Grandmaster Trophy

  • Grandmaster


    Complete a Chess Puzzle without failing

    In the later half of chapter 4, you will come across a lever (story related) that you will need to pull to get through a door. After doing so and going through the door you will need to play a game of chess. You will get the blackboard to learn what to do, in the spoiler tag will be the correct moves to make to get past it without failing. If you quit or restart the puzzle it will not void this trophy from popping.

    Some things to know:

    • The computer will mimic your every move
    • You will need to get both pawns to their goal location at the same time
    • There will be Rooks (Castle with faces) that will block your moves
    • Knights ( Half a Horse with a sword) will destroy your Pawn if you get in their way, resulting in a fail.
    • Chess Puzzles need to be completed with set amount of moves.

    First set of Chess Puzzles - 6 moves

    1. Left
    2. Forward
    3. Forward
    4. Forward (The trophy should pop as soon as you are done.

    The next one.

    1. Forward
    2. Forward
    3. Forward
    4. Left

    Second set of chess Puzzles -10 moves

    1. Left
    2. right
    3. forward
    4. forward
    5. forward
    6. forward
    7. left
    8. Left
    9. forward
    10. right

    Third Set of Chess Puzzles

    1. Forward
    2. Back
    3. forward
    4. forward
    5. Forward
    6. left
    7. right
    8. forward
    9. forward
    10. Left (end)

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  • very easy to get on the first chess challenge. just move left to the star. up four spots then right to the other star. and voila
  • wer is the firs chess challange
  • Was way too easy. It should only be a bronze trophy and a silver if you get all chess challenges.
  • Agree with chaos...way to easy

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