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    Hit 4 enemies with a single Hobby Horse ground smash

    You can easily get this trophy while on the 2nd chapter while going up against the third sailor you have to save. At that time of the third fight, you will go up against a sailor and 5 slithering ruins, have 4 of them close to each other and then launch a combo, the third hit should connect ( x3), it will be an over the shoulder hit that should connect with four enemies. If you kill them, it will not count.

    Alternative Location 1: From Kaze Katana (X360A)
    In chapter 3 there is a room with re-spawning slugs (while looking for one of the cubes) which you need to kill to open the path to continue, just keep circling them until they are clumped together and fire away with your Hobby Horse. Neigh! You can also use the Clockwork Bomb to draw them in closer.

    Alternative Location 2:
    When you are in one of the Radula Rooms that is in the second chapter, where you have to kill everything. Just use the Hobby Horse, Make sure that you get four enemies with the third hit ( ). Make sure to lock on to one of them with to make sure you hit your target. Most importantly though is use the clockwork bomb to draw them in closer, faster.

    Alternative location 3:
    You can earn this trophy will fighting against the cards in chapter 4. There will be a great deal of them, when you first get introduced to them, so make sure to use the hobby horse to go about fighting them.

    Thanks to Wozamil for the video:

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  • I had trouble with this trophy for a few hours. Then, as many people online suggested, I tried Ch 2 Barrelbottom first Radula room with MadCups, where you have to survive the passage of time. Just let them surround you, don't be afraid to die, and start swinging you Hobby Horse like mad. I got the trophy on my first try here. By the way, I didn't lock in on anyone, wore story line dress, and my Hobby Horse was fully upgraded, on Nightmare difficulty (don't know if any of this makes any difference, most likely, not). A little bit of luck is all you need!!!
  • I just went to the area right after the Duchess gives you the pepper grinder. Get 4 bolterflies to follow you into a corner and kill them when they are all bunched together.
  • You are the greatest Elesta! I've tried for hours to get this one! I hit chapter select for Barrelbottom, and got the trophy within on minute, along with my plat!
  • i tried this about 4 times and still didn't get the trophy -_-"
  • I had trouble with this one for a little bit, then stumbled across this video: Gave it a shot next time I was in that room and got it the first try.
  • Still trying to find the best way to get this. Searched a few videos and now I'm going to try again.
  • will try that - any attempt to do it by legitimate means seems to be failing me :
  • HINT: Disable the Knightmare, if you're using it... ¬_¬ lol
  • Also, the dress with the double damage lol...
  • I did it at the hysteria mode tutorial. When all the ruins spawn get in the back corner and block till they are bunched up.
  • I found the ABSOLUTE BEST & easiest SPOT (if nobody else did already). Where you learn HYSYERIA in chapter 1. you can restart the checkpoint at that spot if you fail. Use Bombs if Needed to help.
  • i finaly got it, i have four things that might help 1st - i got it with the slimes on ch. 3 where you need to gather the puzzle boxes, it does work there. 2nd - as i understand only the third combo hit should connect 3rd - the only time after a lot of tries it popped was after i fully upgraded my hobby horse 4th - the slimes were not clustered together, i was able to see all of them when the hit connected (don't think this really matters) actually i don't know if any of the 4 above matter or this trophy is just glitched but this is the way it worked for me
  • One thing of note, Hobby Horse must be at least level 2. Level 1 does not have combo hit 3
  • thank you Elesta
  • Elesta thanks! Got it after 1st try.
  • did it at the hysteria mode tutorial as well Great place to do it with ease it's in Chapter 1 checkpoint - After Elvensies -
  • did it at chapter one when you have ro get the first pig snout I hit four bolter/botler WHATEVER its called all at the same time and diddnt get the trophy what's the big deal man
  • and I have beaten the game 3 times hoall weapons inc. the hobby horse maxed out and this is my main problem in this game its agrivating
  • I got this in the 3rd round against the drowned sailor with the respawning slithering ruins. I had to get them all in one tight cluster (took a while), but at first did not get the trophy when I killed them all at once. The 2nd time I hit them with the 3rd hobby horse strike instead of the 1st one while in the air, then I got the trophy.
  • I did this during the fight with the last Drowned Sailor just like #19. I let them gather, swung once, and immediately got killed by the sailor. On the retry screen the trophy popped. Lol
  • Took at least a dozen tries before I got it following Elesta's suggestion. This one I think should have been a silver at least.
  • I just did it after about 3 hours of trying. In chapter 1 "Always Elevenses" where you get Hysteria I went into a corner on the left side an blocked till there were enough enemies to hit. Didn't get it at first though, although I was SURE I hit 4 of them. Then I turned up the difficulty and made sure that none of the enemies died during the last ground attack. And it worked. Might be that killing enemies with the attack doesn't count as hitting them. (I had upgraded averything to full)

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