That's Using Your Head Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • That's Using Your Head


    Complete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes

    How to unlock That's Using Your Head

    You will come across this section in chapter 5, you can use chapter select if you have missed it in your normal playthrough. It will be closer to the end of the chapter. After you have cranked open the jack in the box, and the head shoots out and goes into the roof of the house, you will enter a mini game, where you will need to escort the head to the end of that section. You can always restart the section, if you believe you may have missed it. The trophy will pop up as soon as you regain control of Alice. This trophy shouldn't take more than 3 minutes after some trial and error.

    FIRST SECTION: Proceed forward to the first switch and stop on it. Follow the path until you reach the next switch.

    You will roll into a cannon. Charge it up and blast over to the next one.

    Here is a tricky part. You have to charge your shot and aim so you hit the curve on the way down without bouncing, roll over the speed pad and jump to the next section.

    Again, without bouncing and keeping momentum, roll over the speed pad and jump to the finish.

    SECOND SECTION: Roll to the right and on the switch.

    Roll into the cannon and blast upward. Aim the next cannon just above the first tooth and charge to full.

    Blast to the next cannon, charge it and through the wall to the switch.

    Follow through the spinning cylinder to a rotating platform, make you way through three of these and drop into a cannon.

    Blast into the next cannon, and use the next one to blast into a spinning circle.

    Fall through the bottom into the green one, and again to the cannon.

    Blast through the wall to the next cannon and again to the finish.

    THIRD SECTION: You will be hit into the first cannon.

    Blast your way to the top and drop down the green slides and to the next cannon.

    Blast through the two walls and hit the switch.

    Blast through a few more cannons onto a wooden pathway, follow it and roll over the speed pad and up the face to the exit. Credit to II OE II for the info.

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  • Going up that long vertical ramp at the very end of the third section is a doozy. If we don't hit that ramp perfectly out first try I found it impossible to get up the ramp when I go in reverse to hit the speed strip again.
  • One of the stupidest trophy I ever got.

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