Level-Headed Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Level-Headed


    Finish the game using Hysteria only once

    How to unlock Level-Headed

    You can do this on either your first or second playthrough. We advise doing this on your second playthrough. That way you will have all your weapons upgraded and they will do more damage. Make sure you never press the button to activate Hysteria. You don't need to use Hysteria at all to earn this trophy, the trophy will still pop at the end when the credits start to roll, along as you didn't use it more than once. The only way to use it is to be on one heart or less, you will then be prompted to press . It will let you do more damage and your weapons will have unlimited ammo.

    Please see Madness Prevails for more info on how to go about completing the game.

    Alternative Method:

    After completing the game, you will have a option to start a new game with New Game+, Start the game that way and let that chapter finish, quit out and then go to chapter select and choose the last sub chapter of the last level, walk to the end to have the credits start. You can either watch the credits or skip them, the trophy will soon follow.

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  • this trophy sucks, its pretty easy to hit L3 by accident since the analog stick is movement, when i roll out of the way sometimes i set hysteria off. ive been hitting restart when it goes off i hope this works, if not theres no other way to cancel it out once youve activated it.. im playing the game on nightmare my first run through. ill update once i beat the game to see if i get this trophy..
  • oh noes verry smart from EA :p
  • @ 1: You must have a bad controller then. I'm close to finishing the game and the last time I used Hysteria was when the game told me to.
  • i have big thumbs and use force when i play =(
  • I accidentally used hysteria when I was a little annoyed during Chapter One.. Thankfully I'm only doing Hard on my first playthrough, so it shouldn't be a problem to get this trophy still.
  • You can get this trophy in 1 minute. New Game+, wait for first save, go to chapter select, choose the final checkpoint, walk to the end, bang, the trophy pops.
  • One other way to easily get this trophy if you wish to play through the whole game is to switch to Hatter's outfit and run through the game with enough teeth in your inventory. You'll never have to worry about losing health and accidentally turn on Hysteria. This is the best way to grab this trophy if its your first playthrough as you can't choose chapter select without beating the game first.
  • Got it on my first playthru, I only used it once on the tutorial section and since them I wasn't even prompted to use it but once but I died right after using it so the game reloaded from last checkpoint and it didn't counted as used, so now while watching the credits the trophy poped to my surprise. Note: I purchased the DLC until I reached Chapter 3 and from then the "Lucky but late" dress made the work for me. Note: To those having trouble with random push of L3 you should check your controller or play with gentle touch, I never press L or R3 by accident in any game.
  • Weird, I played through again on easy with the DLC, didn't use hysteria once and it didn't pop....I did skip the credits, but still. Had to use the glitch (new game, played for 10 minutes or so, went to menu, selected final part of the last chapter) and ding! Trophy.
  • adonai, maybe you have to use it once to get it? im almost at the end of the game and i havent used it yet... will post if this assumption is correct (i can always abuse the glitch lol)
  • nope everybody, you can get this without using hysteria at all ^_^ looks like yours just glitched buddy...
  • This trophy was pretty easy for me. Did it on nightmare without using hysteria mode a single time.
  • I got this after first beating the game, then after finishing 100% of collectibles I went to chapter select again and went for the Pulling His Strings trophy since I missed it first time around, popped after walking through the exit at end. So: Complete game - if you didn't get this trophy do the fight again via chapter select. Doesn't have to be new game & can be done wearing a DLC costume
  • The easy way to do this is finish the game once. Once you have finished start a new game wait for the first auto save when this is done go to chapter select. Once you are there go to the last end level where you just have to walk a bit once you have done this it will pop up
  • I got it by going to the last level and finishing it without using hysteria!

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