52-Pick-Up Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • 52-Pick-Up


    Defeat 52 Card Guards

    How to unlock 52-Pick-Up

    There is no way to miss this trophy! You will start fighting these guys in chapter 4, you will first encounter them once you reach Queensland and go through the big Heart shaped door. The first Card guard you see will come out of the Ground and the name of the enemy will show up as well. You should defeat more than 52 of these cards in the same chapter. One way to defeat them is to Knock them on the ground, by using your normal attack with and then using the Hobby Horse () to knock them dead when you see the red glow surrounding their body.

    The second way to kill them is to use the Teapot cannon, two shots with that cannon will kill them. There is a chance you will get this trophy after finishing up the second Chess puzzle, there will be two Card Guards waiting for you.

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