Beware of the Lagomorph Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Beware of the Lagomorph


    Kill 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb

    How to unlock Beware of the Lagomorph

    You will find the Clockwork Bomb in the later half of the first chapter. You will see a Bunny with glowing eyes and a glowing clock in the middle of its chest making a clicking sound that is located in the middle of a room. Go up to it and press to pick it up. You will get a blackboard tutorial on how to use it and about breaking walls. Find a area that has enemies around press to throw the bomb and again to blow it up. If it kills any enemies it will count towards this trophy.

    You can get this later on in the same chapter, when you go up against some more Bolterflies and get this trophy. while it make take 4-5 bombs to kill them, it will be worth it since they won't kill you as quick as the other enemies will. The Bolterflies come in burst of four so you just to to handle 7 to 8 waves until this trophy pops, less if you kill the ink blot enemies that you’ve faced throughout the chapter.

    Note: You can shoot 2 burst of the pepper Grinder at the Bolterflies and throw one Clockwork bomb and that will kill them and still counts towards the trophy.

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  • Easy place to get this with the third soul of the pirate, at chapter two. There are non stop appearing of slimy things, and the bomb is killing them with one hit, and you can hit multiple slimy things at once.
  • Pretty much any place with respawning slimes is a great place to do this one. I grabbed mine in the basement of the house with the puzzle, where you battle the Menacing Ruin to get the puzzle piece. Just constantly run in a circle and drop Clockwork Bombs until it pops.
  • if you don't wish to farm this and want a good way to just get it throughout the game, anytime you break open a crate and a slithering ruin comes out, just blow it up with the Clockwork Bomb. you'll get it in no time, without any grinding whatsoever.
  • On a new game+ I just got to a part in the beginning where there were bolterflies and just laid a bomb and blew them up as they came at me. Got the trophy in no time since they normally die with one explosion and come at you endlessly until you take out the nest.

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