Madness Begins Trophy

  • Madness Begins


    In American McGee's Alice, Complete Village of the Doomed

    This is the first and shortest area of the game. It's where you get your first weapon (the Vorpal Blade) and learn the game's mechanics. It's a very short area and you will most likely fly through it so long as the card guards don't give you too much trouble.

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  • fuck EA for basically locking the plat out if you dont buy new
  • EA doesn't set the trophies. Spicy Horse would have set the trophies. The original game is a new buy incentive. If you don't like it, then find a different way to spend your money. I'm sure they'll get it fixed if the game is on a separate trophy list. Besides, no other websites have the original American McGee's Alice trophies listed. So I would assume that it's a stand alone title.
  • I'm glad to see it has a trophy set! It looks like it's "add-on" content, so you likely don't NEED it to get the platinum. But really, if you want it bad enough, you'll buy it new and when it comes out anyways. EA is known for giving an incentive to buy new. Video games isn't only about making great games, it's also about making money off those great games. They don't like used games because they don't get money, which is why they charge $10 for something most gamers want in their games. You only save $10 anyways.
  • But I heard that when you purchase a copy of Alice Madness Returns you will get the the first game for free (don't know if inside the disc or with a download code). Is this true?
  • Its a download code.I have the game.
  • This is EVIL. PURE EVIL. I was gonna buy the game from Japan (where I live), but to get the dlc on my account I have to buy the disc from England and have it shipped. This means I have to WAIT. ARGH!!
  • why everyone so pissed?
  • You don't need the DLC to get a Plat.
  • @#1: Prissy fairy princess rage much?
  • lol my online pass didnt work game was not open when i got it in mail EA fail lolz
  • nvm its not on psn store in EU yet :p
  • :-/ I am from Austia... why is the Online Code not ready yet? I would like to play the original at first before playing the sequel.
  • Somthing i dont like but i guess i understand you have to have a disk to play alice the original.See i was going to beat the game and sell it to a friend,but its ok know i have to beat alice .Its going to take me a while anyways to get 100 percent.Oh and if you got a used disk like they said you have to pay 10 dollors, if you want the original alice ive never played it is it like this game.
  • i strongly suggest that you play the 1st episode BEFORE the sequel, as "novanis" wants to do. because the original is... very old. and i stupidly played the sequel first and now i feel it like a pain in the ass to play the first episode... sure they have done a great second episode, i was totally in and got the platinum in one week of playing.
  • wow i must of got lucky as i rented it and it had the code that won't used.
  • Got the game new and cheap as it isn't a big hit, actually got it because I played the 1st one more than a decade ago so finally the story was given an end. The trophies are tagged with the + on the image so they are Add-on trophies and not necessary to Plat. Whoever wants to import games from other countries he must have a 2nd accound on the PSN from that country its basic, I import almost all my games from USA but also from Netherlands so I have 3 PSN accounts.
  • This alice is very annoying to play rather than the madness alice
  • its free now. when dl the pass on psn store
  • This game is a PITA. Had to switch over to easy to make it at least more manageable. Its interesting, but it didn't translate well to consoles nor has it aged well. At least its free now for those that buy the game used.

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