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  • Pulling His Strings


    Defeat the Dollmaker without taking any damage.

    You will come across the Dollmaker closer to the end of chapter 5 but you will not be able to fight him until chapter 6. After a series of cutscenes of the different people Alice has met throughout the game and the previous one, you will gain control of her again, moving forward a bit to start up another set of cutscenes, learning what he did and how everything came about.

    For this trophy you will need to defeat the Dollmaker without getting hit once, if you do just press and hit restart to try again. That will not void the trophy, since the game will load from the last save point. Please see the spoiler tag to see how to defeat him without getting hit. Before proceeding make sure to have your weapons fully upgraded. The game saves after defeating each hand. The trophy should pop as soon as he is defeated and before the cutscene starts.

    The Dollmaker is a three phase fight; the first phase is his left hand, the second is his right hand, the third is both hands and his face. With the transition into each phase you earn a checkpoint, so you don't have to do all this fight in one go.

    On top of his hands attacking, he will continously summon Ruins in phase one and two. Near the end of Phase 2 he'll summon a Menacing Ruin which can ruin (no pun intended) your trophy attempt. His hand attacks are also able to kill the Ruins which can also be beneficial, so if you can position yourself properly his hands will do your work for you.

    First Phase (Left Hand)
    The weak point is the face on the upside of his hand. But it can only be damaged when the hand is exhausted so first we need to get it there. His left hand has two attacks.

    • His hand will fly up into the air and come slapping down at you. Dodge this three times and on the third miss his hand will get exhausted.
    • His hand will drag its nails across the glass floor making a really annoying screech. The hand will move faster than you so use the pillars to make it turn around and gain some distance from it. After so long of dragging its nails the hand will get exhausted.

    Attack the hand every time it's exhausted until the face breaks; you'll earn a check point and go on to the next phase.

    Second Phase (Right Hand)
    The weak point on his right hand is the same as his left hand. Just like his left hand you need to wait until his hand gets exhausted to damage it. Unlike his left hand, his right hand has 3 attacks.

    • His hand will fly up into the air and come punching down at you. Dodge this three time and on the third miss his hand will get exhausted.
    • His hand will chase after you while "walking" with his index and middle finger. After a while of walking his hand will start to spasm. DO NOT APPROACH HIS HAND, it will punch the ground and not be exhausted.
    • His hand will wave his index finger back and forth at you. It will glow purple and draw a line of purple mist into the floor and then push it at you; jump over the mist to dodge it. After three dodges the hand will attempt a fourth attack but get exhausted, so damage it.

    Note: Once he summons the Menacing Ruin the fight can be a lot tougher. As long as the Ruin's hands are in place, the Dollmaker hand cannot harm the Ruin.

    Third Phase (Face)
    Don't try to hurt his hands they're invulnerable, his weak point is on his tongue but first you need to get him to open his mouth.

    • First he will choose one hand to send at you; his hand will open and close and then rush at you. If it grabs you, go ahead and restart the checkpoint.

    After both his hands attempt to grab you they will grab onto the two pillars and his mouth will open; from here he has two possible attacks.

    • First his tongue will touch the ground and he'll summon 3 Drifting Ruins. Attack his tongue with the Vorpal Blade until it's gone and then get rid of the Ruin's.
    • Second he'll open his mouth but his tongue will just hang. Use the Teapot Cannon and Pepper Grinder to attack his tongue but be careful. He will be spitting projectiles at you. When they touch the ground they linger for a bit and if you step in them you'll take damage.

    Once he closes his mouth his hands will come back to try and grab you again. Dodge his hands, hurt his tongue until he dies.

    Credit to Wozamil for the video:

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  • Fairly simple, just dodge his hands when he attacks, shoot his hands when they get tired then on part 2, just dodge his hands when they attack and when they grab the two poles in the ground he will stick out his tongue, shoot his tongue until you defeat him :)
  • play in easy mode for an even smoother duty !
  • wen do u fight him
  • If you have the DLC, equip the Fleshmaiden dress and stay in Hysteria mode for the whole fight. Invulnerable and extra damage, walk in the park.
  • Thanks for the tip, Adonai. I didn't even think of that method! Got it first try, though there was a moment of fear when Hysteria ran out right as a hand was going for a smash attack. Dodged it, luckily. :-)
  • yep, fleshmaiden made this a cakewalk on nightmare :D
  • i only had to restart twice using Adonai's tip. Once cause I turned on hysteria too early and the cutscene took it off me (before the first hand came out), and second i screwed up again. But wasn't too bad, THANKS! I'm very close to platinuming this, just the collectiables left.
  • If somebody wants an additional method, I found it really easy with the Checkmate dress and with the DLC teapot. Got it on the 1st try with no reloading the checkpoints.

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