This game is basically the exact same as Alien Breed: Impact. If you have played the first one then everything in this one will be very similar. If not, it is a top down style shooter. Once again it has co-op, which is the best part of the game. You control your character with the left analogue stick and aim with the right. The game-play consists of shooting aliens and fulfilling mission objectives.


Estimated Difficulty: 5/10, until more people vote in the difficulty thread
Estimated time to Platinum: 14 Hours
Number of play-throughs: 1-2
Offline Trophies: 31 (12, 13, 5, 1)
Online Trophies: 0 (Co-op can be done locally or online.)
Missable Trophies: Yes. 'War of Attrition', 'Vital Statistics', 'Praemonitus Praemunitus', 'Super-Sleuth', 'Deadly Assassin', 'Material World', 'Ultimate Boom Stick', 'Safety First', 'Medic!', 'Hardcore Pawn', 'Doctor in the House', 'Goodbye Cruel World', 'Smackdown', 'Protectionist', 'Sentry Duty', 'Deadly Combo', 'Rocketman', 'Pathfinder' and 'Speed Freak'.
Glitched Trophies: Yes, 'Lazy'. Sometimes this trophy will unlock for both players even though only 1 fulfilled the requirements.
Difficulty affect trophies? Yes, Elite play-through.
Do cheats disable trophies? N/A


Road Map

STEP 1: Recruit play-through.
This step is for getting a majority of the single player trophies and all of the hidden ones. Make sure to take your time to explore everywhere picking up as many items and money as possible while finding all the logs and 'secret' collectibles as well as killing as many aliens as possible. Before you start a new game, go to the Help and Options menu then to Settings and turn the waypoint display off.

Please Note:
It could be possible to get all the single player trophies in one play-through. If you were to go down this route you would have to make heavy use of the pause menu by pressing the 'Start' button on your controller as well as following this guide closely. I would make multiple saves and do the miscellaneous trophies later so you don't waste time. The game wouldn't be as enjoyable doing it this way but if you want to rush it, it's your choice.

STEP 2: Elite play-through.
If you followed my advice and did a Recruit play-through first then all you need to concentrate on is finishing the game as fast as you can. You will unlock both of the Elite difficulty trophies if you complete the game in under 4 hours.

STEP 3: Co-Op.
Now it is time to go for the hardest trophies in the game. You can either do these in local co-op with a real life friend or over the PSN. You should be able to unlock all of them in 3 successful runs of the level 'Cargo'. Please refer to the trophy descriptions for more information.

STEP 4: Survivor and Clean-up.
In this step you will be going for the last single player trophy in 'Survivor' mode as well as getting any trophies you may have missed in Step 1.


[PS3T Would like to Thank Oz-Metalhead for this Road Map]

Alien Breed 2: Assault Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

31 trophies ( 13  12  8  )

  • Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

    We all know this one; simply earn all other trophies in this game to get this Platinum.

  • Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

    Please see 'Speed Freak'.

  • Complete all single player levels 1-5.

    Once you have completed all 5 levels in this game on any difficulty, this will unlock. You should be able to complete the game in 3-6 hours depending on how much time you take to explore each level.

    Please Note: There is a glitch on Level 3 that prevents you from entering the door to the mainframe. Make sure to make a separate save at the completion of Level 2 in case this glitch happens.

  • Complete any multiplayer level.

    Just get to the end of any Co-op Assault mission in either local co-op or over the PSN.

  • Kill 1000 aliens in single player.

    This trophy can be attained over several play-throughs. I recommend getting as many kills as possible in your Recruit play-through though. This way you can avoid more aliens and therefore save more time during your Elite speed run play-through. If you kill every single alien in one play-through this should unlock in Level 4 if not Level 5.

  • Finish 'Primed' single player level with 300000 or more overall score.

    'Primed' is level 4. I got this easily on my recruit play through. Just make sure to collect everything, kill everything, don't get hurt that much and do it as fast as possible. I got a score of around 370000 while taking my time to explore as well.

  • Finish multiplayer 'Cargo' level without taking any damage.

    This is one of the hardest trophies in this game. I recommend going for it one at a time. This way the 2nd person can utilise the small door trick and be the 'meat' sack' taking all the damage.

    -You are allowed to take damage to Hardened Armor if you have it equipped.
    -There are 3 pieces of Hardened Armor to pick up as well as the occasional one to buy from the Intex Terminals.
    -You can use small doors to your advantage. The player who is not going for this trophy or the 'meat sack' person should stand in between small doors whenever possible. As long as the aliens are only coming from one side they will not be able to go through the door as long as you're there, even if you're dead. This is especially useful right at the end when you activate the elevator. There will be a 30 second countdown and a lot of attacking aliens. As long as you retreat to the small door near the Intex Terminal you will be fine.
    -The 'Boney Shield' alien is a bit of a pain when it blocks your bullets. I suggest switching to the Shot Cannon when it is doing this as it breaks its shield.
    -This video doesn't show it, but you can go for the 'Lazy' trophy at the same time. If you use the small door trick then you should have no trouble getting through the mission without taking any damage to your health or firing a shot. If your having trouble then try to get this trophy separately from 'Lazy' so both of you can shoot.

    Thank you to Majos for finding the videos, and to todayisforgotten for making them.
    Thank you to cloudman11224 for telling me about the small door trick.


  • Collect all logs through out the game.

    There are 17 logs in total to collect over the 5 story levels. It is possible to collect all 17 logs over several play-throughs but i recommend getting it done in your Rookie play-through. You cannot rely on free play to get any you missed as you cannot save it.

    The logs and the order you will be able to collect them are as follows...

    Default Logs

    Level 1 Logs
    Larval Burst - After you install the fuse to the back up generator, this log can be found in the small room opposite the generator.
    Mauler - When starting the Main Generator you will see this log on the opposite side of the room.
    Healer - After you have opened the 3 flood control doors, this will be in a large rectangular room, behind some boxes.
    Octo-Morph - After getting the 'Healer' log you will enter a tight passageway. This log is sitting in the next room.

    Level 2 Logs
    Screamer - In the passageway between the 2 sentry turrets
    Stunner - In the very large room with gas underneath and the raising platforms, you will find this log near the exit door.
    Ranged - After finding the 'Stunner' log you will enter a sanitation chamber. Go right after exiting this and you will eventually come to Intex Terminal 1. The log will be in the small room across from it.
    Boney Shield - Once you have picked up the 'Ranged' log head back to the sanitation chamber. This time go left as if you just came out the sanitation chamber. This log will be in the small room just past the first idle sentry turret.
    Ens. Vance III, W. C. - After filtering the air and turning a valve in a large room, follow the way point through to a room with a Power Point in it. This log is in a small room attached to this one.

    Level 3 Logs
    Webber - In the big room adjacent to Intex Terminal 2.

    Level 4 Logs
    Capt. Wentworth, D. - This log will be sitting on the floor of the room you gain access to with the commanders head.
    Arachno-Morph - After enabling the self destruct, follow the way points until you walk past Intex Terminal 5. This log will be in the large room after that.

    Level 5 Logs
    Klein, P. - Follow your way points until you open a room with the 'elevator room key card'. This log will be in front of you, on the floor.
    External defense system (EDS) report. - You will be tasked with finding a heavy item for a pressure pad. This log will be in the same room as that heavy object.

  • Stay alive for 8 minutes on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.

    I recommend going for this trophy on the level 'Vanguard. You should hit the 8 minute mark during wave 5. The trophy will not unlock at the score screen. It unlocks once you press try again or go back to the main menu.

    -'Vanguard' is a rectangular room with vents that expel harmful gases.
    -All the items situated in the room re spawn at a surprisingly fast rate.
    -The center of the room has 3 Large Health Packs that spawn on top of the gas vents. There is also a Hyper Blaster near the center vent, close to the opposing wall that you enter from. There are 2 Small Health Packs that re spawn at either side of the map and 4 Pulse Rifles around each corner of the room.
    -Don't bother using the Pistol.
    -For at least the first 3 rounds you will want to make a route passing all of these pick ups. Ignore everything else, except for maybe stun grenades.
    -Use the Pulse Rifle until around Wave 4. During this time save up as much Hyper Blaster ammo and Health Packs as you can.
    -During Wave 4 you will want to switch to your Hyper Blaster and run to one of the corners. Here you will only be exposed on 2 sides. You should be able to hold off the majority of the alien horde this way.
    -When you feel confident that the aliens numbers have dwindled then you should run out and grab as many Health Packs as you can find and restock up on Hyper Blaster ammo and any Pulse Rifles on your way. Be quick about it because after the 5 minute mark the aliens can overwhelm you rather quickly.
    -If you are having trouble then maybe you should pick up the Stun grenades as well. You can use these as a last resort if your being overwhelmed. Be warned though, the aliens can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time and they may kill you before you get your Stun Grenade out. You can also get killed if you fumble when changing your items from the Stun Grenades to a Health Item.
    Good Luck

    Please Note: It has been reported to me that the game sometimes glitches around Wave 3 if you stand in one of the corners. For some reason the aliens don't attack you. I have not been able to duplicate this though.

  • Complete 'Cargo' multiplayer level in 10 minutes or less.

    Try to resist exploring as much as possible and just focus on completing the level. I recommend going for this separately from the other co op trophies.

    Thank you to Majos for finding the videos and thank you to todayisforgotten for making them.


  • Find all 'secret' collectibles.

    Each of the 5 main story levels has a 'secret' collectible to be found. It looks like a hologram logo similar to the one at the Intex terminals. It is possible to get these across multiple play-throughs. You cannot rely on free play to get any you missed as you cannot save it. Free play is only useable for this trophy if you're missing just 1.

    Thank you to Mapi for finding the videos and thank you to paulc2007 for making them. The 'secret' collectibles are found at the following locations:

  • Without taking damage kill 50 aliens in single player.

    For this trophy you are allowed to take damage to Hardened Armor. You could either try and kill 50 aliens from the very start without taking damage or wait until you find some Hardened Armor. It won't take long to rack up 50 kills. Just take your time when entering new areas and pay attention to your radar for aliens coming from behind. Save your game regularly if you're having trouble.

  • Buy every upgrade.

    There are 5 guns that have 3 upgrades each as well as the 3 item upgrades, for a total of 18. The total for all the upgrades is 111500 credits.

    Please note: You must exit the Intex Terminal for the trophy to unlock.

    The weapons and the first chance you will get to pick them up are...

    Level 1
    Pulse Rifle - You start off with this gun as default.
    Shot Cannon - This is found all over all 5 levels.

    Level 2
    Flamethrower - This is found right next to Intex Terminal 3
    Rocket Launcher - After entering the maintenance tunnels and coming back up to normal level, you will watch a short scene of a sentry turret exploding. The Rocket Launcher can be found in front of you after the scene finishes.

    Level 3
    Hyper Blaster - After you rendezvous with Mia you will be escorting her through the Level. Eventually you will come to a large room with a Console. You will have to defend this spot with a countdown of 1 minute while Mia accesses it. The Hyper Blaster in conveniently sitting in this room in plain sight, you won't miss it.

    If you save as much money as you can in 1 play-through you still won't have enough to buy them all. Thankfully there is a little trick.

    I suggest waiting until level 5 to do this to reduce the amount of separate save files that you have to make. You can only install 1 upgrade to a gun at a time. Each subsequent upgrade you buy will replace the existing one.

    Follow these steps to unlock the trophy.
    Step 1 - Save up as much money as you can over your play-through. You should be able to buy a few upgrades and still be able to save up a lot of money.
    Step 2 - Save your game.
    Step 3 - Sell off all your items for the extra credit. Buy as many upgrades as you can with what money you have. Make sure to remember which upgrades you bought.
    Step 4 - Make a separate save file with what you just bought.
    Step 5 - Reload the file with all your saved up cash. Purchase more upgrades that you need. Then make another separate save file.
    Step 6 - Just keep repeating these steps until you have all the upgrades bought over all of your save files.

  • Purchase the Health Kit Upgrade.

    Just do as the description says. The upgrade is called Medi Stimulant and costs you 6500 credits. Please note: You must exit the Intex Terminal for the trophy to unlock.

  • Lazy


    In a multiplayer game, reach the end of a level without dying or firing a shot.

    You could go for this trophy at the same time that you go for 'Indestructible'. Your team mate should be collecting all the item pick ups and killing everything while you should pick up the three Hardened Armor pieces found through out the level. Just stay alive only taking damage to your armor and NEVER firing a shot. Please refer to the video for 'Indestructible' for the level layout and a general idea of what to expect.

    Please Note: Due to a small glitch, this trophy should unlock for both players even though only one player fulfilled the requirements.

  • In single player story mode, melee one of each type of alien.

    The earliest you can unlock this trophy is in Level 3. You only need to hit the aliens with a melee attack, not kill them. Here they are in the order you should encounter them.

    Level 1
    Larval - These are small aliens that crawl on the ground and jump at you. Just to be on the safe side you should melee attack one of their pods that they hatch out of.
    Mauler - This is the standard alien soldier. They look like the bug aliens out of the movie 'Starship Troopers'.
    Healer- This guy looks like a really big bug with four legs. The underside of its tail is bright yellow. It heals other aliens with a bright yellow beam.

    Level 2
    Screamer- This alien is similar to the Mauler but its head is much larger. It will scream at you before charging.
    Stunner- This alien looks like a smaller version of a Healer except for they give off a purple color when they attack or you shoot it. They will make a small explosion when getting close to you. This will hurt you and slow down time for a short period.
    Ranged- These guys look like big scorpions and they have bright green eyes. They shoot small green projectiles at you.
    Bone Shield- This is one of the larger aliens. This guy will either use its arms as a shield or shoot yellow balls of energy at you that explode.

    Level 3
    Webber - The last alien you need to melee hit looks like a big lizard. Its torso is blue and it will fire projectiles at you that make you walk slowly like you're stuck in a web.

    The 2 'boss fight' aliens don't count.

  • Deal 200 damage to one alien.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    You should get this during the first 'boss' fight against Octo-Morph in Level 1.

  • In single player story mode, purchase 5 Hardened Armor items from the Intex Vendor.

    You will have to BUY 5 Hardened Armors not just pick them up. It will cost you 10000 credits for all 5.

    Over the course of 1 game you may not find 5 Intex Terminals with a piece of Hardened Armor to buy. Luckily, you can sell your Hardened Armor back to the shop then buy it back and it will add to your total. You should do this on your Rookie play-through when you have a lot of spare credits.

  • In single player, use a sentry gun to kill 20 aliens.

    This trophy can be missed if you never use any Sentry Guns. Luckily there is a spot right near the start of Level 1 that is perfect for unlocking this trophy. Follow your way points until you have to enter the pipe junction room. A sentry gun will be sitting next to the small elevator you need to go down. Pick it up and then go down to the lower level on the elevator. Switch your item to the Sentry Gun and hold near the Power Point to install it. The sentry will have an opportunity to get around 10 kills here if you run straight to the Power Point and install it. Once that is done continue to do your mission objectives until you come back to this room with a 2nd valve. After installing the valve and turning on the 'Halon Control Pumping System' a 1 minute countdown will start. Aliens will continuously attack you during the countdown. As long as you don't kill any aliens with your hand held weapons and let the Sentry Gun do the work, the Sentry Gun should get more than 20 kills.

  • Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.

    This is easier to do on the larval aliens. Equip a Stun Grenade and hold to charge your throw and then release. If it hits your enemy they will remain still with a purple light pulsing out of their bodies. Then you need to equip a Frag Grenade and blow the stunned alien up. Just remember that they only stay stunned for a short period.

  • Kill a sentry gun with one rocket.

    The first time that you find a Rocket Launcher is in Level 2. After exiting the maintenance tunnels you will see a short scene of a sentry gun exploding. The Rocket Launcher will be sitting in front of you. This is a prime spot to get this trophy as there are 3 sentry guns that you need to destroy in the same room to proceed with the story. If you don't get it then don't worry. There are more sentry guns throughout the game that you can blow up. Whenever you see red lasers scanning an area, you will know to take out your Rocket Launcher because sentry bots will be near. Just make sure to kill a fresh sentry bot with 1 rocket.

  • Complete a single player level with Waypoint Display turned off.

    Before you start your first story level game go to Help and Options, then to settings and turn off the Waypoint Display. Once you finish the first level you can turn this back on. There is little difference between the two options. With it OFF you will get 1 target on your radar which is the mission objective. With it ON, you will get way points directing you through the map to your objective.

    Please Note: This trophy may be glitched as some people are unlocking this after their first Level on their Elite play-through without changing any option.

  • Complete Story Mode on elite difficulty with a total time played of 4 hours or less.

    If you did a Rookie play through first you should know how each level will pan out plus it will give you an idea of how quick you must be for this trophy. Just make sure not to do any unnecessary exploring. Pick up what items you see on your way and be quick about it. Kill only what aliens you need too. You should be able to finish this in under 4 hours if you don't dawdle.
    For a reference here are my times. I managed to finish the game in just over 3 hours.
    Level 1 - 00:45
    Level 2 - 01:20
    Level 3 - 02:00
    Level 4 - 02:30
    Level 5 - 03:02

    Please Note: There is a glitch on Level 3 that prevents you from entering the door to the mainframe. Make sure to make a separate save at the completion of Level 2 in case this glitch happens.


    -Save at every Intex Terminal and re load if you have a bad run and take too much damage or waste too much time. Remember that the game auto-saves at some points. So you can reload that save instead, depending on whether you were in good shape then or not. Also make use of a separate save file for each level. If your game time is above 4 hours then you can reload a level you know was a bad run. This way you can continue from there rather than start a whole new game.
    -Use the Pistol whenever it is safe to do so to save as much ammo as you can. Usually only against the larval enemies and during Level 1 & 2.
    -Use your credits to buy Hardened Armor, ammo and possibly the Medi Stimulant upgrade or the Damage upgrade for the Pulse Rifle depending on how many credits you find.
    -Remember to use doorways and other defensible positions to your advantage so you never become over run with enemies. Use your stun grenades if you do.
    -There are many opportunities to run past a whole bunch of aliens rather than fighting. This will save you time, ammo and health. The aliens aren't very persistent about following you through every room.
    -Always go straight to the mission way point and do not venture to far away from the path that leads straight to it. You can explore some rooms for ammo, credits, health kits and hardened armor if you think you need it to survive. I spent the first 2 levels stopping at every locker, corpse and items I could see on my way through the way points. After that I ran through most parts trying to save time.


Secret trophies

  • Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Rocket Launcher.

    This weapon is found in level 2 and the upgrade costs 10000 credits. Please note: You must exit the Intex Terminal for the trophy to unlock

  • Save the game 5 times in single player story mode

    Just save your game 5 times like the description says.

  • In a multiplayer game, acquire 80% of all items, ammo, weapons, and cash in one level.

    This trophy will only unlock for one person at a time. So if you are playing in co-op over the PSN you will have to take turns. Just take your time exploring every single room and make sure the person going for this trophy picks up more than 80% of all the pick ups. The other person can go for the 'Indestructible' and 'Lazy' trophy on the same run to save some time. If so, they should be the one to pick up the 3 Hardened Armors located through out the level. They can also pick up 2000 credits to buy another Hardened Armor piece if needed.

  • Sell any 10 items or ammunition at an Intex Vendor.

    This trophy should come quite naturally. Just sell 10 items or ammo magazines.

  • Heal yourself for 200 hit points using health kits.

    This trophy should unlock during your Rookie play through. Just make sure to heal with health packs until it unlocks.

  • Blow yourself up with a Frag Grenade.

    You will have to be at very low health for this to work. Just let the aliens munch on you until your health bar is in the red and you're limping. When you have a frag grenade selected hold for a little bit and release and make sure it blows you up.

  • Defeat Octo-Morph.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    This is the first 'boss' of the game and you'll fight it near the end of Level 1. It has 2 stages, both of which are exactly the same. The fight takes place on a circular platform and all you need to do is keep shooting it until it dies. It has 2 main attacks. One is a blue slime ball that has a very large area of effect and severely damages armor if you have it equipped. You will know it is about to spit one of these at you as it will move its head back. Its second attack consists of the alien throwing explosive barrels at you. Both of these attacks are easily avoidable if you watch the alien before it attacks and run to avoid them.

  • Defeat Arachno-Morph.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    At the end of Level 4 you will get onto a tram. This is where this 'boss' fight happens. When inside the trams just kill the aliens and shoot the bosses arms. Once the tram splits in half, shoot the boss. This will repeat 3 times until it finally dies. On Elite difficulty the best weapon to use is the Hyper Blaster.

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