Cold Arms, Cold Heart Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Cold Arms, Cold Heart


    Defeat the Drowned Sailor without taking any damage

    How to unlock Cold Arms, Cold Heart

    You will fight the downed sailor in chapter 2, after talking to the Carpenter that is riding on a whale. In the spoiler tag there will be info on how to defeat the Sailor, this was also played on Nightmare difficulty with the Vorpal Blade fully upgraded. If you get hit once, just restart from the pause screen. Remember to get the Snout and memory that is there.

    You can get this trophy during any fight sequence with the Downed Sailor, remember he is the one that throws the bombs. You will have three chances to get this trophy later in the chapter, during the time where you have to free the souls of the Downed Sailors. Also Radula Room three (3) in the Queensland chapter has a Downed Sailor, you can also earn this trophy there as well. Thanks BreadSkin for confirming.

    He moves underground and jumps up to attack, stay close but not to close. When he goes up to attack (Alice will move a little slow) hit the button to dodge, press it a few times to get away as quickly as possible. Once goes up and attacks the ground he will bounce back and be dazed, just attack a few times and then press to back away.

    Minor attack is to swing with a broken glass from and stay visible for a short while, so you can use your pepper Grinder or any other weapon to attack him.

    His second attack is the bombs. He holds two bombs, one in each hand and then throws it at you make sure none of them hit you or blow up next to you. You can either use the pepper Grinder and shot at one of the bombs, Preferably the one in the right hand (Alice left side) and then attack when he is dazed or just wait until he goes underground and wait for his other attack (see above).

    After six to seven attacks with your blade hitting him multiple times the battle will be over and the trophy should be yours.

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  • i managed to get this trophie during the 3rd Radula room in chapter 4 all i did was stay alive for the set time and didnt get hit
  • If you already beaten the game and are trying to just find the Drowned Sailor, The quickest way is to acces the part named: " Lost Souls Locker " of chapter two.
  • If you have the DLC put on the chess looking dress, and change all of your weapons over to the dlc versions. Then put it on easy, and just stay back and shoot him with the gun thing. Just dodge away from him whenever hes underground, and if he throws a bomb at you.
  • Comment #1 by mrlsimmonds Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 02:10:31 PM i managed to get this trophie during the 3rd Radula room in chapter 4 all i did was stay alive for the set time and didnt get hit. Same Here, easiest way.
  • Actually, this can be done on Nightmare and below with the DLC dresses. But instead of using the checkmate (which is my favorite), use the flesh maiden. The whole fight go into hysteria (as soon as it runs out, activate it again). It takes maybe 45 seconds but you dont need to worry about dodging (unless ur hysteria runs low as he attacks, then I still would) and it should only take like 3 hysterias to kill him. I just did this and the trophy popped.

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