Full Recovery Trophy

  • Full Recovery


    Complete American McGee’s Alice

    You will get this after beating them game after the final boss battle with the Demon.

    Bosses You Will Face Before Getting This Trophy:

    The Queen of Hearts

    There are only 2 spots where meta-essence appears in this area, use them sparingly. Only the blunderbuss or the eye staff will work this time, the other weapons are useless and cannot reach. She moves around a lot but it's on one specific track, and it's just back and forth, so hitting her shouldn't be too hard. The real issue is avoiding being hit while attacking, especially if you use the eye staff. It's sometimes hard to tell if you hit her or not, if she lets out a sort of scream that means you were successful. When you're not attacking you'll wanna be moving, the Queen can pick you up and throw you against walls, or make spikes come out of the ground and hurt you, both of which do some decent damage. Her weak attack is her laser, which you can probably stand to get hit by while attacking, so long as you pick up a meta-essence afterwards. After doing so much damage to her she stops moving around as much and becomes somewhat stationary, she will still attack though, and more aggressively, but she will be easier to hit. Just stick with it and you should prevail.

    The Demon

    Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. This big baddie is a heavy hitter, any of his/her/its attacks will do considerable damage even on easy, and one of them will make you hallucinate temporarily. The key here is keep moving in a big circle around the platforms, and avoid falling off because falling will kill you and you will have to restart from your last save. Matter of fact, just to be safe, save right when this battle begins, then save again halfway through. What you wanna do is use the eye staff or blunderbuss to hit the demon before it attacks, then run like a madman to the next platform. You will run out of meta quickly but luckily there's a meta-essence in the arena that restores full health and mana, and it reappears in a different spot quite frequently. When you attack the demon it doesn't react so it may seem like you did no damage, but trust me, you did. As long as you hit him anywhere on his body it counts. After so many hits one of its arm-like-appendages will fall off, that's the tell-tale sign that you're making progress.

    So the basic idea for this battle is...

    1. Hit the boss with the eye staff or blunder buss
    2. Run like a Call of Duty fanboy to the nearest GameStop on release date.
    3. Wait for the demon to pop up, hit it again, and then repeat step 2.

    Try to make sure the path you take will lead you to the nearest meta-essence, as you will need to pick them up a lot.

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  • Go for it on easy as the pointer is designed to be used with a mouse rather than a joystick, and also MANUALLY SAVE often as the auto-save feature will only help you after each chapter completition but no during the chapter itself, so if you get killed almost at the end of the chapter and you didn't saved then you'll be doomed to repeat the entire chapter.
  • no difficulty?
  • boooring
  • The controls sucks...
  • once again wonderland has been restored. The last boss isn't very hard once you figure out SAVE every time your mana is filed and you are not in danger. Land on a large platform and SAVE!!!!!!!!!!
  • stuck on the Jabberwocky, so it looks like i wont be getting this.
  • Glad that's over. Didn't find the first one to be very good. Most likely because it was a poor port. With the fact that the controls stop working at the worst times and Alice will just walk right off a platform because of it and the aiming not being tweaked very well for a control pad it just wasn't fun, even on easy. Hopefully once I get to the second one I'll enjoy that one more.
  • Shit looks like a god damn Dreamcast game. Also these controllers would be great . . . if it was a mouse and keyboard.
  • The call of duty fanboy part made me laugh.
  • Definitely a pain to finish. Not worth the aggravation and headache, just to get six trophies.
  • I would say it takes between 8-10hrs to co plete. You would spent 2 hours just saving.....
  • I hated this dlc, only beat it for the trophies

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