Brollyant Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Brollyant


    Kill 10 Bitch Babies with Deflection

    How to unlock Brollyant

    To earn this trophy you need to deflect a Bitch Babies projectile back at it and kill it. Bitch Babies appear only in Chapter 5; they're the doll heads with 4 spinning legs and fly. If they get near the ground they're planning to use their rush attack (block or dodge), but if they stay high above you they're planning to shoot at you. When they're flying and their mouths start gushing green goo they're about to shoot at you, deflect the projectile back at them and if it hits them they'll die. Do this against 10 different Bitch Babies and the trophy is yours. Even on Nightmare difficulty, one deflected projectile is enough to kill them. You will need to press + to deflect the green acid they spit at you, having them go haywire and blowing up into pieces. Keep in mind that the Umbrella needs to be spinning in order to send the Green acid back to the Bitch Baby.

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