Dress-Ups Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Dress-Ups


    Equip a Different Domain Dress

    How to unlock Dress-Ups

    You can get this trophy at the start of the game if you downloaded the DLC dresses or once you land in Tundraful in Chapter 2. Head to the main menu and press to go to the equip menu change the dress that Alice is wearing to the one she wore in the first chapter, after doing so, press to back out to the main menu. After seeing her in the same black dress from the previous chapter in the main menu the trophy will pop. You can go back to the other dress if you like or any other dresses you may have.

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  • I found this one to be real easy to get. First, complete at least one chapter. Once done, return to the main menu. There, an additional option appears in the lower right: Equip. Just press the square button, then additional options appear, the upper option being Dress. Move left or right, and the dress changes, then press select. The trophy will appear.
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • the new dresses are amazing in the dlc :)

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