kit
    - Large Health Kit
    - Stun Grenade
    - Frag Grenade
    - SentryGun
    - Hardened Armor

    All of the above are items in which you can sell at an Intex Terminal. Simply sell any one of these, and the trophy will unlock, nothing to it. Sell Frag Grenades since they are way too dangerous to use effectively, especially when they're not all that useful when you can take pretty much anything down with your arsenal.
  • Finish any level with five Sentry guns in your inventory.

    You must finish a level with five Sentry Guns in your inventory. You can check how many you have at anytime by accessing an Intex Terminal. Find Sentry Guns throughout each story level as well as buy them from Intex Terminals whenever you see them in stock. Sentry Guns are available in Terminals for $3,000 credits usually when there are rooms nearby with Power Nodes.

    I was only able to find 3 Sentry Guns throughout my story playthrough, so I'm pretty certain you must get the rest of the Guns from the Terminals. You should be able to buy at least 2-3 from each level, so purchase them whenever you have credits to spare. The trophy will unlock during the results screen at the end of a level.
  • Kill an alien egg using the melee attack.

    Alien Eggs are the things that spawn the Larval enemies. Simply go up to one and melee them with the button to unlock the trophy. Melee-ing them or blasting them with the Blaster is the best way to defeat them anyways, so you’ll probably get this trophy without realizing it.

    You’ll come across your first Egg when you encounter Larval enemies for the first time, in the back of the room.
  • Smash 10 windows.

    Simply break open 10 windows by shooting them with your weapons, and the trophy will unlock. Use the Blaster rather than the other weapons so you don’t waste unnecessary ammo. Shoot 10 windows in the very first level as you’re making through the waypoints, and the trophy will unlock with next to no effort.
  • Collect 50 items or weapons from human corpses.

    As with the trophy description, simply loot from 50 human corpses and the trophy will unlock. Corpses are scattered throughout each level. To loot them, go up to the and hold down . Since you’ll probably be doing this regardless as it's a great way to stock up on items and credits, you should have no problem earning this trophy, most likely before the end of the second level.
    Every so often a corpse will have nothing attainable. A corpse must contain an item for it to count towards your tally. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tell whether one has item or not until after you search it, so you’ll have to search every human corpse you can find till you get the 50.
  • Access the map screen.

    In my opinion, there really isn’t a need to be using the map in this game as its pretty straight forward. Regardless, to unlock this trophy, simply press to access the map screen, and the trophy will unlock shortly.
  • Kill Mia.

    You'll be fighting Mia at the end of Level 1 - Subversion.

    Mia will start off the battle by having her shields up and will blast you with red meteorites that have homing abilities. Use your Blaster to shoot them down; if you ignore them they'll follow you. After shooting out four to five waves of meteorites, she'll switch attacks which consist of sending electric pulses into the ground. Use this time to damage her with your Assault Rifle, all the while dodging her electric attack by dashing . Repeat this a few times, and she'll attempt to absorb more power from a nearby pole, destroying a part of your platform in the process. Repeat this again, and she'll go on a rampage, using both attacks at the same time. Her shields will be down permanently at this point so keep dodging and shooting her with the Rifle and she should go down before you lose too much health.

    The trophy will unlock upon exiting the end level results screen in the following cutscene.
  • Destroy the alien queen.

    The battle with the Alien Queen will be split into three parts over the course of Level 5 - Resolution.

    During the first part of the battle, there will be a rotating radioactive canister in the middle of the room which you must shoot in order to lower the shields off the Queen. Only the green part damages it so make your bullets count. Once you damage the cylinder enough, the Queen's shields will lower, giving you a few seconds to get in a few bullets before she puts them up again. Be very careful during this battle, as she has a Breathe Attack that is very damaging. Keep your health up, and repeat until she retreats.

    You fight the second part of this battle while on top of a elevator. This part is laughably easy if you make use of Project X and the Electric Line Gun. Use the Project X on the Queen whenever she surfaces, and it should take no more than 5-7 shots to take her down each time. Use the Electric Gun on the other aliens. Combine this with a Hardened Armor, and this part should be a cake walk.

    The last and final part of the Alien Queen battle, pits you against Klein and the Queen at the same time. Klein is the floating red sphere in the center of the room, with his attacks consisting of firing homing missiles at you and a quad-laser attack that sprays around the whole stage. Dash around the walkways to dodge his rockets attack and when he uses the lasers, just shoot at him until he puts back his shields up. The Alien Queen this time around is easy to take care of as all you have to do is shoot her as she runs around the stage. Keep your distance with her to avoid her tail swipe and you should hardly ever get hit.

    A cutscene will play following the Queen's demise and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

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