Calm In the Face of Death Trophy

  • Calm In the Face of Death


    While on your last Rose, kill 5 Enemies without activating Hysteria

    This can be earned very early in the game, even before you learn about Hysteria. I would advise earning this trophy when you first get access to the pepper Grinder and see the Bolterfiles. Let them take your health down to one rose and then take out five of them for the trophy to pop up. Make sure you use the Pepper Grinder to kill the Bolterfiles from a distance, that way you don't have to worry about dying, use the button to dodge any enemies that come close. Once the trophy pops destroy the gear that they are coming out of.

    If you are having trouble with this trophy, set the game to easy after completing the game and go for it then. At that time you should have your weapons upgraded, use the Teapot cannon to kill enemies from a distance and use the button to dodge incoming attacks and/or projectiles.

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  • Very easy trophy. On the third level there is a cave with these slimy jumping creatures, what Alice can kill with one hit or so. Let them hit you until the last rose, and you can kill 5 of those in 5 seconds.
  • Third level as in third section of Chapter One? Or third level as in Chapter Three?
  • Third Chapter - Second puzzle while hunting for puzzle pieces. Or, you could do it anywhere you have Bolt Flies (as early as recieving the pepper grinder). Just make sure not to get hit, or destroy the "nests."
  • Chapter 3 West summit Prison town Use the Royal outfit to accelerate things since you'll only have 4 roses. Go to the slime cave and wait til you are enabled to use Hysteria bring out the teapot and a single shot will grant u a Silver trophy
  • I did this in the hysteria tutorial part. The game takes all but one rose away and spawns a bunch of easy pray for you.
  • Guys this trophy is super easy - i basically let those insidious guys and fly things take me down to 1 rose, and you CAN use the pepper gun to kill 5 in a row - just keep your distance and pick them off with L1 and the pepper gun......:)
  • i got it in Chapter 1, after i freezed the molten lava. Then you have to jump to a platform with a big ruin (the ones you first have to deflect with your umbrella) together with some hives, just destroy the ruin and let the bees attack you till you have one rose left. Then kill the bees with one blow five times and the trophy is yours!
  • Did it at the same spot as Kalroth. Had to equipo the Chesire Cat dress since the game loved to give me roses for every enemy killed hahaha.
  • One a new game+ I got to the bolterfly part at the beginning and let them suck my life down to 1 rose then I killed 5 with the pepper grinder and got the trophy.
  • Quite easy in the hysteria tutorial especially if you have the Cheshire dress.

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